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Jiu Liu Overlord 九流霸主 Episode 11 Recap

Long Aoyi has the merit to save Xieyi, the workers of New Silk Road, regardless of men and women, give him food. The male worker showed Li Qingliu the blueprint of the design. Li Qingliu was so angry that he had no choice but to spread it on the male worker. Yan Bin saw that Li Qingliu liked Long Aoyi, so he said that anyway, Long Aoyi had merit in saving Xieyi. Li Qingliu should show his favor to Long Aoyi, and Li Qingliu obeyed Yanbin’s advice. At night, Yan Bin took Li Qingliu to the nurse’s place, and asked Li Qingliu to take the opportunity to accompany the nurse to eat with Long Ao. Li Qingliu entered the nurse’s room and was catching up with the nurse to give Long Ao a bath. Grandma discussed Li Qingliu with Long Aoyi, and Li Qingliu took the opportunity to listen to Long Ao’s views on him. The nanny helped Li Qingliu say something nice, but Long Aoyi did not agree. Li Qingliu was very angry at first, but when he heard Long Aoyi say that he didn’t like women, he was even more angry.

Li Qingliu wanted to enter the fight against Longao one by one, but Yan Bin stopped him. Grandma told Long Aoyi that there was a problem with Li Qingliu’s childhood. When Li Qingliu approached a woman, she would sneeze and sweat at a minimum, dizziness and weakness, and faint at worst. After the nurse helped Long Aoyi take a bath, she accompanies Li Qingliu to eat. Li Qingliu saw that it was difficult for Long Ao to pick up food, and wanted to pick up food for Long Ao, but he couldn’t save face. Li Qingliu gave the nanny some food. The nanny asked about Li Qingliu’s injury. Long Aoyi guessed that Li Qingliu’s injury was caused when she was rescued in the warehouse? Yan Bin implied that Li Qingliu gave Long Aoyi some food, Li Qingliu speeded up the meat and slowly sent it to Long Aoyi. Long Aoyi thought that Li Qingliu was going to plot against her. Li Qingliu told him that Long Aoyi had a mole on her chest. , Long Ao left the table in a shame.

When Li Qingliu thought about Long Aoyi, his head hurts. Yan Bin suggested that Li Qingliu learn from Li Zhao how to please women. Li Qingliu called three male workers with love experience to learn from the male workers how to please the woman they like. Afterwards, Yan Bin suggested that Li Qingliu send flowers to Long Aoyi, but Li Qingliu felt uncreative. At this moment, Li Zhao held a bunch of flowers and walked in front of Li Qingliu. Li Zhao gave Long Aoyi’s favorite peony, and Long Aoyi was very happy. Seeing that Long Aoyi liked flowers, Li Qingliu asked Yan Bin to quickly bring him the flowers that Tianzhu merchants gave him last month. Long Aoyi liked Li Zhao’s tricks.

Yan Bin brought flowers, and Li Qingliu gave them to Long Aoyi. Li Zhao asked the flower name, and Li Qingliu replied that the Overlord Whip was suitable for Long Aoyi. Long Ao was so angry that he returned the Overlord Whip to Li Qingliu before leaving. Li Qingliu was angry and had no place to spread it, so he had to increase the purchase cost of the Tianzhu merchants. Li Zhao unsealed the accounts of Silk Village, and wanted to take the opportunity to join forces with Li Qingliu to find out who the murderer was through the fire, and by the way, to find out who was behind the pepper case.

Yan Bin gave Xiaoqin a love poem, Xiaoqin pretended not to understand the hidden poem in the poem, Yan Bin took it to the Tang Shui shop again. On the day that the new Silk Road and the new bellyband went on sale, the snake gang came to make trouble, and Li Qingliu personally took the trouble off the snake gang. Under Long Aoyi’s propaganda, guests flocked to buy a new bellyband. Li Zhao saw that Long Aoyi bothered so much for the New Silk Road, and was afraid that Long Aoyi was to help Li Qingliu, but Long Aoyi didn’t know it, which made Li Zhao feel a little disappointed.

Both Li Qingliu and Longzhu Gang were looking for Seven Eyes. Master Zhu was afraid of the bad things about Seven Eyes, and let Seven Eyes roll out of Silver City. Seven Eyes begged Master Zhu to give him another chance. Master Zhu caught the person who overheard their conversation and asked him. After treating Qiyan, give Qiyan one last chance and let Qiyan stare at Silk Village. Li Zhao deliberately sought a doctor from other provinces to see Long Aoyi. It took some time for Long Aoyi’s burned arm to heal. Li Zhao wanted to stay and take care of Long Aoyi, and he scared Yan Bin who was pouring water. Li Qingliu gave Long Ao one end of the medicine to treat his trauma, but Long Ao didn’t drink it because of the bitterness. Li Qingliu forced Long Ao to drink it. Angrily, Long Ao shook off Li Qingliu’s hand, Li Qingliu was so angry that he left.

Long Aoyi did not accept Li Qingliu’s kindness, and Li Qingliu didn’t want Li Zhao to stay to take care of Long Aoyi, so Yanbin asked Yan Bin to take Xiaoqin to the house. Long Ao talked about Li Qingliu’s delivery of sugar water, and Xiaoqin suspected that Li Qingliu liked Long Aoyi. With the help of Long Aoyi, the new dudou was emptied.

After Long Ao is successful, Li Qingliu decides to reward Long Ao with 15 catties of pork. The pork is not only delicious, but pig skin can also heal burned skin. Long Aoyi didn’t want pork and wanted a permanent bonus for his belly. In order to please Long Aoyi, Li Qingliu agreed to give him a permanent bonus to Long Aoyi. The premise was that Long Aoyi agreed to take down the design of his bellyband, and Long Aoyi agreed to Li. The conditions of Qingliu.

As the design master, Long Aoyi organized the female workers in the village on the first day he took office. Li Qingliu came to Long Aoyi’s room. Long Aoyi’s room was full of meat and rubbish all over it, causing Li Qingliu to almost slip and fall. Li Qingliu reprimanded Long Aoyi. Long Aoyi claimed to have many ideas in his mind, Li Qingliu didn’t dare to bet on the new style, knowing that Long Aoyi was allowed to eat and drink at will. For Long Aoyi’s new idea, Yan Bin gave Long Ao Yi a kick.

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