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General’s Lady 将军家的小娘子 Episode 21 Recap

Chu Xiuyuan came to Ruonan’s cloth house and gave Wu Ruonan a hairpin. Knowing that Chu Xiuyuan did not bid for personal gains, Wu Ruonan accepted the hairpin out of respect for this gift, and none of the other valuables. Chu Xiuyuan put it on for her. For the first time in his life, a man gave him a hairpin, and Wu Ruonan blushed seldom.

Chu Xiuyuan confided in his sincerity again. The day before yesterday he confessed abruptly, regardless of the chaos or nonsense, but his admiration was true, not a momentary dizziness of enthusiasm, but he really wanted to marry her, love her and want to live forever. One double.

Wu Ruonan feels that they don’t understand, nor do they know how to become a pair based on enthusiasm. Chu Xiuyuan only said that he would come to the cloth house every day in the future. In the long run, Wu Ruonan will see his person and his sincerity.

In the palace, the prime minister had already found some clues about the military pay. It seemed that someone was deliberately trying to frame Chu Xiuming, but the method was too obvious, saying that Chu Xiuming was hiding his ears and stealing the bell. The emperor ordered people to continue to investigate.

Chu Xiuming approached Xiao Su. He is now able to do things easily under the false identity, so he troubled Xiao Su to find out whether it was an accident or someone deliberately murdered the Eighth Palace on fire.

After the price of Jin’er Cloth House was 20% lower, the guests kept coming. You could see Chu Xiuyuan running to Ruonan Cloth House all day, and Shen Jin clamored in her heart, and hurried over to take a look.

Whoever thinks that if the male cloth house is also preparing for the palace purchase, he has been fighting for the site with Shen Jin since he was a child, and now he is fighting for business with Shen Jin. Shen Jin suddenly lost his temper. What kind of sisters are like clouds of smoke. They are evenly matched for a contest, but instead Chu Xiuyuan was caught between his beloved and his sister-in-law, very embarrassed.

After returning home, Shen Jin was angrily, Wu Ruonan was determined to be right with her. Chu Xiuming listened patiently, comforted her, and invited her to enjoy the moon together.

The next day, Chu Xiuming came to Chu Xiuyuan. Hearing about Shen Jin’s accusation, Chu Xiuyuan seemed to be more concerned about Wu Ruonan. It turned out that she was the benefactor who saved Chu Xiuyuan in her childhood. Who knows that Chu Xiuyuan has made up his mind to marry her.

Chu Xiuming absolutely disagreed. Chu Xiuyuan had many plans in the future. Wouldn’t it be a mistake to indulge in selfish love between his children at this time? Chu Xiuyuan didn’t listen, he had to protect what his beloved woman said.

So Chu Xiuming personally invited Wu Ruonan’s teahouse to tell him, and he opened the skylight to speak brightly. He wanted Wu Ruonan to stay away from Chu Xiu, and it was best not to see you again.

Shen Jin followed Wu Ruonan all the way to the teahouse. Who knew it was her husband Chu Xiuming who came out first. Shen Jin was going to misunderstand this, and Chu Xiuming didn’t tell her what to do, so she had to go to Wu Ruonan again. Wu Ruonan vented all his views on Chu Xiuming to Shen Jin, saying that it was as if Chu Xiuming had lost her. Shen Jin had misunderstood, but now the misunderstanding was settled.

Shen Jin questioned Chu Xiuming angrily, and Chu Xiuming thought she was irritated with something inexplicable and confused. But in Shen Jin’s eyes, this is what Gu left and right said to him, probably there must be something in the cloth tonight, and Shen Jin will not be back soon.

Chu Xiuyuan came to Ruonan’s cloth village again. Wu Ruonan treated him lukewarm, as if he didn’t know him, and told him not to come to the cloth village to look for her again. A few days ago, I even said that I would give Chu Xiuyuan a chance to get to know each other slowly, but today he suddenly changed his mind. Chu Xiuyuan sincerely admires Wu Ruonan, how can she change her original intention for the status and status she said.

Jin’er Cloth Village, Shen Jin was bored, Chu Xiuyuan was also in a state of sorrow, two desperate people sat together and talked about their troubles.

Only then did the matter of yesterday match up, Chu Xiuming went to find Wu Ruonan. Today, Wu Ruonan is cold towards Chu Xiuyuan, and Chu Xiuming wants to separate Chu Xiuyuan and Wu Ruonan.

Chu Xiuming wanted to break up this matter, and Shen Jin would help him match it up. She most looked down upon the act of breaking up others.

In the evening, Chu Xiuming came to Shen Jin with apology. Shen Jin refused to accept the apology. She wanted to apologize. She wanted Chu Xiuming to agree to Chu Xiuyuan and Wu Ruonan’s marriage. .

Shen Jin didn’t understand. Chu Xiuming said that Chu Xiuyuan still has a lot to do in the future, and he shouldn’t be attached to personal affairs, but isn’t he the personal affairs of his children for Shen Jin? What good influence does this have?

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