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Spring in Happiness 幸福里的故事 Episode 30 Recap

On Double Ninth Festival, Uncle Jin and Aunt Jin climbed together, and the two of them came to the photo gallery together to take pictures. Uncle Jin wanted to come to take a photo every year in the future. Aunt Jin knew the little thoughts in Uncle Jin’s heart, and she looked helplessly. My wife, it should have been a minor operation, but anyway, the two took a photo.

Chen Wa’er took care of summer at home. Li Qiang called to report to Chen Wa’er that he was not going home for dinner tonight. Yang Feiyan laughed at Li Qiang and Chen Wa’er reported that he was so hardworking, as if Chen Wa’er was a scourge. Li Qiang didn’t take it to heart, thinking that he and Yang Feiyan were scourges today and must take down the people at the dinner table. Li Qiang didn’t drink, so he called Chen Waer to report during the meal.

After the meal was over, Yang Feiyan was drunk and unconscious. Li Qiang called Chen Waer, and he asked Chen Waer to come over. Chen Seeing that Yang Feiyan was so drunk, Wal hurriedly asked Li Qiang to return to their home with Yang Feiyan on his back, and settle Yang Feiyan first.

Chen Wa’er took care of Yang Feiyan. She heard Yang Feiyan’s drunk words when she was drunk. Yang Feiyan thought Li Qiang was particularly good. She came to Beijing for Li Qiang. Hearing Yang Feiyan’s words, Chen Wa’er was completely heartbroken, and she no longer wanted to take care of Yang Feiyan. She looked at the man in front of her, thinking that the man in front of her was so strange, and Li Qiang felt very strange when she looked at Chen Wa’er. , Knowing that Chen Wal doesn’t believe him anymore.

The next day, Yang Feiyan stood on the roof and looked at the White Pagoda. Uncle Jin and Uncle Jin didn’t know what happened after being drunk. The two enthusiastically entertained Yang Feiyan and asked Yang Feiyan to stay for breakfast together. During breakfast, several elderly people took care of Yang Feiyan’s taste. Yang Feiyan simply ate a little breakfast and left.

Chen Wa’er stayed at the dinner table without talking. Just when Yang Feiyan left one second before, Chen Wa’er overturned the table one second later and resolutely divorced. The story of Wal’s table setting and divorce has spread all over the yard. The four elders of the Jin family Zhou’s family have all talked about it, and they don’t want to persuade the two to let them decide for themselves.

Chen Wa’er searched for the marriage certificate in the room. She kept telling Li Qiang and yelled at Li Qiang. Li Qiang no longer accommodated Chen Wa’er. He threw the hidden marriage certificate on Li Qiang’s wall. Earlier, Chen Wal did not know what he had experienced in Shenzhen. He worked hard for this family. He had never done anything to sorry Wal, nor had he used Yang Feiyan’s love. If Wal had to divorce, he would Follow Wal, but one thing is that the child belongs to him. Chen Wa’er refused to give in to the child. She and Li Qiang had a big quarrel again. If Li Qiang had to go with Yang Feiyan, she had no objection, but the child must belong to her.

Uncle Zhou and Aunt Zhou went home and found Aunt Chen was playing with gas, and the two hurried forward to stop them. On the other side, Li Qiang asked Wu Xikai to help him find a house. He wanted to move out to live. Wu Xikai shook his head and sighed. He asked Li Qiang to stand at this crossroads and choose well. One side was marriage and family, and the other was Yang Feiyan’s vast abyss. Wu Xikai and the people in the yard were equally misunderstood. Li Qiang couldn’t explain it clearly, so he didn’t explain it at all, so he asked Wu Xikai to help find a house as soon as possible.

Hu Meihua knew that Chen Wa’er was upset. She brought a game console to play games with Chen Wa’er and learned what happened last night. Chen Wa’er wanted to divorce. Hu Meihua asked Chen Wa’er to think about it. Chen Wa’er mentioned Li Qiang’s changes. She thought that Li Qiang had really changed. Hu Meihua knew that Chen Wa’er was so troubled with Li Qiang because he loved Li Wall, marriage is not a trivial matter, she did not persuade Chen Wal to divorce, nor to persuade Chen Wal to make peace.

Li Qiang came to the company to resign with Yang Feiyan. Yang Feiyan talked to Chen Wail alone. Chen Wail wanted to know when Yang Feiyan liked Li Qiang. Yang Feiyan did not expect that she would be drunk and talk nonsense. She told Chen Wail that she had nothing to do with Li Qiang. Appreciate, she will never get involved in the marriage of the two, and do not want the two to divorce because of her. Chen Wail thinks that Yang Feiyan absolutely likes Li Qiang, she loves Li Qiang, and she has seen every side of Li Qiang. Only when she is with Yang Feiyan will Li Qiang become motivated and full of spirits. If Yang Feiyan can give Li Wall happiness, she is willing to let go.

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