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Dear Designer 亲爱的设计师 Episode 3 Recap

Tiantian and Mingyuan saved two children, and Mingyuan also taught the unscrupulous restaurant owner that he would come often in the future. Lisa questioned Uncle Zhao at the birthday party, Li Manli came over to say hello to Lisa, but Lisa ignored him. Lisa’s mother hinted at Lisa and Zhao Mingyuan ‘s wedding, and then Zhao Lange smiled and went over. Lisa passed the clothes to Li Manli, and then said that she didn’t want the rags she sent. Sang Rong wanted to enter the arena, but Li Manli saw him, and Li Manli suspected that Sang Rong sent him there.

Here Tiantian and Mingyuan took the two children to eat, and then Mingyuan asked the little boy to protect the little girl in the future. After they fell asleep, Mingyuan brought Tian Tian to eat. Every day, I wondered which parent was so cruel to abandon the two children, and then Mingyuan said that maybe the parents of the child are also in trouble. In the conference room, several people from Mingyuan were discussing the design of their works.

After returning, Mingyuan contacted the orphanage and sent both children in. The dean of the orphanage also welcomes the two to see the two children. A child is playing games with Tian Tian. Ming Yuan looked at them and thought it would be great if she were not Li Manli’s daughter. He still didn’t know the truth of Tian Tian. Identity. Mingyuan joined the game where the old man catches the chicken, but he accidentally fell onto Mingyuan every day. After the game ended, every day did not plan to meet Mingyuan.

Li Manli came to pick up Tiantian, and then took Tiantian to a banquet. He thought it might be helpful to Tiantian’s design, and then he didn’t plan to take Guoer there this time. As a result, Li Manli planned to make mistakes and directly let Tiantian play Guoer to meet with Zhao Lange and Zhao Mingyuan. Tiantian planned to explain but was stopped by Li Manli.

Tiantian’s face was not so good, Mingyuan remembered his sister’s affairs and did not want to stay with Li Manli. Li Manli checked the surveillance and learned that Sang Rong had stolen something, and then threatened Sang Rong to tell the truth. Li Manli also pretended to say that he was thinking about every day, and that he would cook mature rice with Zhao Mingyuan in the future, and he would directly admit her to be a goddaughter to support her. Zhao Mingyuan asked his father about the meal, and Zhao Lange asked him to focus on the overall situation and prepare for the Shanye Group.

Li Manli didn’t really want to be nice to Tiantian, just to stabilize Zhao Lange first. Li Manli came over to question Guo’er, and then found that Guo’er and Tiantian’s phone did not hang up, so he kept saying good things about Tiantian. The nasal man called Guoer and learned that it was a blind date instead of Guoer every day, but Guoer did not go. Guoer Zhou Tian really came to the boxing gym. Ming Yuan advised him not to come to the boxing gym for other purposes. Guoer changed his taekwondo suit to study with Mingyuan, and then Mingyuan informed himself that this was the last class. Lisa came to pick up Mingyuan, only to hear Lisa call Mingyuan his fiancé.

Guoer came to look for Brother Nose, and said that he wanted him to help, and then took it to the Taekwondo Gym to get the coach’s phone number. Brother Nose pretended to be a courier and didn’t ask for the address, but Mingyuan came to take it in person. Mingyuan came over to get the express and saw it was raining, and then his car broke down and sent him to Snot, leaving a good impression on Snot. Lisa also came to the Thai Boxing Taoist Temple, and then Guoer went to disarm her. Lisa was unwilling to show her weakness and duel with her, the two of them fought, and Mingyuan came and stopped them.

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