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Spring in Happiness 幸福里的故事 Episode 31 Recap

Li Qiang and Chen Wa’er decided to fight for the custody rights in the summer. What Chen Wa’er got was to give up the custody rights. She wept and wept in front of Li Wall’s wall, watching Li Qiang never open the note, Chen Wa’er was suspicious Daqi, she snatched Li Qiang’s note and found that Li Qiang’s note had been tricky. She was angry and threw the note on Li Qiang’s table and decided to meet with Li Qiang in court.

Li Dasheng and Hu Meizhong changed the way they were getting along before. Seeing Hu Meizhong fighting for housework, Li Dasheng always hangs on his heart, not knowing whether he is living with Hu Meizhong or not. On the other side, Aunt Zhou persuaded Chen W’er to make Chen W’er live with Li Qiang. Chen Wa’er had a stubborn temper, and her life wasn’t enough for her. So she yelled at Li Qiang’s attitude that day that she must divorce. Chen Wal has been changing herself for Li Qiang. This love Aunt Zhou can understand, but the young couple has been reluctant to give in. Aunt Zhou could not persuade her, so she had to stop there. She mentioned that Aunt Chen was playing gas for the past two days. I’m planning to take Aunt Chen to the hospital in these two days.

The next day, Li Qiang woke up to find that Xia Xia was making breakfast for him in the kitchen. He warmed his heart, stepped forward and hugged Xia Xia, and asked him to look for him when he was hungry after Xia Xia. Chen Wa’er, who came back from the outside, heard what Li Qiang had said to Xia Xia. She was angry in her heart, and only called Xia Xia over to talk to Xia Xia about her mother. The two are vying to be nice to the children, especially when it comes to sending their children to kindergarten. The two actually started sending summer to kindergarten together for the first time. Unintelligible summer is very happy for this.

Aunt Jin took Uncle Jin to the hospital for surgery. Uncle Jin made a temper and wanted to go home to live. He insisted on not being hospitalized. Aunt Jin had to accompany Uncle Jin home. Uncle Jin was very concerned about his own operation. He went all the way. They were all arguing to prevent Aunt Jin from being greedy, and wanting to go by herself, Aunt Jin had to follow Uncle Jin and carefully take care of him.

On the last day of Aunt Jin’s tenure on the neighborhood committee, Uncle Jin wanted to accompany Aunt Jin. Aunt Jin knew that Uncle Jin could not see anything, so she let Uncle Jin stay at home. Walking to the door, Aunt Jin was still worried about Uncle Jin and went to the neighborhood committee with Uncle Jin’s hand. Uncle Jin knew that Aunt Jin was a little uncomfortable at work on the last day. He comforted Aunt Jin that after retirement is a brand new start, the two of them can stay together forever. In the neighborhood committee, Aunt Jin finished speaking, and Uncle Jin also made a few words. Aunt Jin took off the armband that she had been with for more than 30 years, and her heart was full of dismay.

After coming back from the neighborhood committee, Aunt Jin stepped into the yard and smelled a gas house. She quickly let Uncle Jin come in and came to Zhou’s house. Seeing Aunt Chen playing with gas, Aunt Jin hurriedly picked up the burning gas and threw it out. She was also submerged by the gas fire. Aunt Jin was rescued at the first time, but Aunt Jin’s age was older and her burns were serious. The hospital made the family prepare psychologically. Li Qiang almost fainted in the hospital, and Chen Wa’er was also in a rush.

Aunt Jin woke up with gauze all over her body, lying on the hospital bed dying. After comforting Xiao Xia Xia, Aunt Jin’s only regret was that he hadn’t had enough with Uncle Jin. Uncle Jin’s eyes were still covered with gauze. He couldn’t see Aunt Jin, but his tears kept falling. He kissed him through the cloth gauze with his only feeling. Aunt Jin. After that, Li Qiang also cried and guarded in front of Aunt Jin’s bed. Aunt Jin knew that she was about to be unable to support her.

Her last wish was to let Val and Li Qiang live well, not to leave Li Qiang. Chen Vale blamed herself in pain. She slapped herself, she and Aunt Jin was already a relationship between mother and daughter. She only hated that it was not her who was lying on the hospital bed. She loved Aunt Jin so much. In her heart, Aunt Jin is her mother. She can no longer lose her mother, she has no relatives anymore.

When Aunt Jin passed away, the Hu sisters and Li Dasheng made a table of dishes and put them at the table of Aunt Jin’s desk. They always remembered that Aunt Jin was kind. When Hu Meihua was admitted to college, Hu Meihua kept the notebook that she gave away. I always treat Aunt Jin as a mother, and I regret not calling Aunt Jin to her mother in person. Li Dasheng also admires and loves Aunt Jin, and always remembers the goodness of Aunt Jin in his heart. The death of Aunt Jin made the entire yard very heavy. Chen Wal looked at Aunt Chen, who didn’t know anything, in pain.

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