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General’s Lady 将军家的小娘子 Episode 23 Recap

Flesh is watching Chu Xiuming and Shen Jin quarrel about small things every day, it’s time to raise their crisis awareness. It happened that the eldest sister Shen Shu came to the cloth house, but she did not miss Shen Jin for a few days, so she asked her to sit in the house. It happened that Shen Jin was bored, so just go. Unexpectedly, the two sisters of Shen Zi and Shen Jing suddenly appeared, and they wanted to go to the eldest sister’s house together. Rourou insisted on following Shen Jing, pointing at Shen Jing Shen Zi, in case of a fight, there would be many helpers.

At the Yongle Hou Mansion, Shen Jing chatted with Shen Shu. Next to him were two mean ladies, Shen Zi and Shen Jing, who wanted to ask Shen Jing about Chu Xiuming. They didn’t say anything about them, so they started talking about Concubine Chen, their language was filthy, Shen Shu I didn’t want to slap quietly. Shen Jing said nothing from it, and Shen Zi sent the fire to her. She argued inexplicably, and suddenly she slapped Shen Zi and cut her face.

Until Shen Jing sat on the bed waiting for the imperial doctor, Shen Zi still stubbornly argued, Shen Jin was too angry to go up and slap Shen Zi, at this time the eldest brother-in-law came, and the princess also went to help Shen Shu first.

Until the princess and Mrs. Yonglehou came to the hall, Shen Jin and Shen Zi were still arguing. The princess ordered Shen Zi to shut up and went back to the house to discuss again. Seeing that no one was complaining about herself, she was aggrieved and angry, and pushed Shen Jin down. Shen Jin knocked to the table, a dull pain in his abdomen.

The emperor hosted a banquet in the palace. Suddenly, news came from the servant of the emperor of Yongle Houfu. The specific question was that Shen Jin had an accident. Chu Xiuming immediately resigned and left, and Lord Rui also left.

After interrogating Chu Xiuming with two sentences at the house, she learned that Shen Jin was pregnant, and Shen Zi pushed her to the table again. Now Shen Jin’s fetus is unstable, and he needs a good life and rest for a few days. Chu Xiuming coaxed Shen Jin with good words and gentle words for a long time, hoping that Shen Jin would go home with him. After letting out the wind, the General’s Mansion and Shen Zi have never had any contact with each other, and whoever doesn’t open their eyes will get close to Shen Zi again.

Shen Jin lay in the Royal Palace for two days, and everyone was going to lie down, but her mother still did not allow her to go out, so she accompanied her to sew clothes for her unborn child. The princess asked Concubine Chen to go to the main hall. When she left, she told Rourou to be optimistic about Shen Jin, and Rourou sat still at the gate.

Three mothers gathered in the main hall, Shen Zi’s mother cried, made trouble and hanged herself, begging Lord Rui to let Shen Zi go. The princess took out her mistress’s aura to reason for Shen Jin and Shen Shu. Chen’s side concubine threw a closet. Shen Jinyuan was married to the border and no one cared about it. Now, when she returns to the capital, her life is a little better and she is jealous. .

The old prince sat in the hall unmoved, as if it had nothing to do with him. It is the princess that is strong and decisive, and presides over justice for Shen Jin.

Shen Jin pulled the flesh, still taking advantage of others to leave the house, the feeling of freedom outside is really good. When I came to the teahouse, I could only drink water. It also depends on the sudden appearance of Xiao Su and the meaty and crooked. They simply went out, just to meet Chu Xiuming who had been waiting for a long time.

Chu Xiuming hugged her for a while and there was nowhere to ease his longing, and followed her all the way in the street. When the vendors saw Chu Xiuming behind Shen Jin, most of them dared not sell her anything.

Chu Xiuming followed her all the way to the cloth house, past the accounting room, and kissed her in front of the many cloths, when someone suddenly shouted shamelessly. It turned out that it was Shen Zi’s mother. Seeing this lady’s awkward young couple suddenly became more affectionate, she just lost her popularity. Turning around, Shen Jin disliked Chu Xiuming very much, and he disliked it when he really used it.

On this day, Wu Ruonan pressed the carriage again to deliver the grain and vegetables to the villages on the outskirts. Chu Xiuyuan set up a simple school in the village to teach these children literacy. When the children saw Wu Ruonan coming, they hugged her. When the crowd dispersed, Wu Ruonan looked again, but Chu Xiuyuan was no longer seen.

After a day of playing and returning to the house, Concubine Chen’s face was stern, but Shen Jin lowered her head and recognized her mother’s mistake and went to prepare her food. Unexpectedly, the mother went out on the front foot and Chu Xiuming on the back foot came in, carrying the candied fruit that Shen Jin had been talking about during the day.

Rourou looked at the moon with Xiao Su again. There was something she wanted to ask Xiao Su, but her question was so strange that Xiao Su had to ask him, but he couldn’t figure it out, and Rourou kept asking him.

It was raining, and Ruo Nan Buzhuang knocked on the door twice before, and Chu Xiuyuan immediately hid. Wu Ruonan opened the door and saw someone put a food box at the door. The soup and dim sum in it were exquisite. She tasted it and brought it in with a knowing smile, leaving Chu Xiuyuan alone with a smirk in the rain.

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