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Spring in Happiness 幸福里的故事 Episode 32 Recap

Uncle Jin missed Aunt Jin at home. He deeply blamed himself. If he hadn’t had to go to the neighborhood committee with him, Aunt Jin would not go home so quickly for him, and this tragedy would not happen. Everyone said that Aunt Jin was a hero and a martyr, but he did not want to attend the memorial service of Aunt Jin. He just wanted Aunt Jin to be his wife and spend his old age with him. If Aunt Jin had a lower consciousness, they would be a couple. It’s not so yin and yang.

The death of Aunt Jin made everyone in the yard sigh. Uncle Zhou also knew the importance of each other and cherished each other, while Li Qiang soaked himself in the game hall and dance hall. Alcohol paralyzed her pain, and she fell drunk on the overpass, but was still found by people on the side of the road. Li Qiang drank a lot. He vomited as he walked. A summer call came in between the earth and the sky. She told Li Qiang of her love and asked Li Qiang to go home as soon as possible.

When Uncle Jin’s eye screens were being removed, Xu Weihong brought the doctor to the door, but Uncle Jin was unwilling to remove the stitches. It didn’t matter if he was infected and blind. After Xu Weihong left, Uncle Jin asked about Li Qiang. He asked Val to find Li Qiang home. When Li Qiang went home, he would take the stitches off. If Li Qiang did not go home, he would rather go blind.

When Li Qiang returned home, he hugged Xia Xia tightly, with red eyes telling Xia Xia the reason why he didn’t go home. He never had a mother anymore. At this moment, Aunt Chen was sitting in a wheelchair. She was still confused, but she knew that she hadn’t seen Aunt Jin for a long time. She asked Li Qiang to tell Aunt Jin that she missed Aunt Jin. Listening to Aunt Chen’s words, Li Qiang couldn’t help but tears. He and Chen Wa’er stood at the door and had a good talk. One mother’s life saved the other’s life. Although they were all mothers, they didn’t. Now, he hasn’t honored his mother well, so his mother left him like this. When his parents go, there is only the way back in life.

Stepping into the house, Li Qiang knew that Uncle Jin felt uncomfortable. He took Uncle Jin to remove the stitches. Chen Wa’er felt uncomfortable when he watched Li Qiang helping Uncle Jin to leave. Aunt Zhou told Uncle Zhou that Li Qiang had never returned home. They believed that Li Qiang did not come back because he did not want to face Aunt Chen.

Together, the two decided to send Aunt Chen to other places for recuperation, otherwise Li Qiang and Chen If Wal goes on like this, sooner or later, he will leave. At the same time, Chen Wale also knew the reason why Li Qiang did not go home. She wanted to take Aunt Chen and Xia Xia to move out to live. Uncle Zhou and Aunt Zhou took turns to persuade him, what should Uncle Jin do if Chen Wale moves out .

Chen Wa’er bought a pair of shoes for Uncle Jin. Uncle Jin put away the shoes and took out the earrings he bought for Aunt Jin when he was young. Nowadays, Aunt Jin is no longer there. If Wal likes it, keep it. If Wal doesn’t like it, leave the ear studs for summer. Just thinking about it, Chen Wal accepts the ear studs, and she decides to take it.

The news that the child and Aunt Chen moved out told Uncle Jin. Uncle Jin didn’t understand, but Chen Waer told Uncle Jin what she thought in her heart. She moved out because she loved Li Qiang and she couldn’t let Li Qiang have a home. Unable to return, she and Li Qiang had no way to face each other. She asked Uncle Jin to agree to her divorce. Hearing Chen Wal’s request, Uncle Jin felt very complicated.

Li Qiang learned that Chen Wa’er wanted to move out, so he let Chen Wa’er stay. He went out of the house and only wanted the custody of summer. Chen Wa’er did not agree. After the divorce, she didn’t want money or a house. , But she must have the custody of summer. The next day, Li Qiang and Chen Wa’er went out to go through the divorce procedures. Uncle Jin wanted to move to a nursing home. Now he saw that Aunt Chen was also disturbed. Uncle Zhou and Aunt Zhou refused, and the two decided to send Aunt Chen away. Go to the nursing home and tell Li Qiang and Chen Wa’er that Aunt Chen is missing, so that the two children will not divorce.

When Ratat and Biaozi came back to pay homage to Aunt Jin, the two took out their care and let Uncle Jin and Li Qiang take good care of themselves. Uncle Jin wouldn’t think about it, but he regrets that Aunt Jin’s last wish has not been fulfilled. The last thing Aunt Jin wants is to see Li Qiang and Wa’er divorce. Biaozi and Ratatus decided to persuade Li Qiang and Wa’er after listening At this time, the young couple went through the formalities at the Civil Affairs Bureau. Li Qiang received the news that Aunt Chen had lost it. Both he and Chen Wa’er were taken aback.

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