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Qing Qing Zi Jin 青青子衿 Episode 35 Recap

Now that he has lost three goals in a row, Wen Renjun voluntarily becomes a reserve player to replace others. Thanks to Wen Renjun’s participation, Zhuxiu Academy won a streak and finally reached a four-to-four tie.

However, when Wen Renshu saw that Wen Renjun was praised and cheered, he thought she was robbing her of the limelight, and her heart was depressed and angrily. Fu Yuanzhi used Wen Renshu’s jealous heart to instruct her to drug her in the waters of Luo Qiuchi and Wen Renjun. , So that they not only lose the game but also make a fool of themselves in front of everyone.

After repeated consideration, Wen Renshu came to the kitchen with the laxative, and hurriedly opened Luo Qiuchi’s water bottle when people were running out to watch the game. This time it happened to be the intermission of the game. This scene was being witnessed by Wen Renjun and the others. Wen Renjun couldn’t argue with his own eyes, so he was detained in the wood house and handed over to the government after the game was over.

After returning to the arena, Wen Renjun took advantage of the momentum to become more and more courageous and finally won. Wen Renjing was very pleased and proudly clapped her hands in applause. Hang Ruxue brought a few people to the little emperor to receive the reward, and then told Wen Renshu that she had done evil just now and let the little emperor decide. Originally Wen Renshu wanted to ask Fu Yuanzhi for help, but when he saw him shirk responsibility on the spot, he was suddenly discouraged.

Because Wen Renshu cheated for personal gains in the competitions between the two countries, it was tantamount to damaging the prestige of the country and undermining the friendship between the two countries. His crime was not only punishable, but might even afflict the nine races. Wen Renshu was taken into the supervision of Dali Temple, and he was in a panic until Fu Yuan came to visit. He didn’t expect that he would tear his true face and laugh at Wen Renshu’s stupid stupidity. Even the small matter of drugging could not be handled well.

Fu Yuanzhi had never loved Wen Renjun, let alone marrying him. How could he have betrayed Wen Renjun and even witnessed Wen Renjun and Luo Qiuchi’s life. So for Fu Yuanzhi, Wen Renshu’s so-called love was actually the fuse that destroyed him, and it was also the key to his decision to retaliate.

Upon hearing this, the eldest lady became furious and vented her anger on Wen Renjing and his daughter. Since the incident of the Zhao family, everyone in the DPRK now protects themselves. The eldest lady is giving gifts everywhere, begging for nowhere. While she was still thinking of another way, she did not expect Prince Kang to come to visit suddenly, and would like to help her with her power. But the lady needs to cooperate with him to get rid of Luo Qiuchi together.

Wen Renjing noticed the relationship between his daughter and Luo Qiuchi, and Luo Qiuchi also bluntly admitted. Wen Renjun lay at the entrance of the study and wanted to eavesdrop on the conversation. However, her behavior had long been seen in the eyes of the two. Wen Renjing never imagined why her daughter, who was so stable and introverted, has become so naughty now.

Fortunately, Wen Renjing was also satisfied with Luo Qiuchi. Even if he smashed the window paper, he still had no other objections. He simply agreed to the relationship between the two and ordered Luo Qiuchi to treat his daughter well. It’s just that there is a mess in the house now, and Wen Renshu’s problem has not been resolved, so Wen Renjing asked Luo Qiu to refrain from speaking out, so as not to annoy the lady.

In the name of the little emperor, Prince Kang urgently summoned Wenren Jing to enter the palace and mentioned the marriage between the two countries in front of hundreds of officials. Wen Renjing took the imperial decree and went home. Although Wen Renjun was exempted from crimes and no longer implicated in the Nine Clans, he wanted to let Wen Renjun marry Wukui and become the princess of Qianhuijun.

At first, Wenren was reluctant in every possible way, and begged his father to find the little emperor, but the imperial decree was gone, and there was no room for reunification. It was a matter of family life and death, and could only say goodbye in tears. Luo Qiuchi was dissatisfied with Wen Renjing’s “selling a girl for glory” and determined to take Wen Renjun away. Fu Yuanzhi wanted to meet Wen Renjun, but Fu’s mother was forcibly locked in the room.

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