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Jiu Liu Overlord 九流霸主 Episode 8 Recap

After Li Qingliu led the staff to worship, he personally demonstrated proofing with gold thread. The demonstration and proofing were completed, and the production of the gold thread garment officially started. Golden Xianlong Aoyi had been found, and it was time to leave. After Long Aoyi said goodbye to his fellow workers, he saw Lu Erye at the accountant. Long Aoyi showed off that the money he saved for his brothers would earn a lot of interest. At this time, Li Qingliu came over, in order to delay Long Aoyi’s departure, claiming that shopkeeper Liu was out for something, and Long Ao didn’t have enough money. Long Aoyi was not in a hurry. Li Qingliu saw that Long Aoyi was leaving.

He used the gold thread as an excuse to not only cause Long Aoyi and him to suffer, but also the entire Silk Village. So he wanted to take this opportunity to give Everyone has a vacation. Long Ao thought about eating and listening to the play. He felt that it would be better to be able to listen to the play with Longzhu. Lu Erye wanted to play with the people in Silk Village. He suggested Mutang. Li Qingliu felt that Mutang was good. Long Aoyi was said by Li Qingliu. Yes, I want to go too.

Li Zhao discussed with the merchants in Yincheng about the first line of business, and Li Qingliu resumed production. I am afraid that this year’s leader will return to Li Qingliu. Li Zhao didn’t want Li Qingliu to be the head of the line, nor did he want to make himself a pawn of Du Changfeng and others, so he asked Du Changfeng to immediately arrange several tax officials to station on the New Silk Road tomorrow. Long Aoyi happily mutang with his female coworkers, and Li Qingliu mutang with Lu Erye. Lu Erye asked Li Qingliu’s age, and Li Qingliu replied that he was adopted by the Li family since he was a child, perhaps in the first year of the year. Xiaoqin secretly asked Long Aoyi how the gang’s money was. Long Aoyi replied. With the bonus of 10,000 taels, he received nearly 80,000 taels. Xiaoqin was very happy.

Long Aoyi wanted to give Li Qingliu an egg to eat, thanking Li Qingliu for his life-saving, but did not want to hear the conversation between Li Qingliu and Yan Bin. Li Qingliu treated Long Aoyi specially, and Yan Bin was jealous. Later, Long Aoyi heard Li Qingliu say again that he saved Long Aoyi for the gold thread, and was so angry that Long Ao scolded Li Qingliu a profiteer. Lu Erye secretly saw a person and told that person to report to his superiors, so that the person he was looking for had been found.

Master Zhu used the new Silk Road account as an excuse to make the new Silk Road go crazy. Fortunately, Li Qingliu came in time to stop Master Zhu. Li Zhao brought officers and soldiers to the New Silk Road, and Long Aoyi was knocked down by the officers and soldiers. Fortunately, Li Zhao hugged Long Aoyi in time so that Long Aoyi did not fall.

Master Zhu told Li Zhao, Li Qingliu blocked the audit, Li Zhao questioned Li Qingliu, and Li Qingliu asked Li Zhao to check the accounts according to the rules. Li Zhao ordered that the new Silk Road ledgers be sealed up immediately, and the ban can only be released after the government clarifies the accounts. Fearing that the money could not be taken out, Long Ao approached shopkeeper Liu to withdraw the money. Shopkeeper Liu did not dare to disobey the order.

Long Ao was so hard to break into the account, the officers and soldiers stopped Long Aoyi. When Long Ao saw that the account was sealed, he blamed Li Zhao. Li Zhao knew that Long Ao likes to drink, so he said to take Long Ao to drink. When Long Ao saw Li Zhao kindly entertain her, she was not in a hurry to withdraw the money, so she decided to let the money stay in the accounting room for a while. As soon as Long Ao knew that Li Zhao was looking for pepper, he told Li Zhao that she saw pepper in the black bank.

Xiaoqin told Long Aoyi that many brothers were unemployed, and Long Aoyi couldn’t get the money in the account, so Long Aoyi had to find another way. When Long Ao looked for Li Qingliu, he caught up with Du Xiaoxian. In order to thank Long Aoyi for finding the gold thread, Du Xiaoxian took out a ten thousand tael silver ticket from his pocket to Long Aoyi, and let Long Aoyi leave the Silk House. Long Aoyi looked at the ten thousand taels of silver notes and remembered the money in the account.

If she took away ten thousand, she would not be able to take the money deposited in the account. In order to take the money deposited in the account, Long Aoyi had to offend Du Xiaoxian. Long Aoyi learned to do business with Li Qingliu, but Li Qingliu asked Long Aoyi to learn how to make clothes with him. Long Aoyi couldn’t do meticulous work, so he asked Li Qingliu to consider her proposal again.

According to the address provided by Long Aoyi, Li Zhao came to the black bank to find pepper. Li Zhao checked the archived records and found that the person storing the pepper was actually Zhu Chengzhi. Zhu Chengzhi was a fifth-grade official. Li Zhao suspected that there was someone behind Zhu Chengzhi. The black bank dared to store a lot of pepper, and Li Zhao felt that the black bank contained tricks. Du Xiaoxian secretly sold jewelry for Li Qingliu and was discovered by Du Changfeng.

Du Changfeng prevents Du Xiaoxian from selling jewellery secretly and helps Li Qingliu tide over the difficulties. Long Aoyi asked Gengzi to assign a number to the silkworm farmers in his hand, and asked Lu Erye to gather all the idle labor in the gang. In the next silk production season, Long Aoyi intends to supply the new silk road raw silk. Lu Erye asked Long Aoyi about Li Qingliu’s parents, and Long Aoyi had never seen Li Qingliu’s parents.

Li Qingliu did not accept Du Xiaoxian’s jewelry. Du Xiaoxian said that he was also thinking about the new Silk Road. Without money, he could only lose money. Long Aoyi showed Li Qingliu the silk, Xiao Qin peeked at the door, and Long Ao walked with Du Xiaoxian, Yan Bin led Xiao Qin to look through the back window. Long Aoyi provided Li Qingliu with silk, and Li Qingliu asked Long Aoyi to express first, and Long Aoyi took out ten thousand taels. Li Qingliu asked Long Ao to mention the conditions. Long Ao wanted to live in the Silk House, but Li Qingliu agreed. Li Qingliu accidentally stepped on Long Aoyi’s belt, Long Ao stood up, the belt loosened, Li Qingliu did not dare to look at Long Aoyi, so he had to agree to all the requirements of Long Aoyi.

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