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Meeting You 謝謝讓我遇見你 Episode 15 Recap

In the college entrance examination season, all senior high school students have reached an important moment to determine the future. They worked hard to map a promising future. For Nan Xi and Xia Rui, it was an important life turning point.

The college entrance examination results were issued quickly, and Nanxi reached the admission line of Binhai University with very excellent results. Everyone has checked the results, and Xia Rui also began to dial the phone number for inquiry with anxiety and expectation.

There was a machine-like voice on the phone. Although Xia Rui’s grades had improved a lot, she was one point short of Binhai University. After all, she passed by. Faced with such a result, Nan Xi was more difficult to accept than Xia Rui. In addition, Xia Rui had promised Mr. Shao that he could only go abroad if he could not pass Binhai, which made Nan Xi almost impossible to follow.

In order not to separate, Nan Xi made every effort to find a suitable university for Xia Rui and analyzed the most favorable career plan for her in the future. Xia Rui was also in a soft and hard bubble, so Mr. Shao agreed to give her three days. Using these hard-won three days, they worked together to perfect the planning document, and whether they could persuade President Shao to agree that Xia Rui would not go abroad, it was in one fell swoop.

On this day, Nan Xi and Xia Rui were wearing suits, seemingly trying to pretend to be adults, but it was also their seriousness and attention to today. On the contrary, Mr. Shao was hearing that his grandparents were satisfied with Nan Xi, and he even regarded him as Xia Rui’s boyfriend. Even Chen Hao thought that Nan Xi was here to propose marriage. Mr. Shao immediately became more worried about what the two children wanted to do.

Nan Xi and Xia Rui stood in front of the sofa with an affair, trying to persuade President Shao, hoping that she would dispel the idea of ​​letting Xia Rui go abroad and talk about future plans, which actually scared President Shao. As a mother, Mr. Shao couldn’t accept a child in the third year of high school. He had already thought of holding hands for a lifetime, and he couldn’t rest assured that he would give his daughter to another child. After all, feelings are not just about having a family.

Obviously, in the words of grandparents and Chen Hao, Mr. Shao had pre-determined that Nan Xi was here to discuss the relationship and marriage with Nan Xi. It was not until Xia Rui handed over the career plan to her that Mr. Shao unexpectedly Looking at the two children in front of me.

Xia Rui and Nan Xi carefully explained to President Shao, and among them, Binhai University of Commerce and Management was selected among the thousands. Even if there is a coffee shop nearby where Xia Rui can work, Nan Xi has already considered her. This coffee shop often participates in some international competitions, and there are celebrities in the coffee industry. For Xia Rui to accumulate contacts and experience during her part-time work, it does have advantages over ordinary people.

Shao always sees the seriousness and determination of the children, but she can also see that all this is attributed to Nan Xi. As a mother, she knows how much Xia Rui has done, but what Nan Xi said But let Mr. Shao loose.

In Nan Xi’s mind, Xia Rui did not rely on him blindly. Without Xia Rui, he could not even imagine whether he could successfully graduate from high school, let alone whether he could adapt to university life. For Nan Xi, he and Xia Rui depend on each other, no one can leave each other, and they will never be separated in their lifetime.

Yi Ze coffee shop also closed with the departure of his beloved, Yi Ze went to pursue his love, and left him a gift to Xia Rui, a very precious coffee bean. Xia Rui, Nan Xi and the other four cleaned up the coffee shop and said goodbye to the place where their youth was recorded. There was a post-it note confessing Xia Rui on the bulletin board full of post-it notes.

Xia Rui didn’t pay attention, but it was Nan Xi’s sincerity. Knowing that Xia Rui was likely to leave the country, Nan Xi was anxious to cut everything on his mind. He really wanted to never be separated from Xia Rui all his life, not as the company of friends, but wanting to hold hands for a lifetime, the companionship of old age.

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