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Spring in Happiness 幸福里的故事 Episode 28 Recap

When Hu Meihua wants Li Dasheng to get a divorce, he must divorce. When Hu Meizhong wants a child, he must hand over Li Xiang. Now Hu Meihua says he wants Li Dasheng to try with Hu Meizhong. Li Dasheng can’t accept it. He is not a pet. He asks himself if he has not treated him wrongly. The sisters are divided into two parts, but how can they treat him like pets. Seeing Li Dasheng’s painful appearance, Hu Meihua apologized to Li Dasheng. Li Dasheng was already very tired. He asked Hu Meihua to discuss with Hu Meizhong on his own, and leave him a word if he wants to leave.

Li Qiang and Chen Wa’er sat opposite each other. The two had no sleep all night. Chen Wa’er pinched Li Qiang’s hair unhappy in his heart. If Li Qiang didn’t explain it for a minute, she would not let Li Qiang sleep. This night, the Hu family was also quiet and sleepless. Li Dasheng and Hu Meizhong were still sleeping on the sofa in separate beds. Li Dasheng couldn’t stay in the house, and went out to sit outside the courtyard in a towel. Also sitting outside the courtyard was Li Qiang. Both of them were telling each other’s suffering. Li Dasheng told Li Qiang that the home is not a place for reasoning, but a place of affection. He enlightened Li Qiang step by step and told him not to Quarreled with Wal. Li Qiang also raised the issue between Li Dasheng and Hu Meizhong. He believed that Hu Meizhong still had unfulfilled wishes, so Li Dasheng asked Li Dasheng from the side.

The next day, after Li Qiang sent off to school in the summer, he returned home calmly and talked with Chen Wail. Chen Wa’er had always been worried about Li Qiang holding Yang Feiyan. Li Qiang explained that he was just trying to comfort Yang Feiyan. He explained all the misunderstandings to Chen Wal one by one. Chen Wal could trust Li Qiang, but she didn’t believe in Yang Feiyan. She could tell that Yang Feiyan liked Li Qiang. Li Qiang did not understand the meaning of Chen Wa’er’s entanglement. He had already resigned for Chen Wa’er. Seeing that Chen Wa’er had been asking for an apology, Li Qiang still relented and admitted his mistake with Chen Wa’er. He hugged Li Qiang, and decided to live with Li Qiang.

Li Qiang and Chen Wa’er had dinner at the same table. Uncle Zhou asked about the money Li Qiang made in Shenzhen. Li Qiang did not bring back much money. Chen Wa’er asked about fifty thousand yuan, Li Qiang. He just said this matter and talked about it later. He winked at Uncle Jin, who quickly covered the topic after receiving the message. After that, Li Qiang handed the summer to Uncle Jin and Aunt Jin. He took Chen Wa’er out to watch the movie. Chen Wa’er cried out of breath in the theater. After leaving the theater, Li Qiang was still comforting in the park. Chen Wal, he coaxed Chen Wal and put a ring on Chen Wal. Six years ago, he put a can ring on Chen Wal in this place. Six years later, the poor boy returned to fulfill his promise.

The ring Li Qiang bought for Chen Wa’er was too small, and the two of them put on the ring forcibly, but at night Chen Wa’er’s hand was strangled with pain and redness. Aunt Jin and Uncle Jin asked Li Qiang to cut the ring. Chen Wa’er refused to let Li Qiang cut it. Li Qiang had to cut the ring abruptly for Chen Wa’er’s hand. Chen Wa’er was crying again in the room. Out of breath.

Li Qiang was talking with Hu Meihua outside. Li Qiang told Hu Meihua of his experience in Shenzhen. When he first arrived in Shenzhen, he ate instant seafood noodles every day. He was fired by Yang Feiyan once in order to call Chen Waer, in order to save more money. The family members spin like a top every day, but there is nothing between him and Yang Feiyan. After listening to Li Qiang’s words, Hu Meihua understood, she still told Li Qiang, sometimes not rejecting it is equivalent to acquiescence, Li Qiang came back to avoid someone who liked him, and she came back because she avoided someone who didn’t like her People.

In the yard, Li Qiang, Chen Wa’er and Wu Xikai and his classmates gathered together. Wu Xikai announced that Xingfu Li was about to be demolished, and this will be Beijing’s Financial Street in the future. The days ahead will be better. Li Qiang was talking about his views on marriage at the dinner table, and Chen Wa’er also talked about his views on marriage at the request of everyone. The two husbands and wives were envious of the people at the dinner table. At this moment, Yang Feiyan came to the yard. Looking at Yang Feiyan’s figure, Li Qiang felt a headache, and Chen Wa’er instantly sank.

Yang Feiyan directly talked about her intentions. She gave Li Qiang 50,000 yuan. This was the bonus Li Qiang deserved. At the same time, she also explained to Chen Waler that she apologized. She really admired Li Qiang, but she definitely did not She will become the spoiler of the marriage of the two, and she plans to open a branch in Beijing next. She hopes that Li Qiang can come back to help her. The salary is three times that of Shenzhen. She will be in Beijing this week, regardless of Li Qiang’s reply. Whatever, she welcomes Li Qiang to come to her.

Wu Xikai sent Yang Feiyan away, he probed Yang Feiyan’s tone. Yang Feiyan really appreciates Li Qiang very much. In addition to Li Qiang’s ability in business, she is even more grateful for the few times that Li Qiang helped her in Shenzhen, so she wants to keep Li Qiang. Yang Feiyan’s appearance once again caused waves in happiness. Aunt Jin, Uncle Jin looked at the 50,000 yuan sent by Yang Feiyan and was very worried. Apart from Aunt Jin, several others agreed with Li Qiang to help Yang Feiyan, but the child had a child’s idea. , This matter is not something they can decide.

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