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The Devil’s Punisher 天巡者 Episode 1 Recap

Zhong Kui went to the world to catch the ghost Wu Qingyuan and returned to the underground mansion. Who knew Wu Qingyuan took the opportunity to break free and held Po Meng back to the world. Three months later, Po Meng became Meng Xinyu and worked in a bakery, but she could see ghosts and was not afraid of them.

That day Zhong Kui chased Wu Qingyuan to find Po Meng, but accidentally fell behind the bakery. He saw Meng Xinyu and immediately hugged her and said that he had finally found her, and then fainted. Xinyu lost his memory, thinking Zhong Kui was a gangster, and after waking up, Zhong Kui pretended to admit the wrong person and left. King Qin Guang sent a human pass to Zhong Kui and asked him to help investigate Wu Qingyuan’s messenger.

Xinyu’s roommate Enxi was deemed useless for selling the guard to his classmates. Professor Lu Boya came forward to rescue him. The dean wanted to transfer Enxi, but Boya persuaded him to take charge of Enxi and asked the dean to give her another chance. Xinyu and Enxi were kicked out by the landlord because they owed rent.

The two came to live in the hotel. There were a lot of ghosts, but they ran away because Zhong Kui kept following Xinyu. The next day Enxi accompanied Xinyu to the cafe for an interview and found that the boss was Boya, and Xinyu was admitted immediately. Zhao Jiajun relied on his handsomeness to cheat everywhere. This day, he rode a bicycle on the road and suddenly drove the female ghost and crashed the car.

Zhong Kui resolutely escorted Wu Qingyuan, the evil ghost arrested from the mortal world, back to the underworld. When he passed the Naihe Bridge, Wu Qingyuan made chaos. Not only did he blow up the Naihe Bridge, he also waited for the opportunity to abduct the Po Meng next to the Naihe Bridge and escape to the world. Zhongkui was injured and chased after Wu Qingyuan, but when he was about to subdue Wu Qingyuan, he was attacked by a red light, and severely knocked Zhongkui to the mortal world…

The injured Zhongkui was picked up by Meng Po, whose name is Meng Xinyu after losing his memory. Yu realized that Zhong Kui might know his life experience, but Zhong Kui only said that his name was Zhong Zhengnan, so he quietly left without saying goodbye.

King Qin Guang from the hell told Zhengnan that there was a greater conspiracy behind the Naiheqiao bombing, and he wanted him to hunt down Wu Qingyuan to the case as soon as possible before the arrival of the once-in-a-hundred nine-star chain, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous. At the same time the evil spirits in the world began to rampage…

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