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Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Episode 35 Recap

Shen Xin attended GE’s interview as scheduled, and her answers and clear thinking helped Shen Xin win the hearts of GE interviewers and get the opportunity to enter GE. Shen Xin quickly called Jiang Jun to announce the good news, and the two made an appointment to celebrate. Jiang Jun then asked Chen Yicheng to investigate the financial report information that Du Lei took over for in-depth investigation.

When he walked out of the company, Jiang Jun met Du Lei. Du Lei did not expect that his full face of apology could not save Jiang Jun’s decision to leave MH. Du Lei gritted his teeth when he heard Jiang Jun’s indifferent tone and the figure of leaving.

Li Xiaochuan is still jealous about Xu Li and Jia Yuanji’s affairs, and insists on setting off on a business trip. Seeing that Li Xiaochuan was about to ignore the important wedding anniversary of the two, Xu Li was so anxious that her eyes became red, and she admitted to Li Xiaochuan that she just wanted the same care that she had paid, so Xiaochuan slowly put down and tightened her suitcase. Hand, looking at Xu Li.

Looking at the photos alone in the room and recalling the good times between the two, Du Lei went from joy to sorrow, retaliated against his heart, quickly sent a secret email and asked others to spread the content immediately.
Jonah, Shen Xin and Jiang Jun celebrated Shen Xin’s successful inauguration. Yuan Shuai walked into the box and brought Jia Yuanji with him by the way.

Under Shen Xin’s toasting speech, everyone talked and laughed. Taking advantage of the atmosphere, Jiang Jun announced that he was leaving MH company. Although everyone felt sorry, they still sent blessings. The future is about to go their separate ways, but everyone still keeps their original intentions and moves forward with their own goals.

Du Lei’s small actions quickly fermented, and the whole company was spreading that Jiang Jun and Yuan Shuai secretly transferred the team and Jiang Jun leaked company secrets. The recommendation letter written by Jiang Jun was exposed as evidence, and the two provoked a commotion. Du Lei called Jiang Jun and said that he would provide help.

But Jiang Jun has seen through Du Lei’s true face. Although Du Lei has framed Jiang Jun secretly, his dark side has already been mastered by Jiang Jun. The black material has surfaced under Jiang Jun’s investigation, but Du Lei, who had originally planned to be a hero to save the United States, was exposed on the contrary.

Jiang Jun looked at Du Lei who was really hideous in front of him, and instantly understood that all of this was Du Lei’s ghost. , And Du Lei took the opportunity to say everything, even Jiang Jun’s father’s affairs were mixed by Du Lei, but Du Lei explained everything as his care for Jiang Jun. Jiang Jun ignored Du Lei’s crazy words, and still calmly rejected Du Lei’s deformed confession.

Du Lei realized that he had been waiting for three years in exchange for Jiang Jun’s apology. All the fetters disappeared without a trace. The desperate Du Lei looked at the figure of Jiang Jun leaving firmly and could not speak for a long time. Until I received a call from Yuan Shuai.

Yuan Shuai turned around and saw Du Lei, who was in despair, and warned Du Lei to immediately stop all illegal cooperation in his hands, otherwise he would bite. Du Lei thinks that Yuan Shuai’s mercy is just pity for himself, but in fact Yuan Shuai can’t let go of his feelings for his old club and Du Lei’s help. When the voice fell, Du Lei settled in place.

Xu Li returned home, but she did not see Li Xiaochuan for a long time. The darkness was silent, but Xu Li was full of disappointment, thinking that Li Xiaochuan had left her after all, Xu Li could not help but moisten her eyes. But at this moment, a beam of light lit up, falling on the head of Li Xiaochuan, who was playing the piano and singing his confession. He walked towards Xu Li with a wedding anniversary gift.

Li Xiaochuan solemnly and sincerely told Xu Li for his original innocence and ignoring Xu Li’s feelings. Apologize for his performance, and at the same time, attach his most solemn confession. Xu Li’s tears fell with Li Xiaochuan’s word by word, and she took the initiative to walk towards Li Xiaochuan, hugging Li Xiaochuan who was so romantic for the first time in front of her, Xu Li suddenly retched, and Li Xiaochuan was shocked and surprised both. People are likely to welcome a family of three.

Jiang Jun returned home and found that his resignation application did not go through the company process, but at this time Yuan Shuai had changed his mind. Whether Jiang Jun persisted or gave up his career, Yuan Shuai would continue to support him, and he planned to give up everything.

At this time, Jun Jiang realized that he had not let go of his life in the investment bank that he was thinking about. After being moved, Jun Jiang tightly hugged the caring Yuan Shuai.

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