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Black Lighthouse 黑色燈塔 Episode 11 Recap

New cases appear. Life of singing and dancing in the Mars Club. No one thought that there was a female body hidden here. The deceased was called Shen Yuna. She was a novelist by profession, but she didn’t have any decent writings. After preliminary forensic identification, Shen Yuna’s death time was around 8pm on July 27.

The police quickly identified the suspect. It was Fang Jian, the manager of the Mars Club. The arrest of the police went very smoothly. Fang Jian did not resist, and also found many other crimes, such as opening a casino and directing subordinates to defraud. After being intimidated, the police interrogated Fang Jian’s Ma Zi. Both Ma Zi and Fang Jian confessed that all the crimes were committed by Fang Jian. Fang Jian said that he and the victim Shen Yuna were lovers. Shen Yuna often asked Fang Jian for money. The two quarreled constantly, and Fang Jian moved to murder.

The case went well, and all the evidence pointed to Fang Jian, but Li Xuyao ​​always felt something was wrong in his heart. All the crimes were committed by Fang Jian. Why was Fang Jian behind all the crimes before, but this time he shot them directly. Why did he hide the body in his Mars club, so that it is easier to expose? Why didn’t he stop the police when others found the body? After all, it was on his land card, he had this ability. Moreover, after calling the police, there was no time to pack up the gambling equipment, and other crimes were also discovered…all of these are unreasonable.

Li Xuyao ​​decided to arraign Fang Jian. When he clarified his doubts item by item, Fang Jian still did not say a word. In the end, only the fairy Xiaokou defeated Minotaur. Li Xuyao ​​was at a loss.

Yang Boqing’s wife did not go home at night, and Yang Boqing took his son Yang Yi to eat out. Yang Yi didn’t want to go. Yang Boqing and Chen Hui took his son to his favorite store. Yang Yi showed expectation on his face. After arriving, Yang Yi discovered that his favorite store that his father said was his favorite in childhood. In order to please his son, Yang Boqing has to cook by himself.

Li Xuyao ​​called Qiao Nuo to explain his relationship with Fan Jiayi, Qiao Nuo raised the corners of his mouth, pretending not to care, and hung up the phone.

The first trial of Fang Jian’s case. As the presiding judge, Yang Boqing checked the identity of the criminal suspect in accordance with legal procedures. Li Xuyao ​​appeared in court on behalf of the procuratorate. Fang Jian did not raise any objections to Li Xuyao’s allegations. Even stranger is that Fang Jian’s defender Cheng Zilin did not raise any objections to the charges. When Li Xuyao ​​suggested that the court impose the death penalty on Prescription Jian, Fang Jian was emotionally broken. Someone in the gallery took the lead in applauding. Yang Boqing asked Fang Jian what he had to say in the end. Fang Jian only talked about the fairy Xiaokou and defeated Minotaur.

Li Xuyao ​​discussed the case with Yang Boqing and others, and they were full of doubts about Fang Jian’s words. Only Zhao Peng felt familiar. He remembered that the fairy Xiaokou was from the cartoon “Little Fairy Adventure” and Minotaur was the big boss. Jonuo found out that “Little Fairy’s Adventure” was broadcast between 7:30 and 8:30. In the year of the incident, it happened that Fairy Xiaokou defeated Minotaur. This cartoon was only broadcast live and not broadcast on the Internet. If Fang Jian watched this cartoon, it means that he was not at the scene of the crime.

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