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The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion 如意芳霏 Episode 13 Recap

The Golden Gun took it, and Captain Zhaowu deserved it. Amidst the crowd applauding, Wu Baiqi seemed to have caught a glimpse of Fu Xuan. When he could get closer, Fu Xuan was missing again, and Wu Baiqi was a little lost.

When Fu Rong was dressing up today, her mother specially came to consider for her and chose a bright hairpin for her. She said that Mrs. Yao’s family was coming to a banquet today. Isn’t this going to be a blind date for him? I immediately figured it out and smiled knowingly. There was a banquet in the main hall. When Fu Pinyan was in Xuancheng, he was often urged by Mr. Yao. Now Yao Jun, the son of Mr. Yao’s family, has grown up. Instead of asking Fu Xuan, he only called Fu Rong. Fu Rong got tired. During his father’s toasting, he secretly held a small gadget in his hand. There was a sound of farting. Everyone was embarrassed. Fu Rong followed the situation and said that his stomach hurts, so he slipped out of the house to buy dates and eat.

When he came out, he found that Xu Jin was wearing a coarse cloth and linen with a carriage, and Dong Fangli asked him to go to Mengshan. To avoid Fu Fu Jia Ding, Fu Rong licked his face and wanted to go together. Mengshan has a ray of sky, there are open woods, the sun is very good, and the air is fresh. Running out into the wilderness like this, Fu Rong is not afraid of being scolded by his parents? Unexpectedly, when Xu Jin asked, Fu Rong found a good excuse without even thinking about it. It was Xu Jin who came here.

Fu Rong couldn’t wait to hang himself on Xu Jin. When he came to a ray of sky, suddenly the rocks fell from above. Xu Jin hurried to protect Fu Rong and ran over to an empty cave with dripping water dripping around the cliff wall. Xu Jin removed her clothes, and Fu Rong treated her bruises just now. This body was seen in the Jinyiweiying faintly at that time. Now Xu Jin is shirtless, and Fu Rong comforted her to have seen it.

It’s strange to say that there is a loud noise in the chaos of the sky, and now it is in the valley, and there is no movement. Going forward is a cliff, backward is a rock, a stone between the trance reflects light, bright and dazzling. Unexpectedly, this Mengshan is actually a gold mine, and the gold mine is owned by the country. If anyone pays attention to this gold mine, it is not surprising. But Dong Fangli is definitely not a greedy person, there must be some difficulties in attracting him.

Knowing that Fu Rong was missing, Fu Pinyan almost cried the maid Lan Xiang. Fu Xuan hurriedly took her to the Ruyi Tower to ask. Who knew Liu Ruyi didn’t know where Fu Rong was going, but after concealing it from Fu Mansion, Liu Ru thought for a moment. The friend from Ruyilou heard that Fu Rong got on a carriage set by a son, son, is it Wang An?

The Lord Xihe came to Suwang Mansion, but was unable to find anyone. He was so anxious that he yelled at the door, making everyone know that Xu Jin was missing, and the punishment was heard in the dark. Everyone in King Su’s Mansion was troubled by the quarrel with the Lord Xihe. Xu Jia returned and said that Xu Jin had left a message. If he could not find him, he would go to the desk and look for it. There was a drawing that was where he went.

Xu Jin thought, he was really a broom star like Fu Rong said. He used to go to Hongfu Temple to pray and overturned the candlestick and caused a big fire; now he is trapped here again with Fu Rong, whoever gets close to him seems to have to Unlucky. Fu Rong disagreed and said a lot of auspicious words. After she was born, her father was promoted, her mother had a younger brother, and she also got a master like Liu Ruyi, so she was a little lucky star. So she caught Xu Jin’s hand and divided her good fortune into Xu Jin’s half. At night, the two of them slept together with their clothes. They were still Xu Jin’s coats. The bonfire was red, and Fu Rong leaned on Xu Jin’s shoulders and his eyebrows closed slightly.

Princess Xihe followed a group of people on a ray of sky. When King Su came out, she was very happy, but when she saw Fu Rong behind Xu Jin, her face instantly changed. Liu Ruyi and Fu Xuan also came in a carriage. Hearing that the chief of Xihe County was mean to Fu’s family, Fu Xuan hadn’t spoken yet. Wu Baiqi was the first to choke in Xihe County and did not know what to say.

On the carriage back to the house, Fu Xuan asked why Fu Rong was with King Su. Can she say that all this is a coincidence? But that bracelet and how did Liu Ruyi suddenly find it here, Fu Rong tapped and asked, Liu Ruyi only did not hear the comforting words.

In the palace, Dong Fangli was taken to Xu Mao with bruises. Because of the Mengshan incident, Xu Jin had entered the first-line sky. As long as he set all the explosives on fire, he didn’t worry about not dying inside. Dong Fangli suddenly turned to stop, but failed to assassinate his men.

King Cheng digs a gold mine privately. This event will surely alarm the emperor. It is better to take this opportunity to threaten Dong Wen and force Dong Fangli to take responsibility. Xu Jin found that Dong Wen was missing, and realized that someone might use Dong Wen to threaten Dong Fangli, and sent Xu Jia to check. Dong Fangli played with Dong Wen, and when he was tired of playing, he coaxed him to sleep, patted and looked carefully, Lao Lei silently rolled in his eyes.

Sure enough, the next morning, when the emperor asked about Mengshan, Dong Fangli decided to take off his official hat, and apologized by hitting the post. Now that the matter of Mengshan has been revealed, Xu Mao handed over the gold mine to Ruyilou. Wang An again accepted the gold mine through Ruyi Lou, but he didn’t say anything about it, and Dong Fangli’s death. Liu Ruyi also felt strange. If it weren’t for someone to add to the flames and fish in troubled waters, Dong Fangli would not die.

Sending away Liu Ruyi, Wen Xing said that all of Ruyi Tower obeyed a token. Liu Ruyi is now in charge of the token. If Wang An can get the token, it would be easy to replace Liu Ruyi with it.

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