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Jiu Liu Overlord 九流霸主 Episode 13 Recap

Amidst the roar of the crowd, Long Ao lay on a small wooden bed, intending to try to sleep on a pillow with Li Zhao, but Li Zhao didn’t pay attention to his feet and happened to trip over Long Ao Yi, making everyone stunned. Li Qingliu Annoyed to leave.

That night, Long Zhu happily took dividends, ate and drank, but Li Qingliu carried the burden and went to Long Ao angrily to settle the account. At this time, Long Aoyi hadn’t noticed Li Qingliu’s abnormality, and even offered to worship the handle. Li Qingliu heard that the handle had to spit into the opponent’s bowl, and couldn’t help but think of the so-called “foam blending” intimacy. However, he immediately ate Li Zhao’s vinegar. Overturned the porcelain bowl with elbows with one hand, and dropped the baggage with the other.

As the burden unfolded, several pillows were scattered on the ground. Li Qingliu accused Long Ao of imitating New Silk Road’s unsold heads for profit. On the surface, they designed new products for the New Silk Road, but in fact they used it in every possible way. Long Aoyi just wanted to explain that Li Qingliu had thrown the company’s bank note in front of him, and it was meaningless to argue now, so he proposed to have money and owe each other, and that night, he packed his bags and left the new Silk Road Silk Shop.

Just as Long Ao became drunk and asked Sister Feng for advice about his affection, he didn’t expect Lu Erye to find Seven Eyes. Long Aoyi and Lu Erye separately searched for it, but when Lu Erye saw the Snake Gang strategist, he realized that he had been transferred from the mountain.

Li Qingliu was painting in the study room. Unexpectedly, the tea cup was broken and his fingers were scratched. Suddenly, he was a little distressed. He simply went to Wuyun Pavilion to find Long Aoyi and mistakenly regarded others as her. Looking from the back, it looked like Long Aoyi and Li. Zhao Tan laughed and said joyously.

Long Aoyi tracked to the hut in the suburbs and found that Qiyan wanted to kill people, so he hurriedly showed up to stop him. Because Long Aoyi lost his martial arts, he could only help Zhou Xiaolang to kill and leave. But as soon as he left on his front foot, Du Changfeng followed with his subordinates and prepared to take them away on the grounds of Long Ao’s murder. As a result, Li Zhao suddenly appeared, and Du Changfeng was not allowed to take them away.

Taking advantage of the dispute between the two, Long Aoyi turned around and ran into the forest, hiding under the hillside in time. Du Changfeng couldn’t find anyone, and ordered his subordinates to immediately post a notice wanted, and the one who caught Long Ao first could be named Cong 7-Rank Yi. The city was under martial law the next day. Yan Bin saw the wanted portrait and wanted to tell his master, but he was stopped by Du Xiaoxian, so that he didn’t have to say anything, so as not to delay Li Qingliu’s election.

The officers and soldiers sealed Wuyun Pavilion and ordered all its personnel not to go out. Sister Feng sent someone to Xia Jiuliu to help find Long Aoyi, but at this time Long Aoyi hid in the ruined temple to bandage his wounds. He almost passed out in pain. Fortunately, several beggars and children found him. She moved her to another place to avoid being discovered.

The governor Li Zhaoming is related to Du Changfeng. However, the other party has reserved a backup plan. Sister Feng and others are anxious and want Li Zhao to find a way to remove the wanted order. Unexpectedly, he didn’t finish his words, but Du Changfeng personally came to Wuyun Pavilion to invite Li Zhao back home. Originally, Li Zhao wanted to order Du Changfeng to be released from his arrest with royal majesty.

However, Du Changfeng had already contacted Concubine Dee secretly, stating that it was the concubine De concubine who had strictly dealt with the troubles, and brought urgent letters, which meant that Li Zhao was delayed all day Obsessed with wine, not doing business, asked him to immediately go to Qimen Temple outside the city to think about it and pray for the Li Tang royal family for three days.

Li Qingliu invited the bosses of major business houses in the Wanhua Building charter, but he was not thinking about it. Looking at the delicious food on the dinner table, he couldn’t help but think of Long Aoyi. All the bosses decided to nominate Li Qingliu as the leader of this year’s silk line, and even took out a recommendation letter. Just when Li Qingliu was about to sign it, he suddenly heard that Long Aoyi was wanted, so he immediately threw down the recommendation letter, ran away, and scolded Yan Bin. He concealed it.

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