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Black Lighthouse 黑色燈塔 Episode 8 Recap

Guo Shenliang used his testimony in court as a bait and invited Fan Jiayi to dinner. Fan Jiayi asked Qiao Nuo to keep the phone number, and Qiao Nuo secretly kept Li Xuyao’s phone number. When Guo Shenliang called, Li Xuyao ​​who answered the phone was at a loss. Quickly agreed.

Fan Jiayi complained about Guo Shenliang all the way, looking at her bald head, she even claimed that others had bad feelings about him. Fortunately, his testimony is still more useful, and Fan Jiayi feels better. Qiao Nuo is not optimistic. Guo Shenliang’s testimony is too fabricated. Even if he appears in court, the effectiveness of the evidence will be greatly reduced. Qiao Nuo persuaded Fan Jiayi not to go too far, but to pursue the truth.

Zhao Peng saw the beautifully dressed Qiao Nuo and thought she was going on a date. After learning that it was going to handle the case, Zhao Peng enthusiastically invited Qiao Nuo to dinner. Qiao Nuo thought he had a big meal, but Zhao Peng led her to the cafeteria.

There was a problem with Yang Boqing’s father-son relationship. He followed Yang Yi to his son’s orchestra. Yang Yi discovered that Yang Boqing had not cared about him since junior high school and the orchestra did not welcome him. Fan Jiayi’s family also has difficult to recite sutras, and her parents always try every means to arrange a blind date for Fan Jiayi. Mother claimed that her father was not in good health and tricked Fan Jiayi into returning home. When Fan Jiayi saw the strange man at home, she understood her parents’ intentions. She decided to fix the man in five minutes. It revealed that the man came to blind date after having a close date, and the man fled.

Qiao Nuo repeatedly watched the surveillance video, and then called Chen Jie to ask him to help investigate. In the middle of the night, Wei Yutai was walking alone in the street and saw a beggar begging by the side of the road. Wei Yutai took out all of his cash and left his coat to the beggar.

For the second trial of Ding Shan’s rape case, Wei Yutai was almost late. He ran into the trial court hurriedly and gave it to Fan Jiayi with a rose in his hand. Fan Jiayi smiled and wanted to shake Wei Yutai’s hand. Wei Yutai sensed Fan Jiayi’s intention to pierce him with a stab, and quickly closed his hand back to the seat.

The court officially opened. Fan Jiayi asked the witness Tian Tian, ​​the secretary of the Human Resources Department of Bourgeois Investment Co., to appear in court. Tian Tian proved that Zhang Mingqi’s brother was fired by the company, so he held a grudge against Wang Yanan. Prove that Ding Shan and Wang Yanan are ordinary subordinates.

Fan Jiayi asked Guo Shenliang to testify in court. Guo Shenliang changed his mouth to claim that Ding Shan and Wang Yanan were in a relationship. Fan Jiayi stared at Wei Yutai in surprise. She knew that everything was done by Wei Yutai, and he bought the witnesses. Fan Jiayi had good expectations, and it was indeed Wei Yutai who persuaded Guo Shenliang.

The trial situation was controlled by Wei Yutai. Fan Jiayi didn’t have the strength to fight back. Her expression was dull and Wei Yutai looked unbearable.

At the end of the trial, Fan Jiayi warned Wei Yutai to bring him to justice. Wei Yutai explained that he is a lawyer and he must be worthy of the badge on his chest.

Qiao Nuo found Yang Boqing to talk about the case, and she didn’t want to give up. So I went to Tian Tian and asked who was teaching her to testify. Fan Jiayi was hit hard, Li Xuyao ​​comforted. Qiao Nuo came to the procuratorate to find Fan Jiayi and saw Fan Jiayi and Li Xuyao ​​close.

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