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Line Walker 3 使徒行者3 Episode 20 Recap

In 2009, when Zhang Yuxuan was checking the surveillance video in front of the store lockers on his computer, Xu Tiantang suddenly broke in. In desperation, Zhang Yuxuan used a woman’s most powerful weapon to seduce her. However, Xu Tiantang was very determined, knocked her unconscious from behind, and put her under house arrest. By chance, Zhang Yuxuan got the cell phone Xu Tiantang left on the coffee table and immediately called for help. Who knows this is a trap at all, Xu Tiantang finally knows that Superintendent Chen Liqun of the Internal Investigation Division is investigating himself.

Until one day, Xu Tiantang was stabbed in the stomach, returned home with all his strength and pulled out the first aid kit to stop the bleeding. At that time, he was still thinking about cutting off the cable tie on Zhang Yuxuan’s wrist and letting him escape. Zhang Yuxuan didn’t know who would be chasing after him. He saw Xu Tiantian comatose and fell to the ground.

He couldn’t bear to abandon him, so he cleaned up his wounds. Knowing that he was a member of the Internal Investigation Department, but he did not kill him, and was still thinking about letting himself go in a critical moment, Zhang Yuxuan didn’t believe that Xu Tiantang would be a betrayal. Zhang Yuxuan still didn’t find out what Xu Tiantian was investigating and who had offended him, because she was handcuffed to the room by Xu Tiantian after she was sober.

Zhuo Kai explained to Pang Haoyang the cause of Jiuzhiqiang’s death, and also took out the live video recorded by Tan Huanxi as evidence. Pang Haoyang promised not to trouble Tan Huanxi again, but the matter of Tan Huanxi and Yonghenggang must still be investigated. In addition, Pang Haoyang’s washing of Bai Chonglian was also proceeding in an orderly manner. Master Hui, who is in charge of the money, has read the books sent by the leaders. Since doing a legitimate business, his income has dropped by 40%. Many people are dissatisfied with this. Pang Haoyang decided to sell Jinboluo to make up for the loss of the society.

Speaking of buyers, Pang Haoyang only introduced him through an intermediary and never met him. However, the other party is willing to offer a price that exceeds 30% of the market price, which is indeed very attractive. To prevent fraud, before the transaction, Pang Haoyang invited the buyer to meet, and Zhuo Kai also went there. The buyer was Thales, a member of the Overseas Unlimited Gang, who was very interested in all the businesses under the name of Chong Lianshe, which made Pang Haoyang overjoyed.

Zhuo Kai glanced at the performance report of Infinite Gang and couldn’t help but have a question. Since its establishment, Infinite Gang has never had any substantial business. Why is it interested in Jinboluo. Thales is outspoken. Of course, it is impossible for Unlimited Gang to show all the accounts. The club intends to expand markets outside of Europe and the United States, so it is willing to pay a high price to buy Jinboluo.

Thales’ confession did not dispel Zhuo Kai’s doubts. After leaving the teahouse where he met, Zhuo Kai planned to follow Thales, but was stopped by one person. Zhuo Kai recognized at a glance that it was Wei Jinfeng who had killed Jiuzhiqiang. Wei Jinfeng only prevented Zhuo Kai from following, and when he achieved his goal, he escaped from Zhuo Kai’s entanglement. As Wei Jinfeng still needs to protect Thales, Zhuo Kai suspects that Thales is the real boss behind the Eternal Gang.

Wei Jinfeng has been very difficult to deal with, and now there is another Thales. Zhuo Kai hopes that Xue Jiaqiang will join Chonglian to help, and through the investigation of Eternal Gang, he can find out the exact whereabouts of Ah Ding. In this matter, Zhang Jizi felt that the investigation of Chonglian could not be abandoned halfway. However, Assistant Director Chen Liqun didn’t want to be taken the lead by the security intelligence agency, so he agreed to focus the investigation on the International Criminal Organization Eternal Help.

After Zhuo Kai vowed to keep Xue Jiaqiang’s identity secret and protect his safety, Zhang Jizi was relieved to disclose one thing to him. In fact, before the Chonglian election took office, Xue Jiaqiang was already lurking around Pang Haoyang, only deliberately avoiding Zhuo Kai. After also forcing Zhang Jizi to swear that he would not order Xue Jiaqiang to investigate and arrest Pang Haoyang, the two people reached an agreement and turned from a hostile relationship to a cooperative relationship.

But after many years of painstaking effort, Zhang Jizi, who was unwilling to re-read the undercover diary, confirmed that Xue Jiaqiang had applied for renting a cabin on Lamma Island, which was a safe house specially prepared for undercover agents. When Zhang Jizi went to check on the island, he unexpectedly encountered Adou who was working as a volunteer. Only then did he know that Adou fell in love with the goal and Xue Jiaqiang had temporarily suspended the mission. Adou used to leave Hong Kong as an excuse and was no longer undercover with Pang Haoyang. In fact, he has been hiding here to reflect.

Adou admits that after this period of reflection and introspection, he has let go of his feelings and can return to work. Therefore, Zhang Jizi ordered her to continue investigating Pang Haoyang. Anyway, she only vowed not to let Xue Jiaqiang investigate Pang Haoyang. This would not be considered a violation of the oath. And this task must be hidden from Xue Jiaqiang, and Zhang Jizi himself must act as Adou’s contact person. Adou’s “return” to Hong Kong made Pang Haoyang ecstatic. But the same sweet words, in Adou’s ears, are already a different taste.

After a tacit understanding, Zhuo Kai, Xue Jiaqiang and Pang Haoyang met with Thales to discuss the sale of Jinboluo. Who knows that Thales came prepared, not only found that Xue Jiaqiang was a partner of Pang Haoyang’s online casino, but also found that Xue Jiaqiang had a relationship with Hong Kong policeman Ding Xiaojia. Hearing Ah Ding’s name, Xue Jiaqiang didn’t change his face and admitted that Ding Xiaojia was an undercover agent and had feelings during the relationship.

After Hong Ying was taken, the two parted ways. But Thales called out Wei Jinfeng. Hearing that Ah Ding undercover Thales’ company in New Zealand was found out, and Wei Jinfeng was killed and the corpse was destroyed. Xue Jiaqiang’s eyes burst into unnoticeable anger.

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