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Line Walker 3 使徒行者3 Episode 21 Recap

After listening to Wei Jinfeng’s triumphant recount of how to solve Ah Ding, Xue Jiaqiang finally couldn’t contain his anger and flew over. Zhuo Kai hurriedly held him down. Today is to discuss business, not the past. After Xue Jiaqiang calmed down, his complexion returned to normal, he talked and laughed again, and he even offered Wei Jinfeng a cup. But this glass of wine was too uncomfortable to drink. After business talks, Xue Jiaqiang found a place where no one was there, and borrowed wine to seduce his sorrow. Holding the last hope, he dialed Ding Xiaojia’s number, but there was no response except the busy tone again and again.

Xue Jiaqiang regretted that he did not stop Ah Ding from returning to undercover work when he was in Thailand. There is no regret about taking medicine. The most important thing at the moment is to find out the truth and give A nail justice. Xue Jiaqiang regained his spirit, walked out of the teahouse where he met, and ran into his big enemy Wei Jinfeng. Wei Jinfeng handed over a business card, which was the address where he was staying at the hotel. On the bright side, Xue Jiaqiang was invited to drink, but it looked more like a deliberate provocation.

After hearing about Ah Ding, Tan Huanxi came to the foot bath shop to comfort Xue Jiaqiang. Tan Huanxi could see that Xue Jiaqiang would do something tonight, and handcuff Xue Jiaqiang to the shrine of Guan Gong. Ah Ding is Tan Huanxi’s goddaughter, and of course he can’t swallow her voice. Xue Jiaqiang is a policeman, and Tan Huanxi will do the sap sap, as it is to repay Xue Jiaqiang’s past kindness.

Tan Huanxi waited in the hotel’s underground parking lot. Seeing Wei Jinfeng had stopped the car, he stepped on the gas pedal and slammed into it. But Wei Jinfeng is the killer of the Eternal Gang after all. He drew his gun and jumped out of the car to join Tan Huan with joy. Xue Jiaqiang, who broke free of his handcuffs, also joined the battle group. Tan Huan liked to use the criminal intelligence department’s percussion code to outflank it. Even though Wei Jinfeng knew the password, he did the opposite and went around his back with the gun on the back of Tan Huanxi’s head.

Seeing Tan Huanxi being restrained, Xue Jiaqiang was surprised, but also wondered why Wei Jinfeng would also use the code of the Criminal Intelligence Division. After hearing Wei Jinfeng’s words, I realized that Wei Jinfeng did not kill Ding Xiaojia, and that Ding Xiaojia had taught him the code. When Zhuo Kai was called together, Wei Jinfeng just said that he was the New Zealand police, who worked undercover for Eternal and had cooperated with Ding Xiaojia. Ding Xiaojia’s identity was indeed exposed, and Wei Jinfeng pretended to be a killer and deceived the Eternal Gang. The New Zealand police arranged for Ding Xiaojia to go to the Solomon Islands to hide, but on the day he originally planned to board the ship, Ding Xiaojia disappeared and never appeared again.

If Yongheng helped kidnap Ding Xiaojia, then Wei Jinfeng would not be lurking beside Thales. After much deliberation, I can’t think of the reason for Ding Xiaojia’s disappearance. I can only hope that she will turn into auspiciousness and meet in the future. Jiu Zhiqiang is also not dead, and has been hidden in the safe house by Wei Jinfeng.

Wei Jinfeng’s plan was seamless, and he had a bolder idea. Thales took him to Hong Kong and clearly wanted to kill four people, namely Zhuo Kai, Tan Huanxi, Zheng Shumei and Xu Tiantang. It is obvious that the Eternal Gang is related to Changxing, but Wei Jinfeng can’t figure out why Thales didn’t ask the teahouse to start when he meets, and what opportunity he was waiting for. So Wei Jinfeng guessed that there was a bigger black hand behind the Eternal Gang, and Thales was waiting for his order. To find this real boss, you need the cooperation of Zhuo Kai, Xue Jiaqiang, and Tan Huanxi.

At this time, Pang Haoyang was immersed in a happy love, never expected that there had been a crack in Chonglian. Liu Li asked the elder for the community account book, and wanted to swallow the territory left by Jiuzhiqiang, otherwise he would take all his brothers to the Great Sage Jinqing. Pang Haoyang was furious after receiving the call from Ye Ye and agreed to take out the account book and let Liu Li come to the office to negotiate. Adou on the side secretly opened the phone and passed the conversation to Zhang Jizi.

A Jing entered the office and was very upset to see A Dou present. Adou left wisely, but his phone was stuffed in an inconspicuous corner. Zhang Jizi only waited for the arrival of Ye Ye and Liu Li, and after recording the evidence, he was arrested for participating in a triad society. But it’s not as good as the sky, Ye Ye and Liu Li encountered a traffic jam and had to arrive half an hour late. The thoughtful Pang Haoyang was worried that Adou was impatiently waiting, so he dialed the phone. The vibrating sound from the corner made the two understand what happened. A Jing calmly stood in front of the camera, and Pang Haoyang picked up the account book and hurriedly left from the back door.

When Pang Haoyang meets Adou downstairs, Adou is cruel and admits his undercover status is equivalent to cutting off all emotional connections. Pang Haoyang took out his pistol and held it against Adou’s forehead, but was unable to pull the trigger. Lu Hexing was ordered to come and take Pang Haoyang away from Adou. Before leaving, Pang Haoyang smiled miserably, breaking Adou’s heart.

The police had control of Chonglian’s account book, and it was impossible for Pang Haoyang to retreat completely. Zhuo Kai knew this very well. At present, he can only find a barrister to find a way to lighten the sentence. Zhuo Kai couldn’t bear Zhang Jizi’s behavior of playing word games and treachery, and refused to continue to cooperate with him. Xue Jiaqiang didn’t mind Adou’s leapfrog reporting behavior. It was a matter of course for him to undercover and report to his superiors. As long as Adou could let it go, how could he not let it go.

Now Xue Jiaqiang puts most of his energy on investigating Eternal Gang, and has no time to take care of the foot bath shop. Even Zheng Zhi came, and he was taken care of by Lan Nan. Recently, Lu Hexing was busy interrogating Pang Haoyang, and when he had no time to pick up his son, Lan Nan kindly sent Zhengzhi to the station. Unexpectedly, he was hijacked halfway, was pushed into a black van, and disappeared into the traffic streets.

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