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Dear Designer 亲爱的设计师 Episode 1 Recap

Everyday as a shadow designer, Guoer refused to appear at the press conference.

After three years of hardship, the fashion designer Shen Tiantian is back, and her works can finally represent China’s manufacturing and compete with major international brands, conveying China’s design style and profound culture. Shen Tiantian is cutting the ribbon in the studio. She is designing her own work. She is a shadow designer, just to help her good girlfriend Guoer, so Shen Tiantian is a cleaner on the surface.

Today is the memorial day of sister Mingyuan. He went to the grave to mourn his sister and then left. Shen Tiantian was eating at a roadside stall. When she saw a man coming over, she gave him a seat and helped him wipe the table. This man was Ming Yuan, and he recognized the company logo on Shen Tiantian. At this time, Shen Tiantian’s old classmate drove over, and a woman below had a bad relationship with Shen Tiantian, and she had been taunting Shen Tiantian. At this time, Mingyuan came over to relieve Shen Tiantian, pretending to be Shen Tiantian’s husband, and cleverly said the woman by the way.

At the clothing conference, when it was time to interview the designer, Guoer ran away by himself. President Li sent someone to find Guoer, but Guoer cleverly changed clothes and ran away. President Li met Zhao Lange , President Zhao . His son Mingyuan had no girlfriend yet, so he proposed to kiss him. Then President Li knew that President Zhao’s purpose was to weigh the fruits.

On the other side, Zhao Mingyuan knew that Shen Tiantian was a designer and wanted to leave contact information, but Shen Tiantian refused. Shen Tiantian received the call and learned that Guoer had run away, so he hurried back. Guoer was sitting in the courier’s car at this time, and then learned that he was an acquaintance from when he was a child called Wang Ye , and the two were very happy.

Shen Tiantian came over and found Mr. Zhao. Mr. Zhao reminded Shen Tiantian as a shadow designer, and then asked her where Guoer had gone. Shen Tiantian knew where Guo’er would often appear, and he took Mr. Li and his bodyguards to take Guo’er back. But Guoer didn’t seem to go back. She didn’t want to copy the design of her girlfriend Shen Tiantian, even jumped off the car and broke her face, successfully avoiding the clothing conference.

After Guoer returned home, she also had a tough attitude towards Shen Tiantian. She was not like occupying Shen Tiantian’s work. As long as she was a shadow designer, she would be a shadow man and not show up in public. Shen Tiantian said that he didn’t mind, and he didn’t want Guo’er to do stupid things. Guoer wanted to eat cakes, and then he wanted Shen Tiantian to help him bring them.

Mr. Zhao has made an appointment with Mr. Li, and plans to let Mingyuan and Tang Guoer go on a blind date next Tuesday. Mr. Zhao and Mr. Li both know the purpose of both parties. In order to achieve mutual benefit, Guoer and Mingyuan must go on a blind date. And then suddenly there was bad news. Tiantian’s mother failed to commit suicide at this time and was rescued at the central hospital.

So he hurried to the central hospital every day, and Guoer ran out regardless of his mother’s opposition. Fortunately, Tiantian’s mother was out of danger. Tiantian’s mother planned to commit suicide because she was cheated of money by Xiao Zou.

At this time Guoer went to the hospital counter to pay the fee, met a thief shouted, and then ran out after the thief, and finally met a thief gang. The thief gang planned to rob Guoer, but Guoer ran into a boxing gym. The thief pretended to be Guoer’s couple trying to pull Guoer away, but Mingyuan came and beat the thief gang away. Guoer saw Mingyuan’s hero Jiumei and felt very handsome and wanted to add Mingyuan’s contact information, but Mingyuan didn’t give her.

At this time, Tian Tian was taking care of her mother in the hospital. Tian Tian’s mother felt that she couldn’t help Tian Tian, and she was cheated of her hard-earned money. After Guo’er came back, he told Tiantian that he had encountered a gang of thieves. He also said that he had encountered his own male god, and he was worried about Guo’er every day. Guoer hopes to go on blind date instead of herself every day, and then go on a date with her own male god, but Tiantian’s mother refuses.

So Guoer planned to take Tiantian and herself on a blind date, and Tiantian’s mother also suggested that he introduce Mingyuan’s friends to him. After arriving at the dating place, Guoer ran away and asked Tian Tian to go on blind dates instead of herself. After Tian Tian entered the room, he found that Ming Yu was the man he had met in the Mala Tang shop, and then Ming Yu also mistakenly thought Tian Tian was Tang Guoer.

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