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Black Lighthouse 黑色燈塔 Episode 9 Recap

Under Qiao Nuo’s questioning, Tian Tian told the truth that she knew. She once received a letter saying in her heart that she might be asked to testify and said in detail the content of the testimony. As for why Tian Tian would testify based on a letter from an unknown person, it would be a few years ago. It turns out that Tian Tian and Ding Shan are college classmates. Since college, Tian Tian has been secretly in love with Ding Shan.

Ding Shan is also very gentle to her, and once asked Tian Tian if he has a boyfriend. But the two of the university did not break the window paper until after graduating from university, Tian Tian met Ding Shan again. Ding Shan was very kind to Tian Tian at first, but after meeting Wang Yanan, everything changed. She hates Ding Shan and wants him to go to jail, but now Tian Tian is a little upset.

Qiao Nuo, who learned the news, couldn’t contact Fan Jiayi, so he had to go to the procuratorate to find her. Unexpectedly, I saw Li Xuyao ​​comforting Fan Jiayi, the two intimate appearances. Jono was hit.

The news reported the rape of Ding Shan, and Yang Boying was interviewed. Qiao Nuo went to the procuratorate and asked Fan Jiayi if she did it. Fan Jiayi gave her a blank glance and said she was insane. Li Xuyao ​​saw Qiao Nuo and greeted him with enthusiasm. Qiao Nuo passed by him without seeing him. Li Xuyao ​​saw Qiao Nuo questioning Fan Jiayi, so he explained to Fan Jiayi, which angered Qiao Nuo even more. Li Xuyao ​​was at a loss.

Fan Jiayi was worried about Wang Yanan, and went to see her in the hospital. Wang Yanan was gone. Fan Jiayi searched all the way and came to Wang Yanan’s hometown, but unexpectedly learned the shocking news that Wang Yanan’s mother was frozen to death. Wang Yanan was brought up by her mother, but she was not filial. Her mother was sick in old age and no one took care of him. She was frozen to death.

The influence of public opinion is getting bigger and bigger, Qiao Nuo ran to the director of the media, but he didn’t expect him to be closed. Just as Qiao Nuo was upset, Wei Yutai showed up with an intimate photo of the supervisor, threatening them to see the supervisor immediately. Wei Yutai asked the director of news where he got the news. The director said that his subordinates saw it on a forum, and they forwarded it. Wei Yutai warned them to wait for the lawsuit.

Qiao Nuo and Wei Yutai decided to exchange information. After analysis, the two men guessed that the person who posted the post was Zhang Mingqi. At this time, Chen Jie’s phone rang, and several people went to the Bourgeois Building to catch Zhang Mingqi.

After a lot of running, I chased and finally caught Zhang Mingqi. Qiao Nuo threatened profit, and Zhang Mingqi promised to tell the person behind the scenes.

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