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Line Walker 3 使徒行者3 Episode 23 Recap

With Zhang Yuxuan and Wang Yongxiang testifying, it is not difficult for Xu Tiantang to clear his grievances. But at this time, the Triad Triad Crime Investigation Division came again to investigate Xu Tiantang’s suspected murder of Shi Haozheng. Xu Tiantian went from a black policeman who destroyed evidence to a murderous policeman. Chen Liqun insisted on interrogating Xu Tiantian despite Wang Yuxuan’s plea. Xu Tiantang is very aware of the police’s methods, and repeated interrogations to extract confessions show that they did not possess valid evidence. Angrily, he left his work permit on the table and resigned angrily. After that, he was recruited by Chief Li, became an undercover agent, and returned to the police circle.

After listening to Xu Tiantian’s statement, Zheng Shumei took out two USB flash drives, which contained the undercover diaries of Zhang Yuxuan and Wang Yongxiang. So far, she has not found the sender, nor does she understand the sender’s motives, nor do she know why the undercover diary is only part of it. Xu Tiantang held two U disks, feeling very sad.

From face recognition, Wei Zuorong found that Tan Huanxi’s subordinate, A Ding, was in the villa shootout. Because of the loss of Tan Huanxi’s cooperation, he turned to extend an olive branch to Chief Inspector Zhang Jizi of the Criminal Intelligence Division. I found out that Zhang Jizi not only likes playing Huarong Road, but also has a soft spot for elevators. He put a lot of effort into searching for rare elevator buttons on the Internet. But he never expected that the seller would be Thales of Eternal Gang.

Thales is a hypnotist, approaching Wei Zuorong as an ordinary seller in order to find out what Wei Zuorong has done before. Fortunately, Wei Zuorong was sober in time and did not let Thales get his wish. And Thales claimed that the rare button in his hand was acquired by a friend Tuotuo two years ago, whose name was Klein. Wei Zuorong did not know if this name appeared again and again by coincidence or another reason.

Wei Zuorong kept a password box all the time, but forgot the password. Reflecting on many contacts with Zhang Jizi, whether it is Huarongdao’s game record or the person who likes Zhang Jizi’s establishment of the elevator webpage, it is the person named Klein. And this person disappeared two years ago, which coincided with the time Thales said. Thinking that I was accustomed to using Klein as a pseudonym, I lost my memory two years ago. With the idea of ​​giving it a try, Wei Zuorong entered Zhang Jizi’s English name. The word elevator button.

Xue Jiaqiang accepts Lu Hexing’s entrustment to take care of Zhengzhi. But Zheng Zhi’s thoughts were very simple. Seeing Xue Jiaqiang familiar with the bad guys, he believed that he was in the same group as the bad guy who hurt his father. With this kind of thought, his attitude towards Xue Jiaqiang also changed drastically, he ignored him, and even spoke harshly. It is difficult for Xue Jiaqiang to explain to him, he can only bear it repeatedly.

This night, Xue Jiaqiang and Zhuo Kai also received a location notification from Axia. Ah Xia is Wei Jinfeng’s real name. He sent a message stating that something happened. Xue Jiaqiang handed Zheng Zhi who was asleep to Lan Nan, and drove with Zhuo Kai to the location. Positioned outside the security intelligence agency building, Zhuo Kai and Xue Jiaqiang saw Wei Zuorong coming out of the building and fell to the ground. The bullet came from Axia’s car, and it was Wei Jinfeng, who was named Thales.

Wei Zuorong had an anaesthetic bomb, and Wei Jinfeng’s men hurriedly carried him into the car and drove away quickly. The flow of the whole process showed that Wei Jinfeng had planned for a while, and Wei Zuorong should not be in danger for a while. Zhuo Kai didn’t want to get rid of the trouble, did not continue to follow, but returned to the foot bath shop, discussed in detail before making a decision.

Wei Zuorong woke up and saw Thales in front of him, knowing that he might be Wei Jinfeng. He kidnapped himself, 80% of the time he wanted to use his relationship with Tan Huanxi to find out the whereabouts of Tan Huanxi and save Wei Songshan. But Wei Jinfeng seems to be more concerned about the reason why the security intelligence agency investigates the Eternal Gang, and he still reports to whom through the headset from time to time. Judging from his tone of voice, he is only one step away from the completion of the plan, even at the expense of Wei Songshan.

The disappearance of Wei Zuorong has alarmed the high-level police. In the early morning of the next day, Zhuo Kai and Xue Jiaqiang got news from Zhang Jizina. If no one was found in another half an hour, the Security Bureau would send an action team to attack the headquarters of the Eternal Gang. The police department wanted to get ahead of the Security Bureau, which gave Zhuo Kai and Xue Jiaqiang a headache.

At this time, Ah Xia sent a message. He will protect Wei Zuorong’s safety. In addition, Wei Jinfeng made a secret call just now to confirm that there is a stronger boss behind him. Axia suggested that the Hong Kong police must find out the position of the boss before proceeding. Zhang Jizi immediately notified the police department, requesting a change in the plan.

But Xue Jiaqiang seemed very worried, so he left immediately after receiving Lan Nan’s call. It turned out that he saw Zheng Zhi asleep last night and went out to meet Zhuo Kai before Lan Nan arrived. Unexpectedly, Lan Nan arrived at Zhengzhi’s house, but there was no one on the bed. After searching for a whole day, Xue Jiaqiang and Lan Nan found Zhengzhi in front of Lindy’s grave. Looking at the photo of Lindy on the tombstone, Xue Jiaqiang’s heart was mixed with guilt, self-blame, and regret.

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