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Sniper 瞄准 Episode 24 Recap

Principal Fang was very dissatisfied with Chi Tiecheng. He satirized that his skills were not as good as the old sentiments of Su Wenqian. Chi Tiecheng said that everything was under his control and waited for good news within a day. After Principal Fang left, Li Beifa complained that Su Wenqian should be shot to death yesterday, but now he is ridiculed by Principal Fang. Tang Siyuan didn’t sleep all night because he was worried about tomorrow’s battle.

Early in the morning, Ouyang Xiangling came to Su Wenqian. Su Wenqian didn’t sleep much. Ouyang Xiangling thanked Su Wenqian. Last night, he refused to get off the car until the last moment. Su Wenqian thanked them in turn. Three years ago, he never thought about his own. The heart is still alive, because they let themselves see the faith, and his heart is alive again. Ouyang Xiangling said that she is the same. Yin Qiansu told Mayor Wen that he had received a telegram from Tang Siyuan. He thought of a new way to revolt and let his two direct divisions serve as the main force. His two divisions must stand between the Tenth Corps and the Communist Party.

He was blocked by his own person. It is not unconditional for Tang Siyuan to take the risk of doing so. The condition is to leave him a seat in the New Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, a high-level position, and an autograph signed by any senior member of the Central Military Commission, and Yin Qiansu should take him to Hengzhou. Mayor Wen said that he would report to the Central Military Commission immediately.

Chi Tiecheng received the secret telegram from Tang Siyuan and Yin Qiansu and began to plan the route. If Yin Qiansu set off before 5 pm, he would not be able to see Tang Siyuan. What Chi Tiecheng had to do was to kill Yin Qiansu at Songjiang Wharf before 2 o’clock. Xiaoxue was curious about not seeing Qin Henian when he was out of school.

Qin Zishu said that he had been discharged from the hospital, but he still needed to be raised. Xiaoxue wanted to take the slingshot to school. She accidentally talked about practicing the slingshot with that Uncle Cake the night before, and changed her words to say that it was morning. Su Wenqian called Qin Zishu.

Xiaoxue had only two classes this morning, and the task force would take a rest before one o’clock. Su Wenqian wanted to pick up Xiaoxue from school and have lunch together at noon. Qin Zishu asked Su Wenqian about the old pocket watch. Her piece was broken and the parts were hard to find. Su Wenqian’s piece happened to be the same as hers. Su Wenqian said that the watch was used as a toy for Qin Zishu and asked her to find it.

Su Wenqian and Ouyang Xiangling met Yin Qiansu taking pictures of cicadas on the tree. Yin Qiansu liked these cicadas very much. In the afternoon, Yin Qiansu was leaving, and wanted to leave a photo for everyone. Dagu and Xiucai happily left a group photo. Ouyang Xiangling also took it, but Su Wenqian was unwilling to take pictures. His previous profession did not allow him to take pictures. Ouyang Xiangling explained that Yin Qiansu said that he had heard of his previous profession. In the past, he had to hide in the dark, but today he is no longer a killer hidden in the dark. Today he is a soldier in the sun. So, Su Wenqian took a group photo with Ouyang Xiangling, Dagu and Xiucai.

Chi Tiecheng came to his father to change the gun, but his father was unwilling to help. Chi Tiecheng said that he did this to make Su Wenqian reconcile with him. He also said that as long as he helped himself to change the gun, Su Wenqian could make peace with him tonight. As good as ever. At this time, Qin Zishu suddenly came to his father to repair the watch, and Chi Tiecheng was startled. Xiaoxue was jealous when she saw her classmate’s father pick her up when she was over. Su Wenqian came to pick her up. Xiaoxue immediately hugged him and showed off before leaving.

Qin Zishu took out two pocket watches of himself and Su Wenqian to his father, and Chi Tiecheng was familiar with these watches. Dad asked Qin Zishu to come back in a few days, and negotiate the price after repairing it. After Qin Zishu left, my father asked Chi Tiecheng if she was the girl who was blinded by him back then. He didn’t expect that she still kept the watch that Chi Tiecheng gave her, but how could Su Wenqian get this watch in Qin Zishu’s hands.

Li Beifa found the information on the Songjiang sewer in the name of repairing the sewer. Chi Tiecheng followed Qin Zishu into her house, and Qin Zishu was defenseless. Xiaoxue suddenly lost interest on the way home. After all, she could only call Su Wenqian Su’s father. Su Wenqian said she could try to remove the word Su. Xiaoxue sweetly shouted that father ran away. Su Wenqian was very happy to hear this sentence.

Chi Tiecheng didn’t expect Qin Henian’s palm pearl, Qin Zishu, to live in such a simple environment, and he didn’t expect Xiaoxue to be her daughter, but there was no trace of a man’s life in the entire room, and Xiaoxue still followed her surname. Chi Tiecheng thought of the time the two were together many years ago.

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