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General’s Lady 将军家的小娘子 Episode 20 Recap

The eldest brother-in-law is the Marquis of Yongle, and only the title above the prince can have a concubine’s room. This lady Yun is a cousin and a concubine’s room, and now she has children without a word. Shen Jin thought of a solution for her sister. The private concubine was not appropriate. She scattered some money for Niang Yun to remarry. In the future, Niang Yun’s children would be raised by her eldest sister, so that the eldest sister would have a support in the house.

The Royal Palace of Rui and Chu Xiuming were pressed, and the eldest brother-in-law did not dare not follow suit. Returning to the general’s mansion, Shen Jin asked Chu Xiuming if she wanted an heir. Chu Xiuming felt sorry for her being busy today.

The Jiner Cloth Village opened smoothly. Firecrackers were blasted, the lights were festooned, and the red silk on the plaque was torn off. Neighbors from the neighborhood came to join in. Suddenly the sound of gongs, drums and firecrackers came from the opposite side. A Ruonan cloth shop opened at the same time as her. The Jiner cloth shop, which had just been packed with customers, was instantly attracted by the opposite side and became empty.

The cloth price on the opposite side is not only 20% lower than theirs, but the proprietress is actually Wu Ruonan. When I was young, one occupied South Street and the other occupied North Street. In order to snatch each other’s territory, Shen Jin called Xiao Su and Rourou. The four of them drank together and talked about the old days. All the embarrassing incidents of childhood were brought out and the restaurant was a while. Laughter.

After a few years, Wu Ruonan is now the escort guard and Shen Jin is already the general’s wife.

Chu Xiuyuan was the new city supervisor and wanted to buy fabrics in the imperial palace. He came to inform the cloth houses to bid for tenders. When they met Wu Ruonan who came to Jiner Cloth House as a guest, he and Shen Jin were both surprised. Shen Jin was surprised that Wu Ruonan was the shopkeeper who robbed her of business, and Chu Xiuyuan seemed to have just remembered a time-honored event.

Followed Wu Ruonan to Ruonan Cloth Village. When he was a child, Chu Xiuyuan accidentally fell off the cliff and was rescued by a little girl carrying a whip. She said that she was the youngest dartist and left with the whip. When he accidentally left the whip pendant, Chu Xiuyuan never saw this girl again.

Now that a few words of interrogation come down, the former benefactor is right in front of him, and he has always been enamored with this girl who has never met again.

When Wu Ruonan heard Chu Xiuyuan’s intentions, she froze for a moment, and she was indifferent to such a sudden love.

If the shop opposite Wu Ruonan keeps pushing down 20% of the price, Shen Jin won’t even want to make money in the future. If it is also reduced by 20%, then profits will have to look elsewhere.

For the current plan, only by winning the big order purchased from the palace can make a profit. After discussing with Rourou and finally making up his mind, Rourou turned around and saw Chu Xiuyuan entered Ruonan Cloth Village and ran to his opponent’s house. Shen Jin was surprised. That’s weird.

Chu Xiuyuan took a box of gifts to Wu Ruonan, but she just refused to accept it and chased it out to return the gift. What Shen Jin saw was Wu Ruonan’s gift to Chu Xiuming. Is it true that she would also participate in the palace procurement bidding?

She asked Chu Xiuyuan to ask, it was really the case. Chu Xiuyuan also knocked on the side and asked Shen Jin, what is good to give a woman, and she is a woman who has known each other for a long time. He was embarrassed to say that it was Wu Ruonan, but finally learned that besides the cloth, he could also give rouge and gouache jewelry. Women will never get bored.

When Chu Xiuming returned to his house, he saw Shen Jin playing with a bunch of hairpins and tidying up. This was intended to give Chu Xiuyuan a gift. Knowing that his brother had a favorite girl, Chu Xiuming told Shen Jin that she must tell him that she knew it was.

It was late. Before they were going to rest, there was something Shen Jin had. The royal palace must be purchased in advance. However, if the bidding is not successful, the stocked cloth will be difficult to sell out. He asked Chu Xiuming if he could contact the officials in the DPRK. Selling the cloth to them is also considered to get the best of both worlds. But Chu Xiuming has always been upright, and he does not want to do this kind of business that looks like a bribe. Since he refused, Shen Jin had to give up.

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