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Spring in Happiness 幸福里的故事 Episode 29 Recap

Chen Wa’er was angry about divorcing Li Qiang because of Yang Feiyan. Li Qiang was helpless with Chen Wa’er. He was angry with Chen Wa’er and followed Chen Wa’er to the Civil Affairs Bureau to do the divorce. The two were gambling at the divorce counter, and they shouted louder than the other, but when the staff was about to stamp, Chen Wa’er could not help kicking Li Qiang, Li Qiang hurried with his ID and ran away, Chen Wa Er picked up the photos on the ground and cried and stopped divorcing.

When the two returned home, Li Qiang told Chen Wail that he really didn’t know Yang Feiyan came to Beijing. He had donated the 50,000 yuan to Manager Lin before, but he didn’t expect that Yang Feiyan would take the 50,000 yuan again. Come over to him. Chen Wa’er was reluctant to deal with this matter. She believed that Yang Feiyan came to Beijing to start a company for Li Qiang, and strictly required Li Qiang not to see Yang Feiyan. She was going to see Yang Feiyan and asked why Yang Feiyan kept thinking about her husband.

Aunt Zhou and Chen Wa’er were washing clothes in the yard. Aunt Zhou told Chen Wa’er to learn how to manage money by herself. Only with money in her hand can she have capital. She also thinks that Yang Feiyan is not a good crop. After chasing her, Aunt Jin would open one eye and close one eye for Li Qiang, and no one would know if Chen Wa’er suffered. Aunt Zhou’s remarks fell into Aunt Jin’s ears. Aunt Jin wanted to find Yang Feiyan. Uncle Jin thought it was wrong. As soon as Aunt Jin came to the door, it seemed that Li Qiang was indeed wrong.

Hu Meihua approached Chen Waer and talked to Chen Waer about Li Qiang. She told Waer Li Qiang’s experience in Shenzhen. The reason why Li Qiang was good to Yang Feiyan was because Yang Feiyan was a noble man in his career, and Li Qiangzhi Therefore, giving up her career in Shenzhen is to make Val’s peace of mind. The most important thing between husband and wife is trust. Hu Meihua believes that Chen Val’s work in Li Qiang should be considered carefully. Li Qiang is a man and he is very concerned about his career. It is important that if Wal does not take the initiative to support his career at this time, Li Qiang will not say anything, but in his heart he will definitely feel that he has lost a job opportunity and complain about Wal invisibly.

Aunt Jin and Uncle Jin persuaded Li Qiang to give up Yang Feiyan’s job. Li Qiang is unwilling to give up this great opportunity. His ability and his ideals make him want to let go and do a big job, and Aunt Jin and Uncle Jin only need to take care of themselves. He, Li Qiang, will one day get ahead. After that, Li Qiang returned to the room. Chen Wa’er was ironing Li Qiang’s shirt. She knew what she had been doing this time, and she figured it out thoroughly, and was willing to trust Li Qiang. Chen Waler asked Li Qiang if he wanted to go to Yang Feiyan. Li Qiang told Chen Waler from a work perspective that Yang Feiyan’s company was indeed his best choice from various aspects. After hearing the truth of Li Qiang, Chen Wa’er was also willing to let Li Qiang go to Yang Feiyan to work. Although Li Qiang was a deserter in the Civil Affairs Bureau, Li Qiang is a hero in her heart.

Li Qiang took Chen Wa’er to see Yang Feiyan, wanting to put Chen Wa’er at ease. Yang Feiyan and Chen Wail clarified everything. She and Li Qiang only have a relationship of mentor and helpful friend, and there is no relationship between men and women. She appreciates Li Qiang’s ability, which makes Li Qiang follow her. At the same time, she also gave the two people two phones. Most of the misunderstandings started from the phone. She hoped to be able to solve it from the phone and also hoped that the two phones could defend the love between the two. After listening to Yang Feiyan’s words, Chen Wa’er was no longer petty. She generously accepted Yang Feiyan’s friend and thanked Yang Feiyan for taking Li Qiang so seriously.

The old people in the yard were worried for a day, and they were relieved when they saw Li Qiang and Chen Wal go home happily and lovingly. Back in the room, Chen Wa’er searched for a suit for Li Qiang. It’s the first time that the two have been so affectionate since Yang Feiyan. Even when Li Qiang went to work the next day, they both said goodbye affectionately. Aunt Jin didn’t want Li Qiang to go to work in Yang Feiyan’s company, but the young couple had already decided. Follow the young couple’s opinion, but she told Chen Wale that no matter what happens in the future, she will stand by Chen Wale’s side.

Uncle Jin’s operation has been dragging on, and he wants his whole family to accompany him. Aunt Jin looked at her wife speechlessly. The doctor has said that this is just a simple and extremely small operation, and it is not necessary at all. Go with the whole family. On the other side, when Li Qiang went to work on the first day, the young couple made countless phone calls, and each of them told how they missed each other.

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