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Dear Designer 亲爱的设计师 Episode 2 Recap

Guoer meets the thieves again and misunderstands Mingyu’s marriage contract every day. Guoer went back to the boxing gym and met the male god and met the thief gang, and the thief gang arrested her. Zhao Mingyu ordered a lot of seafood. Although Guoer liked it very much, he was allergic to seafood every day. To take care of Mr. Li’s reputation every day, Tang Guoer still endures a few mouthfuls of seafood, and then goes to the bathroom.

Zhao Mingyu saw that he didn’t like seafood every day, and then he kindly asked the waiter to serve a bowl of spicy spicy soup. Here, Wang Ye hurried over to Guoer when he received a call from Guoer. As a result, Guoer got on the car and the car broke down. The gang of thieves surrounded the car, and Wang Ye said that he would go down and associate with them. The result was not settled, and then Wang Ye pretended to give Qian Xishenren, took out the fire extinguisher from the car and sprayed them.

Tian Tian received a call and learned that Tang Guoer had entered the police station and planned to leave. Then Mingyu sent her off. President Li called to ask about the situation of Guoer’s blind date, and then Guoer pretended that the blind date went well and he valued Zhao Mingyuan very much . After Guoer left, he became allergic every day, and then Zhao Mingyuan sent every day to the hospital.

Zhao Mingyuan called to ask if he found Wanhua, and then Mr. Li asked the two of them, pretending that he kept it every day to give them a chance to contact again, so Guoer cooperated with Tiantian to exercise together. Tian Tian asked Mr. Li why the two had a blind date, and then Mr. Zhao told Tian Tian some of his goals. Tiantian went to persuade Guoer to confess the identity of the two with Zhao Mingyuan, but Guoer did not want to still want his own male god, so Guoer couldn’t stand her entanglement and agreed.

The next day Guoer came to the boxing gym to wait for people again, and brought a small bench and snacks. Tiantian also came to date with Mingyu in place of Guoer, and then Mingyu left a gift and said that he had something to do, but when it was raining, Mingyu couldn’t help but come over to give Tiantian an umbrella. It’s raining, Guo’er still insists on waiting at the boxing gym, while Zhao Mingyu is eating instant noodles in the store with Tian Tian. Mr. Zhao intends to let Zhao Mingyu take Tang Guoer as soon as possible, but Tiantian pretends not to be interested in Zhao Mingyu. After leaving every day, Mingyu returned to the boxing gym and met the real Guoer, and then Guoer had been pestering Mingyu. Mingyu took her to eat and planned to send her home. Guoer refused to get out of the car, and then told her when to go to the boxing gym.

Guo’er was very happy after returning, and then told Tiantian his experience with the male god. At this time, Mr. Zhao was outside the door and overheard the conversation between the two. Lisa, the daughter of fashion godmother Vivian, is celebrating her birthday. Mr. Zhao plans to attend her birthday party and present her own design costumes. Every day I let my mother wear her own design work, and then make changes to the work every day. Every day her mother said that being a model is tired, and then she also revealed her dissatisfaction with Li Manli.

Secretary Wu took the clothes and showed them to President Li. There was no problem with Mr. Li. So Secretary Wu planned to let Adong send the dresses. But Tiantian’s mother saw that she had stolen the dresses and asked her daughter to send them. Mingyu came to see Lisa. Lisa looked down on domestic brands. Mingyu brought her a gift and went to the bathroom. I came to give Lisa something every day, but Lisa didn’t plan to open the dress to see. After Mingyu came out, he opened the box and told Lisa that this dress suits her very well and asked her to try it. Lisa made Tiantian misunderstand that Mingyu has a fiancee, and then Mingyu explained to her and took her away.

Tian Tian asked Mingyu where he was taking him, and then Tian Tian was a little reluctant. Every day I saw a restaurant owner bullying two children in the car, so he went to check, Mingyu also helped to teach the boss.

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