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Meeting You 謝謝讓我遇見你 Episode 16 Recap

The first ray of sunlight shone on Xia Rui’s body in the early morning, awakening her sleeping face, and reporting on the first day when she went to college. Only when she was on vacation can she return. Naturally, we should say goodbye to the family and set foot on a new one with the blessing and care of her family. Start.

It was the first time for Nan Xi to live away from home alone. His mother was naturally more worried about him, for fear that he would not be used to school life and would not be able to understand his situation in time. Fortunately, Nan Xi is no longer like the past. Now he can express his heart. Although he is not as relaxed as he was with Xia Rui, it will make his mother no longer worry.

Cheng Erluo had to report to school one day earlier because he needed to do morning exercises in advance. Zhao Yishu was worried that he would follow along. This led to only Nan Xi and Xia Rui on the way to report. Together they embarked on a new journey with hope, and Nan Xi became more and more cheerful.

Zhao Yishu greeted the two first. In order to protect Nan Xi, Xia Rui gave him to Zhao Yishu to accompany him, and went to report for Nan Xi alone. When Xia Rui said the name of the report, everyone turned their eyes on her, and it was obvious that Nan Xi was already a man of the Binhai University.

When Xia Rui returned to the original point, she found that a group of freshmen were surrounded by Nan Xi and Zhao Yishu. There were also two students who claimed to be journalists. They filmed without the consent of the parties, and teased that Nan Xi and Zhao Yishu were a pair of golden boys. Jade girl. This posture once again evoked Nan Xi’s discomfort. Although Xia Rui stepped forward to stop it for the first time, it seemed that she was not as confident as she was in high school.

A farce ended with the arrival of Cheng Erluo and Lu Sibo. After all, Lu Sibo’s reputation as an old student was enough to awe new students. When the crowd dispersed, Cheng Erluo introduced Lu Sibo to his friends. They only remembered that they had a relationship with him when Nanxi participated in the independent enrollment.

After Lu Sibo left, everyone really put aside their restraints. When Xia Rui heard that the living environment of the boys’ dormitory was very difficult to explain, she insisted on accompanying Nan Xi to check the boys’ dormitory. After all, Nan Xi’s situation could not help her worry.

Noisy hallways of the dormitory, students running around naked, in the dormitory, it is not a strange duo of “paparazzi” who don’t get together. Everything about everyone is proclaiming that Nan Xi must go out and find a new house to live in.

With the help of Nan Xi’s mother’s friend Uncle Wang, Xia Rui accompanied Nan Xi to find a house outside the school. However, Xia Rui didn’t plan to move in. Nan Xi was very disappointed and she seemed determined not to live alone.

Uncle Wang took them to find luxury villas, but the price made them prohibitive, but the environment of cheap houses also made them unable to settle down. In the end, Uncle Wang had a flash of inspiration and brought them to the industrial park, touching their hearts with a studio.

Although it is not a formal residence, the duplex floors inside, the clean and quiet environment, and the layout make them very satisfied. As long as Nanxi makes a little modification, it will definitely be a warm home. The two of them were tired for a day, and Couhe rested on the sleeping mat. Looking at Nan Xi’s sleeping face, Xia Rui couldn’t help but want to get closer.

Just when they were about to make progress and their lips were about to be close to each other, Cheng Erluo broke up the ambiguity between the two with a phone call. Cheng Erluo agreed to Xia Rui’s invitation to eat skewers. Although Nan Xi was still unwilling, she had to compromise.

On the first day of school, Xia Rui sent a nearly one-minute voice message to Nan Xi, wishing to fly to Binhai University to pick up Nan Xi from get out of class. On the contrary, Nan Xi was very calm, and even in Professor Gu Siming’s class, he met Gao Ting, a boy who once bumped into Binhai while enrolling students independently.

From the chat of the “paparazzi” duo, Gao Ting seemed to be a man of the wind and was also assigned to the same dormitory with them. However, Gao Ting is a coastal native and it is unlikely to live on campus. It can be seen from Gao Ting’s self-introduction that he is a person with the same cold appearance as Nan Xi, but he ran into him before he remembered, and took the initiative to greet Nan Xi.

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