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Line Walker 3 使徒行者3 Episode 24 Recap

Wei Zuorong broke free from the cable tie on his wrist and escaped. Axia, who had been waiting for a long time, immediately stepped forward to meet him. After showing his identity, Wei Zuorong decided to stay instead. Judging from the situation of the interrogation yesterday, both Wei Zuorong and Ah Xia believe that the boss behind the Eternal Gang may have been in contact with Wei Zuorong, and may even have known each other. Only by staying as a hostage can we find out the true purpose of Eternal Gang’s kidnapping.

Ah Xia “shot” to catch Wei Zuorong, who had fled, did not arouse Wei Jinfeng’s suspicion. In order to persecute Wei Zuorong, Wei Jinfeng also kidnapped Zhang Jizi. Unexpectedly, Zhang Jizi would plan to save Wei Zuorong. But this disrupted Wei Zuorong’s plan, and in desperation, Zhang Jizi could only be aggrieved and stay together.

At the same time, Adou’s cell phone signal for talking with Wei Jinfeng has been traced. Based on Adou’s information, Zhuo Kai and Xue Jiaqiang tracked down a commercial vehicle, but they were intercepted by two vehicles that suddenly appeared. The mysterious person who was lost by them appeared at the dock. Wei Jinfeng had arranged for him to leave Hong Kong in a speedboat with Wei Zuorong and Zhang Jizi. A metal blue-eyed foreigner got out of the car. Wei Jinfeng called him Mr. Brown. No matter how you look at it, Axia doesn’t think that this Brown will have any blood relationship with Wei Zuorong.

If you wait for the speedboat to arrive, it will be too late. Axia and Wei Zuorong winked at each other, and at the same time attacked and cleared the surrounding thugs. Wei Zuorong stunned Zhang Jizi first, and then shot the others, which was unexpected by Axia. Wei Jinfeng looked happy, but Wei Zuorong had a headshot on the spot, and even Brown was shot and killed. Before Axia could react, Wei Zuorong’s bullet had passed through his body.

Except for Zhang Jizi, who was in a coma, Wei Zuorong killed everyone on the dock. When Zhuo Kai and Xue Jiaqiang arrived, Wei Zuorong had already thought out a set of rhetoric. Xue Jiaqiang rushed to Axia. At this time, Axia could no longer speak. He clasped Xue Jiaqiang’s arm tightly and pointed the Cupid arrow on the engagement ring with his finger to Wei Zuorong. After making the last hint, he closed his eyes.

The case of the Eternal Gang came to an end, and Wei Songshan, who played a kidnapping scene with Tan Huanxi, came to the Criminal Intelligence Division. He glanced at the two photos Zhang Jizi handed over, and didn’t recognize Brown and Wei Jinfeng in the photos. Wei Songshan has immigrated to Canada, he has not asked questions about the world for a long time, and he has no interest in reviving Changxing. After the death of his only son, Wei Dexin, he was even more discouraged, hoping to spend the rest of his life in peace. When Wei Songshan said this, Zhang Jizi didn’t notice the strange expression in Wei Zuorong’s eyes.

At present, it can be confirmed that Wei Songshan is not related to the Eternal Gang. Zhuo Kai, Xue Jiaqiang, Zhang Jizi, Tan Huanxi, and Wei Zuorong gathered together to discuss. After reading Brown’s passport, Wei Zuorong claimed that he had been arrested when he was serving as Interpol. Unexpectedly, he would change his name and surname, and use the names of Wei Jinfeng and Changxing to operate the Eternal Gang. Then he wanted to know the reason why Wei Zuorong investigated the Eternal Gang, which was reasonable.

After the meeting, Wei Zuorong drove Zhang Jizi back to the apartment, and by the way sent a G-shaped button to express his feelings. But he was anxious to go back now, because he remembered that there was a hidden box in the cryptex. There is an old photo in Angri, a photo of his father Wei Songshan and another woman when he was young. Wei Songshan probably has forgotten this love relationship, and he doesn’t know that there is such an illegitimate child in the world.

When he was a child, Wei Zuorong’s name was Wei Deli, and he was brought up by his grandfather Wei Changxing. Wei Changxing is very dissatisfied with his son Wei Songshan, and intends to train Wei Deli as a successor. But after all, his name is not right, and his words are not right. Wei Changxing plans to have Wei Dexin preside over Changxing in the future, and Wei Deli will assist him behind his back. Since then, Wei Deli changed his name to Wei Zuorong and went to study in the United States. After adulthood, Wei Changxing instructed him to return to Hong Kong, join the police force, and do his best to climb up. The two brothers supported Changxing from black and white.

During an operation, Wei Zuorong learned that the police were eyeing Zhang Bingyong from Changxing. According to grandpa’s instructions, he will shut his mouth after taking back the goods from Changxing. Who knows, Zhang Bingyong kept his daughter in front of him, and Zhang Bingyong’s daughter is the future Chief Inspector Zhang Jizi. Wei Zuorong still shot Zhang Bingyong. With a certain guilt, he silently cared about Zhang Jizi’s life. Every time a Xinhua Rongdao game was launched, he would defeat Zhang Jizi’s record. Every time Zhang Jizi’s elevator blog is updated, he is always the first and only person to like. He wanted to let Zhang Jizi know that there was a person named “Klein” with her.

In 2017, Wei Zuorong learned that the Security Bureau would establish a new organization, a security intelligence agency. As long as you become the person in charge of a security intelligence agency, above the police force, grandpa’s ideals can be realized. In order to pass the pre-employment polygraph, Wei Zuorong hired the hypnotist Brown, and sealed Wei Deli’s memory in the depths of his memory, leaving Wei Zuorong alone.

When the time came in 2019, Wei Jinfeng tried his best to kidnap Wei Zuorong’s most cherished Zhang Jizi, according to the original plan, and awakened Wei Zuorong’s hidden memories. The police department also received high-level commendations for destroying the Eternal Gang, and it did its best to show off. And Wei Zuorong felt guilty at this time because of Wei Jinfeng, who had been supporting the Eternal Gang for many years. After these two years of life, he was more willing to be an upright Wei Zuorong than Wei Deli living in the shadows. For this reason, he did not hesitate to kill Wei Jinfeng and Brown who knew his identity. Only in this way can he be a real Wei Zuorong and achieve greater goals.

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