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General’s Lady 将军家的小娘子 Episode 19 Recap

The next day, Chu Xiuming visited Situ Mansion with a pot. Master Situ never liked to associate with the military attache, but when he saw the pot, he invited people in. After a few words, he tried to learn from each other.

Chu Xiuming was stunned to return to the mansion with a purse. Shen Jin learned that he had won all Situ today, and this bag of silver was the proof. Confused, communication is not a battlefield. Winning Master Situ is equal to distracting him. If you go tomorrow, you must remember to lose. So Chu Xiuming kept talking about losing or losing, and that day he lost to Lord Situ. He looked at Lord Situ still not very happy. This relationship is too profound in terms of management, and Chu Xiuming consciously is not good at it.

On the third day, Shen Jin disguised herself as a man and went to Situ Mansion with Chu Xiuming, and personally discussed with Master Situ. One arrow and one arrow is the match for the opponent, Master Situ is very happy, and he will often compete with this little brother in the future. Situ Mansion invites him to come and go at any time, and he is happy to be there whenever he is busy.

Shen Jin acknowledged the eldest brother, and then he revealed that Chu Xiuming was her husband, with respect and humility, and offered a job as a city supervisor for Chu Xiuyuan. Compatible with the eldest brother and younger sister of Situ, throwing a pot of rain for fun.

A group followed Master Situ to the back room to put the pots and utensils. Shen Jin noticed that the floor under his shelf was loose, and it would sink when he stepped on it, as if there was something hidden under it. Speaking of Chu Xiuming, but it’s better to say nothing about the privacy of others.

After getting Master Situ, Shen Jin has done a great job for Chu Xiuming, and after thinking about it, she still wants to do something for Chu Xiuming. Now in the capital, and expensive as a general, the expenses in the mansion must be higher than that in the border, and we have to do a good job of dealing with various officials, and there will be more places to spend money in the future. So she wanted to do some business to subsidize the family, took a look at her jewellery, and took out a map. She planned to open a cloth shop. All of Chu Xiuming’s money would be controlled by her and fully supported.

I walked across the small and small streets and walked through the streets, and I finally settled on a storefront along the water and along the bridge. Many workers were brought in to arrange the decoration details of the store. However, it was a coincidence that the other side was also decorating, and Rourou became worried. Shen Jin felt that it was unnecessary. Is it a coincidence that everyone opened the cloth shop together?

The prime minister and Chu Xiuming went into the palace together to meet the emperor. The two of them had one character and one martial arts, guarding the great rivers and mountains. After the emperor cared for a few words, the general’s payment was handed over to the prime minister for thorough investigation. Behind the eyes that the two of them couldn’t see, they thought to themselves for a long time.

In order to avoid people’s tongue, Shen Jin felt that the general Chu Xiuming would still come to the cloth village less in the future.

Chu Xiuming invited his subordinates who had followed his father for several years and asked him what was unusual about his father’s visit to the capital when the Eight Kings had an accident. Knowing that he had gone to the residence of the present emperor that day was even more suspicious.

Shen Jin went to see his mother in the Royal Palace of Rui. Now her mother is living well. She wants to urge Shen Jin to have a child as soon as possible. Shen Jin is not in a hurry. He and Chu Xiuming have a very good relationship with him. Well.

The cloth shop was about to open, and the eldest sister Shen Shu came to congratulate him. Shen Jin remembered the last time the imperial physician said that it would be difficult for her to have another heir, and she has never known why. When I asked about my eldest sister, I found out that at first the eldest sister and the eldest brother-in-law respected Rubin and she became pregnant soon, but the eldest sister’s cousin Yunniang gave me a bowl of medicine. Where is her foothold.

If there is such a thing, Shen Jin will go to her husband’s house with her elder sister. The husband’s family saw that it was Chu Xiuming’s wife, and did not dare to neglect. The already pregnant woman Yun Niang was also a little bit jealous, and she blurted out and called Shen Jin her younger sister. Shen Jin felt uncomfortable, and turned around to leave.

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