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Great Age 创业年代 Episode 23 Recap

The Chuangkai input method was in short supply as soon as it was listed, and the order call from Hong Yuqiao’s office was softened. Since the implementation of Chaoxin’s new system, the sales staff took advantage of the system’s loopholes and sent many fake slips to Yao Kun.

Jiang Cheng used the Favor Law for the company’s management and did not pay attention to the system at all, which made Yao Kun very helpless. Yu Wenjing and Lin of Hongtu Technology further met to discuss the issue of supply prices. Mei Zhaohe was worried that Yu Wenjing and other single men met alone and followed to the hotel, pretending to meet by chance. The flag input method led by Xu Zhongheng will also be launched soon, and Wang Yong is looking forward to the flag input method to take the flag to the next level.

Hong Yuqiao awarded Su Yan with a considerable bonus, and went to the parts shop from time to time to inquire about the sales of his own software, and accidentally learned that Jingqi had also listed an input method. Jiang Cheng didn’t want to solve the problem of a large number of sales staff taking leave and passive work, but set up an empty stage and waited for Yao Kun to see how he would manage it.

Hong Yuqiao took the banner input method back to the company and made Su Yan compare it with Chuangkai input method to see who is better. Su Yan believes that the two input methods are comparable, and the structure of the banner input method is exactly the same as the one designed by herself. , It’s just that the interface is different. This remark made Hong Yuqiao angry. He asked Su Yan to thoroughly understand the principle of the flag input method.

If the flag is confirmed to be plagiarism, Hong Yuqiao must resolutely investigate it. Jiang Cheng informed the employees who were on sick leave that they were going to visit. Knowing that they were not hospitalized at all, he summoned these people back to the company without severe criticism. He only said that these people would be eliminated due to poor performance, and those who were unwilling to continue working could leave. .

In front of the media, Hong Yuqiao pointed out that he would sue Jingqi for infringing the creation software. Wang Yong received the news and hurried back to the company and Zhou Dingbei said that Xu Zhongheng was also there. He was very excited when he heard that his input method was accused of plagiarism. But it is true that Xu Zhongheng owns the patent of the input method.

Su Yan took the time to compare the data of the two input methods in accordance with Hong Yuqiao’s instructions. Guan Tao cared about Su Yan’s body to deliver meals, and she was very dissatisfied with Hong Yuqiao’s refusal to tell the old leaders and colleagues. Wang Yong and Zhou Dingbei discussed how to deal with litigation. The company’s legal affairs are not very experienced in the field of intellectual property, so it may be necessary to hire another lawyer to deal with it. Unexpectedly, at the gate of the court heard that Hong Yuqiao, the lawyer who was about to sue, Ren Jealousy came to the banner to recommend himself.

Although Ren Jealous came back from Hong Kong, his main focus was divorce. Wang Yong didn’t trust Ren Jee very much. Ren jealous of him was interested, and after the discussion, she stayed behind. Kwong Mingchou considered the reasons why employees are not very accepting of the new system. He planned to implement an employee stock ownership plan to let all employees become the owners of the company. This way they may be more motivated. So he also announced at the meeting, but Jiangcheng’s reaction was not very good. it is good.

Ren Jie has been asking questions that Xu Zhongheng might be asked in court. Xu Zhongheng was quite emotional. He knew that he was not a plagiarism firm or someone else infringing himself. However, Wang Yong and Zhou Dingbei were very satisfied with Ren’s performance. Guan Tao was struggling with Hong Yuqiao, and Hong Yuqiao realized that Guan Tao was also involved in the company’s lawsuit. Guan Tao thought that Hong Yuqiao had not been able to let go of things for more than ten years, so he held Zhou Dingbei on hold, but Hong Yuqiao had already let go of that matter, and didn’t feel that having no children was a pity in life.

It was enough for him to always love Guan Tao and Guan Tao. Guan Tao understood that Hong Yuqiao’s heart still couldn’t let go of things. She always felt that she would do it. Business still has to talk about favors, and even think about Wang Yong despite Zhou Dingbei. Hong Yuqiao’s entanglement is also here, but Chuangkai’s future is not only about himself, but Chuangkai and the many employees in the factory.

The news of employee shareholding spread throughout the company, but some employees in the sales department have a deep mind, and want to get benefits without paying too much, so they can only ask Jiangcheng for the news in private. Jiang Cheng was also very troubled about employee stock ownership, but these people came to inquire and drove away directly. Chuangkai’s lawsuit has become more troubled and has been seen in the newspapers many times. Therefore, Chuangkai’s reputation has increased. Companies that come to place orders are endless, especially Hong Yuqiao asked the sales department to let the lawsuit end, and Jingqi will withdraw from the market.

At that time, only Chuangkai, the most technologically advanced input method, exists on the market. In addition, Hong Yuqiao also asked Su Yan to step up the development of Input Method 2.0, but she didn’t need to be perfect. In order to pursue the effect of long water flow, she only asked Su Yan to be a little bit perfect on the basis of 1.0. Ren Jue worked late for the lawsuit. Wang Yong had a good feeling for Ren Jeu and enthusiastically took Ren Jeu to dinner. Ren Jeu also told Wang Yong why he became a lawyer.

The court case of Chuangkai and Jingqi attracted much attention. Xu Zhongheng also showed his patent certificate when he appeared in court to testify. He also pointed out that Su Yan was only a student of his own research team. This statement caught Hong Yuqiao and Su Yan by surprise. Su Yan carefully studied the input method and finalized the codes one by one, made the details and wrote the paper and gave it to the then tutor Xu Zhongheng, but she never expected Xu Zhongheng to plagiarize Su Yan’s results and apply for a patent, no matter how Su Yan was in court.

Explaining his own design, but Xu Zhongheng has a nationally certified patent application, the banner still has the upper hand, and he wants to counterclaim Chuangkai in the name of victory. Wang Yong didn’t want to think about it, but Zhou Dingbei, Xu Zhongheng and Ren Jie insisted on it. Hong Yuqiao did not intend to lose, and he was confident that he would sue Xu Zhongheng for plagiarizing knowledge. Jiang Cheng cared about Su Yan’s feelings, her success was slandered by others, she was still making a fool of herself in the court, and even dragging Chuangkai into a trap, Su Yan was really uncomfortable.

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