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Line Walker 3 使徒行者3 Episode 26 Recap

Xu Tiantian took advantage of his lover’s identity and installed a camera in Su Miaomiao’s bedroom, which was able to take pictures of the computer screen. Zheng Shumei checked all the accounts of Su Zian, but failed to find the huge amount of money from selling fake identities. The only hope left was in an account that Su Miaomiao opened while studying in Canada. Zheng Shumei pretended to be a bank customer service. Under Zhuo Kai’s guidance, Su Miaomiao was asked to enter the wrong security code three times in a row, triggering an alarm on the grounds that the account was abnormal.

The reminder sent by the bank really alarmed Su Zian. The old man Su Zi’an was cunning, and immediately guessed that there must be a problem with his daughter’s computer. But he checked in his daughter’s bedroom and did not find the surveillance device because the camera had been removed by Miaomiao.

Seeing that the lie had been exposed, Xu Tiantang had to admit that he was investigating her father Su Zian. Miaomiao was angry that she was being used, but she was willing to find a way to log in to her Canadian account. She did this not for Xu Tiantian, but to prove her father’s innocence. Miaomiao found the account login device in his father’s study, entered the correct security code, and entered the account. The balance in the account surprised her, with a total of 45 million Canadian dollars.

Pang Haoyang was in prison to serve his sentence. Wei Zuorong took the opportunity to get close to Master Wei, and wanted to use his father and son’s affection to persuade Master Wei to hand over Chonglian to him. Master Wei did not agree. The difference between Pang Haoyang and Wei Zuorong is that Pang Haoyang has a human touch, and Chonglian is led by him, so Master Wei can rest assured. Therefore, Master Wei wanted to guard Chonglian until Pang Haoyang was released from prison, and would never pretend to be someone else.

Wei Zuorong didn’t give up and wanted to continue to use his false father-son relationship to impress Master Wei. Su Zian was even more cruel, and when he noticed Miaomiao’s abnormal behavior, he did not hesitate to attack his daughter. He also put the blame on Xu Tiantian and blamed Xu Tiantian for saying something that shouldn’t be said, causing Miaomiao to run away from home and lose contact for two days.

Xu Tiantian knew that he was wrong, and was told by Su Zian, but he did not dare to contradict him. Afterwards, he received a message from Miaomiao, and agreed to meet at the abandoned building at three in the afternoon. When I arrived at the agreed place, I didn’t see Miaomiao. Xu Tiantang got off the car and looked around for a while nearby. Suddenly heard the sound of a vehicle starting, he immediately returned to the vehicle and pursued the suspicious vehicle. Encountered by the police during the inspection, Miaomiao’s body was found in his trunk in amazement.

Xu Tiantang was arrested, and Zhuo Kai had to ask Tan Huanxi to join the task force. Zhang Jizi interrogated Xu Tiantian in detail and understood the detailed process. But when I checked Xu Tiantian’s phone, Miaomiao’s message was not found, which may have been deleted. Without the key evidence, some people have seen Xu Tiantian arguing with Miaomiao, and both human and physical evidence are not good for Xu Tiantian.

Zhuo Kai, Zhang Jizi, Zheng Shumei, and Tan Huanxi came to the abandoned building that had been cordoned off. There was indeed Miaomiao’s blood on the ground. The police inspected the scene and found no trace of the presence of a third person. Judging from Xu Tiantian’s description, there should be a black car and two suspicious persons. They put the body in Xu Tiantian’s trunk, and then led Xu Tiantian to the police inspection site. The dash cam on Xu Tiantang’s car was damaged, and there was no surveillance near the abandoned building. It can be said that there is no evidence to prove Xu Tiantang’s words.

After checking the road monitoring at the temporary checkpoint, a total of 25 black cars passed by before Xu Tiantang arrived. One of them was similar in style to the one described by Xu Tiantang. After further investigation, it was found that the car had been sent to a scrap car yard. When Zhang Jizi and Zheng Shumei rushed to the junkyard, the car had become a part, and the body was crushed and recycled. How could it be possible to collect clues from the people in the car.

In the detention center, Xu Tiantang was really not convinced. Not reconciled to fall into Su Zian’s trap, I don’t want Miaomiao to die so unclearly. He deeply blamed himself, if it were not for eager to reverse the case for himself, Miaomiao would not be brutally murdered. Zheng Shumei wanted to comfort Xu Tiantian, but there was no evidence, everything was just empty talk.

Su Zian did not stop there. He asked Wei Zuorong to immediately expel Xu Tiantang from the security intelligence agency, which was equivalent to convicting Xu Tiantian without trial. On this matter, Wei Zuorong did not agree, and he could not give the Criminal Intelligence Division a word because of the personal grievances of the deputy director.

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