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Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Episode 36 End Recap

Du Lei walked to a flower shop. The owner of the shop was his sister Du Lin. Looking at the familiar face, Du Lei smiled after a long absence. Listening to Du Lin talking about the blooming flowers, Du Lei was fascinated and sad silently. Seeing through her younger brother’s thoughts, Du Lin stopped talking any more. When Du Lei took the initiative to talk about her recent experience, Du Lin advised Du Lei to let go of those tired things and choose a more relaxed and relieved life…

The lives of Jiang Jun and Yuan Shuai are undiminished, but suddenly a doorbell rang, and Jiang Jun and Yuan Shuai ushered in the news that Xu Li was pregnant. Overjoyed, Li Xiaochuan and Yuan Shuai went out for a walk with the dog and discussed the name of the child, Li Xiaochuan asked about Yuan Shuai’s marriage plan, but Yuan Shuai was entangled in Jiang Jun’s mind, worried that his ideas would put pressure on Jiang Jun.

Who could have imagined that the dumb Li Xiaochuan also had a day of reasoning to Yuan Shuai, Li Xiaochuan’s instigation and the agitation method worked, and Yuan Shuai’s mind slowly began to change.

Jiang Jun and Xu Li also talked about the same topic. Jiang Jun was entangled in Yuan Shuai’s delay in proposing marriage, but Xu Li encouraged Jiang Jun to propose marriage. Hearing Xu Li’s words, Jiang Jun slowly changed his mind.

The next day, Jiang Jun was full of energy and started to work, and Jonah offered to take Jiang Jun to revisit the old place. It turned out to be an intern interview. Seeing the green face in front of him, Jiang Jun had mixed feelings.

Yuan Shuai looked at Su Chang only looking at the appearance of his mobile phone, and then realized that even Su Chang had successfully proposed to marry him. Su Chang couldn’t help asking Yuan Shuai’s diamond ring.

Although Yuan Shuai was impatient on the surface, his heart had gradually deviated from the direction. Intention to propose marriage. However, Yuan Shuai was not without intention, but his marriage proposal always failed in strange places.

However, with Su Chang’s repeated encouragement, Yuan Shuai was ready to make persistent efforts and use Su Chang to call out Jiang Jun, and he organized the entire company and even Everyone around him began to arrange the venue. When the plan was realized step by step, Jonah pretended to be angry and asked Jun Jiang to come back and send the documents.

Waiting for Jiang Jun, who rushed back to the company, discovered that the familiar office turned into a mysterious space, with snowflakes flying and colorful lights. Jiang Jun couldn’t help being immersed in the romantic atmosphere, looking at the colorful lights in the house, the big screen in front of him suddenly lit up, playing Yuan Shuai’s past failed marriage proposal videos. Yuan Shuai on the screen was exhausted thinking about unexpected marriage proposals, but failed one by one . Speaking of his difficulties to the camera, Yuan Shuai vowed to marry Jiang Jun.

As a result, Wangcai, wearing a wedding dress, walked out from behind the door, and Yuan Shuai, who was holding roses in his arms. Looking at each other affectionately, Jiang Jun and Yuan Shuai looked at each other. Yuan Shuai was full of sincere confession and promised to successfully capture the softest part of Jiang Jun’s heart.

Taking out the ring he had prepared, Yuan Shuai said the proposal to marry him, and Jiang Jun finally said the sentence of willingness, and the two embraced each other. Su Chang came out and brought the agreement drawn up by Yuan Shuai and the agreement of the private equity company. It turned out that Yuan Shuai had prepared for Jiang Jun. Even if Jiang Jun resigned in the future, he could still fight in his company.

The proposal process finally ended, and everyone came out to send blessings. Xu Li was full of tears and handed Jiang Jun’s hand to Yuan Shuai. Yuan Shuai decided to quickly take Jiang Jun to the Civil Affairs Bureau, and by the way also brought out his household registration. Intimately took out the veil and sneakers they prepared, and after Jun Jiang was ready, the two rushed to the Civil Affairs Bureau hand in hand…

Du Lei was eating in a restaurant and happened to be able to see the wedding photo of Jiang Jun and Yuan Shuai. Du Lei, who was relieved, smiled silently.

Jonah sat in Jia Yuanji’s car, looked at Jia Yuanji’s expression, and shyly hinted that Jia Yuanji would send herself to get off work. Finally, Jia Yuanji showed a smile of excitement and excitement.

Li Xiaochuan and Xu Li discussed the child’s name again, half joking and half serious, and the two silently complained about the difficulty of naming.

Yuan Shuai was frightened by Jiang Jun’s scream, and when he saw the display on the pregnancy test stick, Yuan Shuai himself screamed loudly. The two were both sweet and excited. They hugged each other and began to think about the child’s name. This complicated question is really sweet and distressing…

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