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Jiu Liu Overlord 九流霸主 Episode 12 Recap

Yan Bin asked Long Ao to design and told him that Long Aoyi used the injury as an excuse to not work. Yan Bin said that Li Qingliu had ordered that all designers of Zhuang Li were dispatched by Long Aoyi. Reluctantly accept it on the surface, but very happy inside. Long Ao Yi eats and has fun, and starts to let the designer design a bellyband according to her statement. The designer can’t understand what Long Ao Yi said, so Li Qingliu will do it himself. Long Aoyi is like the old lady, Xiao Qin massages Long Aoyi, and Long Aoyi picks Li Qingliu’s troubles. In the evening, Li Qingliu discussed fatigue with Long Aoyi. Long Aoyi wanted to drink sweet soup. Because it was too late, there was no sweet soup at this hour. Without sweet soup, Long Aoyi would rather sleep than think of ideas for Li Qingliu. Li Qingliu had no choice but to make sweet soup for Long Aoyi himself.

Li Qingliu brought the sweet soup in front of Long Aoyi. Long Aoyi’s injured hand could not serve the sweet soup and let Li Qingliu feed her. Yan Bin woke up, saw Li Qingliu feed Long Ao a sweet soup, pretended not to see, and continued to sleep. When Xiao Qin woke up, she deliberately awakened Yan Bin when she saw Li Qingliu feeding Long Ao a sweet soup. Yan Bin, who was awakened, almost brought Long Aoyi and Li Qingliu to kiss. After Long Aoyi suddenly awake, he dug a spoonful of sweet soup and continued to pretend to sleep. Li Qingliu told Long Aoyi not to pretend to be asleep. He added refreshing goji berries to the sweet soup. The next day, Li Qingliu in the Longao area went to the fly house to eat trotters. Li Qingliu saw that the trotters were not tasty and they tasted good. After eating, he asked the store for two more trotters. Li Qingliu stared at Long Aoyi’s profile in a daze. When Long Ao remembered that he had forgotten to bring money when he went out, Li Qingliu also forgot to bring money. Li Qingliu told the shopkeeper on credit. The shopkeeper agreed with Long Aoyi’s face.

Xiaoyue told Du Xiaoxian that Li Qingliu gave Long Ao Yi a hand for the new design. The two were in the design room from morning to night. In order to coax Long Ao Yi, Li Qingliu took Long Ao Yi to the fly house on the street. Du Xiaoxian was angry. Let Xiaoyue check the Dragon Bamboo Gang. In the area of ​​Long Ao, Li Qingliu went to see the silkworm rearing place in Xia Jiuliu. Li Qingliu saw the silkworm farmers in front of him and knew that Long Ao bought and sold silkworm eggs and wanted to make more money. Du Xiaoxian caught the black fat and thin monkeys and inquired about the origin of Long Aoyi. Long Aoyi asked the workers about the product design and production know-how, and remembered the cost and profit for easy reference. Seeing that Li Qingliu had a bad stomach, Yan Bin ran to the latrine a few times and wanted to ask Li Qingliu for a doctor. Li Qingliu disagreed. The shopkeeper came to the silk shop to ask for money and said that Li Qingliu would not pay the debt. Li Qingliu was so angry that Yan Bin took ten times the silver and sealed the shopkeeper’s mouth.

Long Aoyi asked Li Qingliu to comment on her newly designed pillow. Li Qingliu felt that Long Aoyi had a good idea of ​​using wool for the pillow. Long Ao thought that if the guests went to a place that was damp and dirty, wool would definitely not be suitable, but Li Qingliu said that the guests of Silk House would not go to that place. Go to damp and dirty places, the linen material is suitable, the best is Hu Nv cloth, but Silk Village will not sell cheap Hu Nv cloth. Li Qingliu showed Xiaoqin the design drawings, and Long Aoyi decided to be the head gang. Even if the floating head gang of New Silk Road is on the market, ordinary people cannot afford it. It is a low-priced substitute, which will not only be used by the lower-ranking people in Yincheng. It can also earn more work for the brothers.

Long Aoyi borrowed the design of the New Silk Road, afraid that Li Qingliu would say that he would go to Li Qingliu, but Li Qingliu was not there. At this time, Du Xiaoxian came over, Long Aoyi took the opportunity to ask Du Xiaoxian how to deal with those counterfeit goods, Du Xiaoxian pretended to be generous and didn’t care about those counterfeit goods. Afterwards, Li Qingliu took the drawings to Lu Erye, who asked Lu Erye to take the drawings to Liujia Cloth Village in Nancheng, and use Hu Nv cloth to make five samples according to the drawings.

In the evening, Long Aoyi and Xiao Qin couldn’t get out of Silk Village, so they passed a book to Li Zhaofeige. Li Zhao received the news and followed Long Aoyi’s instructions to dig a dog hole. Long Aoyi took advantage of one of the gatekeepers to go to the latrine, secretly opened the other gatekeeper, and Shunli Xiaoqin walked out of the silk house. Li Zhao saw Long Aoyi and Xiaoqin, only to realize that he had made a mistake.

When Du Xiaoxian saw the dog hole, he didn’t expect Li Zhao to help Long Aoyi leave the Silk Village. Xiaoyue reported to Du Xiaoxian that the Dragon Bamboo Gang secretly imitated the floating head gang, and Du Xiaoxian used the plan. Long Aoyi tried a pillow made of Hu Nubu and it worked well. To thank Li Zhao, Long Aoyi invited Li Zhao to drink. The next day, Long Aoyi borrowed the Wuyun Pavilion to promote pillows. The guests were too expensive to sell Long Aoyi’s pillows.

Long Aoyi couldn’t do anything. Du Xiaoxian tricked Li Qingliu into the street to watch Long Aoyi sell pillows. Li Zhao helped Long Aoyi sell pillows, and the guests were moved by Li Zhao and wanted to buy a pillow and go home. The guest wanted to know how uncomfortable two people were sleeping on a pillow, so he asked Li Zhao and Long Ao to try. Li Qingliu was very angry when he saw this scene.

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