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Qing Qing Zi Jin 青青子衿 Episode 36 Recap

Wen Renjun had a glimmer of hope and wanted to persuade Qian Huijun to give up the marriage, but Qian Huijun was attracted by her charm and agreed with this marriage. Wen Renjun felt relieved to be the five queen concubine. He had no other ideas.

Luo Qiuchi rushed to the palace gate in anger, but fortunately Hang Ruxue arrived in time, knocked him out and brought him home. When Luo Qiuchi woke up and learned that Wen Renjun was already on the road, he chased the Wukui caravan day and night. Wen Renjun wanted to escape without fruit, so he stalled in various ways on the way.

Fu Yuanzhi managed to escape from the house and went directly to Prince Kang to ask for an explanation. It happened that Princess Xuanyin was hiding nearby and eavesdropping. He learned that he didn’t love himself at all, and he loved to hear people from beginning to end. However, Xuanyin didn’t care. She thought that as long as Fu Yuanzhi was willing to turn around, she didn’t care why he approached her in the first place.

The eldest lady went to Dali Temple to pick up her daughter in person. She didn’t expect Wen Renshu to lose her heart completely, and she was almost crazy. Seeing the daughter who was dignified and generous in the past turned into this ghostly appearance, the lady couldn’t calm down in her heart, and she hated Wen Renjing and his daughter even more.

It takes at least seven days to arrive from the capital to Dengzhou. Wen Renjun hasn’t seen anyone, and she becomes more anxious until she will get on a carriage and leave. Suddenly he hears Luo Qiuchi’s voice, and Luo Qiuchi has already singled out five soldiers. .

Qian Huijun’s personal guard, Chen Shan, is the only descendant of the Wukui family of martial arts. The family has protected the royal family for generations and killed countless people. Not only is the martial arts slightly better than Luo Qiu, but even the saber in his hand is made by Shen Hai Shen Gang. Out of the box, Luo Qiuchi is not Chen Shan’s opponent at all.

Seeing that Luo Qiuchi was seriously injured, Wen Renjun couldn’t bear it anymore, broke free from the restraints of the guards, ran to Luo Qiuchi crying and hugged him tightly. In the end, Wen Renjun asked Qian Huijun to let Luo Qiuchi go, and was willing to accompany him back to Wukui. Qian Huijun was moved by the love of the two, and knew that the twisted melon was not sweet, so he decided to let it go.

When Fu Yuanzhi arrived, he only saw the mess on the ground, and no one was around. There was only a broken whip left with the name of Dongyi Shanjun carved on it. On the way back to Beijing, Luo Qiuchi and Wen Renjun discovered the preciousness of white time, and simply swore to the emperor to formally become a husband and wife.

Qian Huijun revised a letter in time to cancel the marriage contract. The little emperor knew that Wen Ren had a sense of belonging, and he was naturally willing to fulfill her and Luo Qiuchi. After Wen Renjun took Luo Qiuchi home, he immediately revealed the marriage to Wen Renjing. At first Wen Renjing was very depressed, thinking that marriage should be presided over by his parents, and he had to entertain relatives and hold banquets. But seeing the happy smile on Wen Renjun’s face and Luo Qiuchi’s sincere treatment, he simply acquiesced in this matter.

Princess Xuanyin was hurt by feelings and decided to leave the capital, saying goodbye to Prince Kang when he was leaving, but when he turned around, he saw Fu Yuanzhi standing in the corner. The two were relatively speechless, and Fu Yuanzhi watched Xuanyin get into the carriage and walked away slowly, then turned and left lonely.

Uncharacteristically, the eldest lady cooks for Wen Renjing herself. Wen Renjing thought she was completely relieved, and immediately became very happy. He immediately mentioned that Wen Renjun and Luo Qiuchi had privately decided for a lifetime, but he had not noticed that the lady looked abnormal. At the same time, Luo Qiuchi and Wen Renjun specially put on wedding gowns under the arrangements of Hang Ruxue and his wife.

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