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Line Walker 3 使徒行者3 Episode 22 Recap

Lan Nan didn’t answer the phone, and found Zheng Zhi’s student ID card on the side of the road. Xue Jiaqiang knew that it was not good. When Xue Jiaqiang was looking for Adou’s help to read the road monitoring, Ajing had already called Lu Hexing to change the account book. Lu Hexing came to a warehouse in Tuen Mun with important material evidence, but A Jing only wanted to release Zheng Zhi, and Lan Nan wanted to stay to prevent Lu Hexing from defrauding.

Xue Jiaqiang found the warehouse based on the surveillance, described Lan Nan as his girlfriend, and scolded A Jing so much. How dare Ajing talk back and let him go quickly. Lv Hexing took advantage of the chaos to regain the ledger, not wanting to be knocked down by the fallen shelf in the competition, but still holding the ledger. There was a sirens outside the warehouse, and A Jing couldn’t get his account book back, so he fled in a hurry.

Lu Hexing is seriously injured and needs several operations. But he knew in his heart that Xue Jiaqiang repeatedly entangled A Jing in order to create an opportunity to help him retrieve the physical evidence. He also vaguely guessed the reason why Xue Jiaqiang did this, and his opinion of Xue Jiaqiang has changed fundamentally. I know that I might be paralyzed in the future, even if I don’t become paralyzed, it will take a long time to recover. Therefore, he plans to temporarily hand over Zheng Zhi to Xue Jiaqiang to raise him.

Because the police had an important account book, the insiders of Chonglian were panicked, thinking about finding a way out. Master Wei stepped forward and temporarily took the post of leader to stabilize people’s hearts. After the outside affairs were arranged, Pang Haoyang in the prison decided to bear all the charges of the society alone. He had already seen the police’s mind, and being able to convict in a short time and steal the power from the security intelligence agencies was more interesting to Superintendent Chen Liqun than it took time to take down the entire Chonglian.

The news of Pang Haoyang’s confession reached Adou’s ears, and the voice of his colleague Hexi became particularly harsh. She went to visit the prison, but was refused to meet again. Thinking of the previous bits and pieces, she began to doubt whether it was correct for her to send a leader of a society trying to be righteous to prison.

Pang Haoyang went to prison, and Zhuo Kai was solely responsible for the sale of Jinboluo. Taking this opportunity, Zhuo Kai asked Thales about Eternal’s help. In the name of the gossip, it was pointed out that Thales’ real name was Wei Jinfeng, and he belonged to the Eternal Gang, not the infinite Gang. Zhuo Kai’s purpose was to test his tone, and at the same time, A Ding was ordered by Tan Huanxi to seize Wei Songshan, the father of Wei Dexin, the former seat of Changxing.

Seeing the video sent by Tan Huanxi, Thales didn’t change his face, only apologized for Jiu Zhiqiang’s death, and was willing to increase the price to buy Jinboluo as a compensation, and never mentioned Wei Songshan. But after a while, Wei Jinfeng rushed into Wei Songshan’s villa to save the people. Tan Huanxi and Xue Jiaqiang cooperated with him in a scene of fire and bullets flying wildly, deceiving Thales.

Wei Songshan was still in Tan Huanxi’s hands, and Wei Jinfeng instigated Thales to get rid of Tan Huanxi so as not to branch out. But Thales calmed down and failed to contact the boss behind the scenes as expected, which disappointed Wei Jinfeng.

At this time, Zheng Shumei is doing a task that Zhang Yuxuan could not complete ten years ago. She extracted the surveillance video in front of the store’s lockers from Xu Tiantang’s computer. The money taker was very cunning, wearing a baseball cap, and never showing it in front. But the surveillance still captured his front, not Xu Tiantang.

Zheng Shumei took Xu Tiantian to the cemetery, where there is Zhang Yuxuan’s tomb. That year, Zhang Yuxuan followed Zhuo Kai to Thailand for a mission and was killed in an explosion. In front of the tomb, Zheng Shumei told the contents of the mysterious packages he received several times. Among them, Wang Yongxiang and Zhang Yuxuan’s undercover diaries for the first half of the year all implied that Xu Tiantian had taken refuge in the traitorous undercover of the drug dealer Gao Laosen.

Xu Tiantian did not kill Zhang Yuxuan, which means that he cannot be a black policeman. Zheng Shumei had a showdown with him, believing that he was actually an undercover high-ranking man, looking for the black police who really destroyed the evidence. Following the surveillance clues, Zheng Shumei has found that the person who took the bribe was Shi Haozheng, who was working in the evidence room of the Tsim Sha Tsui Police Station. He was killed ten years ago. The identity of the killer has not been found.

When Shi Haozheng was attacked, Xu Tiantang was also there and was stabbed in the stomach to save others. After that, Shi Hao was being rescued by Wang Yongxiang who had run out halfway. When Xu Tiantang, who was seriously injured, returned to the apartment, the first thing he thought of was to let Zhang Yuxuan go and avoid being involved. Unexpectedly, Zhang Yuxuan did not leave, and even Wang Yongxiang contacted him afterwards. Before Shi Haozheng died, he had told Wang Yongxiang exactly what had happened. Wang Yongxiang promised to report to his superiors and return Xu Tiantang to his innocence.

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