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Sniper 瞄准 Episode 23 Recap

The Tenth Army was in a meeting. Ouyang Xiangling told Qin Henian that she and Yang Zhiliang were both underground members of the Communist Party, but he worked by Qin Henian just for a legal identity. After Yang Zhiliang left, the Bureau of Secrets also came to Qin Henian and said that Yang Zhiliang was a spy next to him, but Qin Henian knew that Yang Zhiliang had never harmed him, so he didn’t care what party he and Ouyang Xiangling were, but just wanted to do my best. Can do some compensation. Ouyang Xiangling said it was Yang Zhiliang’s voluntary work, so she didn’t want any compensation. Mayor Wen told Qin Henian that the Chu army was at stake, and they came for the lives of the whole country.

In the Tenth Corps, some people were unwilling to go to Hengzhou as cannon fodder. Tang Siyuan proposed to turn to Nanjing, but some people raised objections and insisted on going to Hengzhou for reinforcements. Mayor Wen told Qin Henian the ins and outs of the situation. The Chu army had never been taken seriously there.

At this time, letting them go to war was to cut their back. Yin Qiansu also persuaded Qin Henian that whether the Tenth Army fights or not depends on the Chu army, and whether the Chu Army fights or not depends on Liao Jie. In the Tenth Army, the staff officer Qian also vigorously fought, alluding to Tang Siyuan as a soft guy.

Qin Henian knew that Liao Jie had a hard-working mind and only listened to military orders, and he estimated that he was now generously asking for war and wishing to prove it to him. Sure enough, Staff Qian brought up the matter three years ago in front of everyone. Since the Chu army was founded, if you didn’t admit defeat, it would be the cubs to sell Yetian. Liao Jie immediately stated that the military order is like a mountain and is willing to obey the military order. Staff Officer Qian was very happy when he saw this, and Tang Siyuan had to order the execution of military orders to rescue Hengzhou.

Qin Henian guessed that the meeting was over at this time, the situation was set, and they were late. Mayor Wen said that there will be a remedy for the matter. Even if the results of the meeting are not satisfactory, after all, the battle has to wait until tomorrow night. They still have a whole day tomorrow. If Qin Henian is willing to persuade Liao Jie to write a letter Believe that Yin Qiansu can take it over and promote the uprising of Chu Jun and Tang Siyuan together. Qin Henian did not want to write a letter of persuasion to surrender, he did not want to see the Chu army turn to battle, ruining military regulations in his hands, and he would not be a traitor to the Three People’s Principles.

Mayor Wen said that they did not want Qin Henian to change his beliefs, but only hoped that they would not conflict with the Communist Party. Qin Henian said, let’s look back at the tenth army battle and non-war. Mayor Wen and Yin Qiansu decided to get up and leave. Qin Henian made the decision whether or not to persuade. Ouyang Xiangling wanted to replace Qin Henian’s phone with a secret line to prevent it from being monitored. Qin Henian agreed, but asked them to remove all the guards.

Principal Fang went to see Chi Tiecheng late at night, yin and yang ridiculed him strangely. During the action last night, he transferred the Tuan Tuan instigated by the Songjiang station to him and broke into two generals, even he himself almost got in. Chi Tiecheng has been tossing for a whole night and has not lost any benefit. Yin Qiansu is still alive and well, and the base camp of the jellyfish group has not been copied. However, Chi Tiecheng took out the award order from Director Mao and Songjiang Station is also among them. .

Section Chief Cao felt that Qin Henian should have no life worry, and Yin Qiansu received the results of the 10th Corps combat meeting. Principal Fang still refuses to give up. He knows Su Wenqian’s affairs, and the award goes to the award, but in fact it also lists a lot of questions, one by one, which is not due to Su Wenqian.

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