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Dear Mayang Street 親愛的麻洋街 Episode 13 Recap

Yi Dongdong has always regarded Ma Xiaoxiao as a model for learning, and said that he would also go to Beijing to study university. Ma Yingjun can be discharged from the hospital, and Aunt Niu complains that she has too many things and her mood is bad. During the dispute between the two, Lao Wu, who was in the same ward, suddenly fell ill and died. Ma Yingjun lamented that life is impermanent and unexpected. Aunt Niu did not allow him to return to Beijing. He thought that Ma Yingjun was unrealistic. Once he left Guangzhou, no one would work at home and only drink Northwestern. Madada overheard all this outside the door.

Aunt Niu suddenly lowered the breakfast standard and frugal. Ma Yingjun couldn’t understand. Grandma Zeng bought Chanel No. 5 perfume. Zeng Zhenmei also likes this fragrance. Zeng Hao mentioned that she should be a young man. Grandma Zeng retorted that it is a superficial pursuit to blindly pursue inner beauty and ignore outer beauty. Grandma Zeng asked about Zeng Xing’s future plans, and Zeng Xing admitted that after studying abroad, she would go to post-doctorate studies and then return to China for further studies. Zeng Hao clearly passed the music exam, but didn’t tell Grandma Zeng about the certificate. She didn’t understand why Grandma Zeng didn’t ask her life plan. But Grandma Zeng told Zeng Hao that her advantage is to play the piano.

Zeng Xing and Ma Xiaoxiao were talking about homework. After Sun Xun passed the cultural examination, he was very leisurely. Ma Xiaoxiao gave him a task to accompany Madada to filming. I once went to Ma Xiaoxiao’s home to teach her English, hoping that she would not give up her advantages when she could study abroad, but Ma Xiaoxiao did not want to go abroad, not for others, only for herself.

Mapi was suddenly arrested by the police. Ou Xiaojian knew he was particularly angry and believed that Li Zhaohang intended to cheat him. Because Mapi was arrested, A Fei must have suspected Ou Xiaojian’s actions. When his life safety was threatened, Li Zhaohang said he would definitely protect him. A Fei suspected that there was an inner ghost. It was either that Mapi drank too much to talk about things, or there was a traitor inside. Mapi pointed out that Ou Xiaojian had seen the goods, and A Fei temporarily chose to forget the blame.

Ou Xiaojian drunk and went downstairs to Ma Xiaoxiao’s house, gave her a box, and then fainted on Ma Xiaoxiao. After drinking, he uttered the truth, Da Pang came and took Ou Xiaojian away. Sun Xuan accompanied Madada to the filming. The director felt strange that a novice in Madada actually had an attendant. Bai Juncheng said that he did not blame Madada, but Sun Xun volunteered as an attendant.

Yi Shengli passed the driving school exam, and Hao Pushi made a table of good dishes to reward him. Hearing that Yi Dongdong was preparing to take Peking University, Yi Shengli thought he had heard it wrong. Hao Pushi’s mother came from Hunan to visit them. The whole family was shocked and dressed neatly to greet her mother. After she didn’t want to beat Grandma Zeng and saw it on the street, Hao Pushi’s mother was dressed rustic.

Liang Xiaobao asked Zeng Hao to study with Ma Xiaoxiao, but did not see Yi Dongdong. Liang Xiaobao ran to Yi’s house alone and brought Yi Dongdong to review together. Yi Dongdong set a good goal, took Ma Xiaoxiao as a model for learning, and wanted to study in Beijing. Liang Xiaobao wanted to go to Shanghai to accompany Zeng Hao, because the family arranged for Zeng Hao to go to the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. Zeng Hao thought that she was under too much pressure and her family expected too much of her. She began to doubt her ability. Because she didn’t like piano at all, she privately hid the qualification letter from Shanghai Conservatory of Music and didn’t want to learn piano. Ma Xiaoxiao enlightened Zeng Hao and told her to think clearly about what she has to say, and be responsible to herself for what she can decide.

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