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Sniper 瞄准 Episode 22 Recap

Su Wenqian knew that Chi Tiecheng wanted to slap himself in the face, so he asked Section Chief Cao and others to find that high-end restaurant. At the same time, they also found suspicious personnel in the telephone exchange. Xiao Zhang has been on duty from yesterday afternoon to the present, but they are not in a hurry to fight the snake.

While Xiao Zhang was still eavesdropping, Mayor Wen called Qin Henian’s home to cancel the meeting, making the enemy think they were fooled. Su Wenqian asked Section Chief Cao to set off with him, passing through sections that the enemy could not monitor, and then secretly splitting troops to find Ouyang Xiangling. Chi Tiecheng would never have thought that Su Wenqian was the only one in the car.

So when he passed Yanzixiang on the road, Section Chief Cao left Su Wenqian to find Ouyang Xiangling. Before leaving, he told Su Wenqian to answer the phone at time, otherwise he would die in vain. Whether they found Ouyang Xiangling or not, he would answer the phone. . Section Chief Cao led people to search the locked four high-end restaurants, but they did not attract any problems. Suddenly another restaurant was found. The key card was changed last month. This restaurant is very close to the location of Chief Cao. Less than two minutes before ten o’clock, Chief Cao entered the hotel to open a room on the top floor. The manager said that the rooms on the top floor were fully booked, and Chief Cao immediately noticed that there was a problem.

It was ten o’clock, Su Wenqian still refused to get out of the car to answer the phone, and ignored the sound of Xiucai asking him to answer the phone. Su Wenqian understood very well that once he got out of the car to answer the phone, he would have declared Ouyang Xiangling’s death sentence. He must delay time to win Ouyang Xiangling’s hope of life. Section Chief Cao took out a stack of banknotes to the manager, but the manager insisted that the room on the top floor was gone.

Section Chief Cao asked for a room on another floor, and the manager specifically asked someone to take him to the house. Section Chief Cao quickly killed the manager. Just when Chi Tiecheng was about to attack Su Wenqian, Su Wenqian got out of the car after receiving the news that the hotel was under control. Chi Tiecheng quickly got the phone and told Li Beicai and others to stop shooting. On the phone, Su Wenqian took out a button and asked Chi Tiecheng to see what he was holding. This was Su Wenqian torn from Chi Tiecheng’s sleeve when we met in the afternoon.

On the top floor of the hotel, Monk Hua was distraught without receiving an order, and Section Chief Cao downstairs began to look for a room. Chi Tiecheng hung up the phone and slapped Shan Leng angrily. It was she who made their actions flawed and asked Shan Leng to inform Monk Hua to remove the hostages. Shan Leng called the front desk and transferred to Room 402, but did not expect that it was Section Chief Cao who answered the call. Section Chief Cao heard that Room 402 hurriedly called someone to find the room. Chi Tiecheng quickly hung up the phone, but it was still too late. Chi Tiecheng realized that the operation had failed and could only evacuate immediately. Let the single edge notify the flower monk that the operation failed, and single edge tearfully set off the warning fireworks.

In the room, Monk Hua was very happy to hear the sound of fireworks. Ouyang Xiangling knew that he might not be able to survive, so he calmly read Yang Zhiliang’s poem. At the same time, Section Chief Cao’s people were also ready to ambush, and Monk Hua immediately began to install explosives when he found out. Section Chief Cao couldn’t wait to rush in and start a fight with Monk Hua, Ouyang Xiangling took the knife that fell on the ground with his feet and cut the rope on his body.

Monk Hua knocked Chief Cao fainted, and Ouyang Xiangling was already standing in front of him with a gun, but the gun in her hand had no bullets. Section Chief Cao woke up again and killed Monk Hua from behind and successfully rescued Ouyang Xiangling to prevent the explosion. The Public Security Bureau also found Xiao Zhang. Before being taken away, Xiao Zhang drank the prepared poison.

In the middle of the night, Ouyang Xiangling called the Qin Mansion. The secretary said that Qin Henian had rested long ago, but Qin Henian asked her to come over. Section Chief Cao and Ouyang Xiangling, Su Wenqian, Mayor Wen, Yin Qiansu and others rushed to the Qin Mansion. Section Chief Cao took out the gun with the adjusted scope and handed it to Su Wenqian. From now on, they are true comrades-in-arms. Qin Henian saw Ouyang Xiangling and confirmed her identity. Mayor Wen told him that the jellyfish group had kidnapped Ouyang Xiangling and escaped an hour ago.

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