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Line Walker 3 使徒行者3 Episode 19 Recap

When Xue Jiaqiang worked as Hong Ying’s restaurant, there was a subordinate called Psyllids. The psyllid was borrowed from usury because of his father’s death and his mother was seriously ill and needed money. Because he couldn’t pay his debts, he was targeted by creditors and forced to sell Xue Jiaqiang. He thought about starting a fight with Lindy, but he happened to be smashed by Lu Hexing and had to escape. That was also the first time Lindy and Lu Hexing met.

After that, Xue Jiaqiang was deceived by the psyllids to the enemy’s place, and with his extraordinary skill, he would not dare to cause trouble again. After the incident, Xue Jiaqiang did not blame the psyllids, but instead paid the hospital operation fees for the psyllids. Since then, psyllids have been loyal to Xue Jiaqiang. Strangely, Lan Nan has never heard Xue Jiaqiang mention this person in the store, let alone met him. Had it not been for a suicide note signed psyllids hidden deep in the drawer, Lan Nan would not have known such a person.

Lan Nan did not dare to ask Xue Jiaqiang, she thought more about Lu Zhengzhi’s birthday. Tomorrow is Lu Zhengzhi’s birthday, and his younger brother Lan Dong is also the coach of the football team. He took this opportunity to send a cake. Lan Nan wanted to make a chocolate football cake by himself, so Xue Jiaqiang would naturally not stand idly by and lay hands on the side.

The next day, Xue Jiaqiang sent Lan Nan to the football field. At first, he still had some worries, but after all, it was the first birthday for his son in years, and finally he couldn’t help but join Lan Nan into the football training ground. With Zhengzhi present, Lu Hexing was inconvenient to drive Xue Jiaqiang away, and could only hold back his anger. However, the authentic football cake bought from the Internet is twice as good as the cake made by Xue Jiaqiang, which also gives him a little face.

During the training match, Lu Zhengzhi was injured in an accident. Seeing Lu Hexing getting into the ambulance and taking his son to the hospital, Xue Jiaqiang felt uncomfortable, but he was helpless. Looking at it, Lan Nan could guess a seven or eight points. Speaking of which, Lan Nan has never seen his father either. His parents divorced very early, and after Lan Nan heard from his mother that his father was a master of bones, he thought about inheriting his father’s business and worked hard to learn bones. To some extent, she and Zheng Zhi should be regarded as sympathetic to each other.

When Xue Jiaqiang was upset about his son, Zhuo Kai came to the foot bath shop, followed by Tan Huanxi. It turned out that Chonglian News Agency had not seen Jiu Zhiqiang for many days. In the Mahjong hall he opened, Zhuo Kai found a lot of blood. There is also a large bucket of hydrofluoric acid in the bathroom, which emits a pungent smell. There is reason to believe that Jiuzhiqiang was killed and his body was lysed by strong acid. Pang Haoyang asked his subordinates as a guest, only to learn that Jiuzhi forced Tan Huanxi’s money to kidnap a young man in his twenties. Why Jiu Zhiqiang died of unfavorable fate, and what is the connection with Tan Huanxi? Pang Haoyang handed these questions to Zhuo Kai for investigation.

Zhuo Kai received the news that the person kidnapped by Jiuzhiqiang was Wei Jinfeng, the leader of the Eternal Gang. He followed the vine to find out that the Eternal Gang had set an ambush and wanted to catch Tan Huanxi. Zhuo Kai shot in time, let Tan Huanxi escape. The two came to the foot bath shop to make things clear. Tan Huanxi was grateful for Yu Zhuo Kai’s life-saving grace and told the ins and outs.

The Eternal Gang is A Ding’s goal, and has something to do with Xue Jiaqiang, so Tan Huanxi paid attention to the organization. A few months ago, Tan Huanxi received news that the Yongheng Gang wanted to do something in Hong Kong, so they returned to Hong Kong. Wei Zuorong took the opportunity to exchange information from the Eternal Gang, allowing Tan Huanxi to intervene in the Chonglian election for the security intelligence agency.

Tan Huanxi instructed Jiu Zhiqiang to kidnap Wei Jinfeng in order to lead the snake out of the cave and find out the details. Unexpectedly, Jiu Zhiqiang tied Wei Jinfeng to his mahjong hall, but he underestimated the enemy and died in Wei Jinfeng’s hands instead. Tan Huanxi recorded the whole process through monitoring. When Wei Jinfeng saw the camera on the wall, he knew that there were other people behind the scenes. Only then would he find ways to hunt down Tan Huanxi.

The strength and terrorism of the Eternal Gang far exceeded Tan Huanxi’s expectations. Tan Huanxi also thought about contacting A Ding, but has not been able to do so. Today, I came to the foot bath shop to ask about A Ding’s whereabouts. But Xue Jiaqiang and A Ding had an agreement that they would never meet during the mission, so they couldn’t help Qin Huanxi’s request. I asked Officer Liang to find out that Ah Ding was on a mission in New Zealand and it was impossible to return to Hong Kong in a short time.

After the failure to trap Tan Huanxi, the Eternal Gang seemed to have evaporated from the world, and neither black nor white could find them. Tan Huanxi appeared again, and wanted to use himself to lead Wei Jinfeng to appear. Two days passed, and the waves were still calm. Maybe Wei Jinfeng has bigger goals to be so quiet.

Thinking of Tan Huanxi’s revenge for his wife ten years ago, he destroyed the Wei Family Family Association. Now that the main brain of the Eternal Gang is surnamed Wei, it is hard to believe that this is just a coincidence. If Wei Jinfeng’s goal is really revenge, then not only Tan Huanxi, but Zhuo Kai, Xu Tiantian, and Zheng Shumei are all in danger.

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