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Black Lighthouse 黑色燈塔 Episode 10 Recap

Following Fan Jiayi’s investigation, she increasingly doubted her judgment. What kind of person is Wang Yanan? Fan Jiayi approached Wang Yanan’s ex-husband for inquiries. The ex-husband had a bad attitude and said that Wang Yanan only recognized money.

Faced with Qiao Nuo’s questioning, Zhang Mingqi told the person behind the scenes. The police followed the vines and asked Zhang Mingqi to join hands and grab Zhang Mingqi’s upper home on the spot. Unexpectedly, this person was also a young man, and the real behind-the-scenes command was Wang Yanan.

Guo Shenliang’s company’s stock price plummeted due to the rape of Wang Yanan, Wang Yanan took the opportunity to acquire and became the largest shareholder. Guo Shenliang scratched his head sadly, hoping that God could send someone to rescue his company. At this time, Fan Jiayi appeared.

Wei Yutai and Qiao Nuo came to Wang Yanan’s company, and Wang Yanan glamorously sat in the position of chairman. Qiao Nuo was trying to expose Wang Yanan’s true face, but Wei Yutai took the lead. .

Wei Yutai said that he knew all this was planned by Wang Yanan. He went to the nursing home and found that something was wrong. He deliberately found the dean to inquire about Wang Yanan’s situation. The rape case occurred in May, and Wang Yanan was admitted to the nursing home in July, and a nurse heard about it. Wang Yanan called to discuss the business of the company, not like a person whose heart has been greatly traumatized. In June, Wang Yanan’s circle of friends also showed photos of playing with friends. The reason why Wang Yanan did this was to feed Winner’s sympathy so that the stock price plummeted and he could successfully acquire the company.

Wang Yanan didn’t admit it, until Fan Jiayi brought witness Guo Shenliang over, and Guo Shenliang admitted that everything was done by Wang Yanan. It turned out that Wang Yanan used Guo Shenliang’s sexual dysfunction as a threat and asked Guo Shenliang to give false evidence. The truth is that Wang Yanan tempted Ding Shan, had sex with Ding Shan, and then pretended to be raped to scare Ding Shan away. During this time, he tied himself with a rope. Although they found out everything, they had nothing to do with Wang Yanan. Even if Wang Yanan was behind the scenes, he received no punishment.

Ding Shan was acquitted. Fan Jiayi breathed a sigh of relief, happy for the first time that she lost the case. After this case, Fan Jiayi’s relationship with Wei Yutai eased a lot. As soon as Ding Shan was released, the reporter blocked Ding Shan, and Tian Tian took advantage of the chaos to rescue Ding Shan. Tian Tian finally plucked up the courage to confess to Ding Shan, Ding Shan felt it was too late after all this. Tian Tian didn’t think so. She embraced Ding Shan and promised to accompany him through this time.

Although he was acquitted, Ding Shan is still regarded as a rapist. He wears a peaked cap every day, always walking in a hurry, afraid to see people. But Wang Yanan still had a glorious life, with continuous interviews.

The bad guys can’t always get away with justice. In the end, Wang Yanan was also arrested and sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment on suspicion of false accusation, fraud, and manipulation of securities and futures trading prices.

Ding Shan pressed his hat to buy fruit and was recognized by the owner of the fruit shop. He was worried about being criticized by others and wanted to run in a panic. The fruit owner encouraged him to be brave to meet people. The owner gave him fruit and Ding Shan money. Not enough, the owner of the fruit shop casually took off his hat and put it on his head, saying that it was a match.

Yang Boqing followed Yang Yi and overheard Yang Yi playing the piano. Fan Jiayi was arranged for a blind date again. Just as Fan Jiayi was bored in all manners, he suddenly heard Wei Yutai’s voice behind him, and he was hurriedly rejecting a client who loved him. Fan Jiayi snickered for a while, but stepped forward to help Wei Yutai out.

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