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Great Age 创业年代 Episode 24 Recap

Guan Tao rushed to the company to look for Hong Yuqiao, but saw Hong Yuqiao staring out the window blankly. The light of the setting sun sprinkled on Hong Yuqiao’s body, which seemed a bit sad. Hong Yuqiao originally wanted to help create a new lawsuit through a lawsuit Going to the next level, it fell to this point because of an intellectual property certificate, but intellectual property also taught these young entrepreneurs an important lesson.

Chaoxin’s employee stock ownership plan is about to hold a meeting, and Yu Wenjing is annoying Mei Zhaohe has been following her, just to let Mei Zhaohe return to the head office for the meeting instead. Kwong Mingchou is also very nervous about the upcoming conference. It is still unknown whether the employee stock ownership plan can be supported by employees. On the second day, Kwong Ming-choo gave a passionate speech at the conference, making all employees the masters of the company. The first batch of employee stock ownership plans to issue 18 million shares to be subscribed by employees. The good news is that these shares are all sold out.

Chuangkai and Jingqi’s lawsuit has ended, Chuangkai’s lawsuit was rejected, and the court accepted Jingqi’s counterclaim. Wang Yong is still thinking about his old feelings in the past. He does not want to affect his relationship with Hong Yuqiao and Guan Tao because of this. Yuqiao refused to admit defeat and did not want Wang Yong to embarrass him, insisting on finishing the lawsuit.

The lawsuit opened again, and Su Yan sat in the dock and talked about Xu Zhongheng’s theft of her knowledge, but the knowledge has already been stolen and was preempted to apply for a patent. No matter how sympathetic Su Yan’s experience is, she still cannot change what she lost. result. Fortunately, Chuangkai’s people are united. Most programmers have similar experiences. Everyone supports Su Yan and Hong Yuqiao and is determined to struggle in Chuangkai.

Xu Zhongheng won the lawsuit against his conscience and clamored to continue suing Su Yan. Wang Yong did not approve of Xu Zhongheng’s idea and could only try to persuade him. Zhou Dingbei even asked Wang Yong to distribute the goods as soon as possible and raise the price of banner products by two. When the success was sold, Zhou Dingbei was completely merciless as a businessman. Wang Yong could not treat Zhou Dingbei strongly, and could only submit to Zhou Dingbei’s decision. Jiang Cheng was concerned that Hong Yuqiao and Su Yan were in a bad mood after losing the lawsuit.

He wanted to invite them to dinner, but Hong Yuqiao went to Hao Bing to find a new way for Chuangkai, and Su Yan had no thoughts. Jiang Cheng was originally discussing with Yao Kun about Hong Yuqiao’s troubles this time. He sympathized with Hong Yuqiao’s hard work in the past few years. He not only lost the lawsuit, but also publicly apologized in the newspapers. He was worried about whether he could survive again. Someone has put the source code of the Chinese input method on the website for free for people to use.

Jiang Cheng and Yao Kun originally thought that if the flag monopolized the input method, the computer of Chaoxin would spend a lot of money to continue to carry it. They were interested in finding a potential Chinese input method research and development team on the market to cooperate, but the free code appeared so that the two people be surprised. Hong Yuqiao didn’t know about the code outflow, and Hao Bing had already cooperated with Chaoxin. Having feelings for Hong Yuqiao would help him find better programmers on the website. Jingqi’s side was also in a hurry because of the code outflow. Xu Zhongheng believed that Su Yan did it and yelled to call the police.

Zhou Dingbei also suspected that it was Chuangkai. Only Wang Yong refused to push the matter to the point where it was overwhelming. After discussing it with Ren Jealousy. Plan again. Jiang Cheng blocked Hongyu Bridge back to Pingdu, and confirmed that the code was not out of Hongyu Bridge. Jiang Cheng was worried that his friends would feel relieved. Jiangcheng and Yao Kun discussed that the code could be re-developed, so that no legal issues would be involved and a lot of money would be saved.

Ren Zhen told Wang Yong that it is very difficult to chase the source of the code outflow, and he must be psychologically prepared. Xu Zhongheng secretly reported to the police and pointed out that Chuangkai was doing it without evidence. Chuangkai is in a difficult stage. Hong Yuqiao encourages everyone to continue to work hard, even if new and old customers are not willing to buy it. Xu Zhongheng tracked how the person who cracked the software released the code to the website, but Ren Jie believes that even in this way, the source cannot be found. It is better to sue those who use the software for free.

The patent right of the input method is infringement when others use the software for free. Finding a less important customer to sue will have the effect of killing one. Zhou Dingbei fully agrees, and Ren Jie said to Wang Yong that the first company to sue Nanhua Technology is not in Pingdu, and Jingqi is going to the court where Nanhua Technology is located. It can also play a deterrent effect.

Kwong Mingchou, Yao Kun and Jiangcheng discussed whether to conduct research and development directly on the basis of the flag input method code, whether this will touch legal issues, Chaoxin is a leading computer company in China, and if it does so, will it affect the development of Chinese software. Mei Zhaohe and Yu Wenjing have never made any progress, but Mei Zhaohe is very good to Yu Wenjing, but Yu Wenjing keeps her away. Xu Zhongheng is very anxious about the progress of Ren Jie and Wang Yong. He and Zhou Dingbei complained about how to encrypt their newly developed software.

Mei Zhaohe’s application for a special car for Yu Wenjing was rejected. This time she personally picked up Yu Wenjing with an electric car and was lucky enough to be in front of Lin. Yu Wenjing refused to leave Lin and Mei Zhaohe in an electric car. Ren Jie and Wang Yong are collecting evidence of Nanhua Technology infringement.

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