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Jiu Liu Overlord 九流霸主 Episode 7 Recap

Li Qingliu was unwilling to accept Long Aoyi’s help. Long Aoyi suggested that Li Qingliu bet bigger, and it is best to scare Shen Yiguan away. Li Qingliu took the land deed of Silk Village as a bet. Shen Yiguan went out this time without many chips. He wanted to write the Jiangnan land deed on the land deed of Silk Village. Li Qingliu took the one-year sales right of Yincheng Sanxing as a bet. Shen Yiguan Frightened, I had to use Jiangnan Silk as a bet.

When Long Ao saw Shen Yitong was frightened, he deliberately asked Shen Yitong if he had thought about it. The gambling was about to begin. Just before the coin was put into the water, Shen Yitong stopped him in a cold sweat. Shen Yi always didn’t dare to gamble with all his belongings, and he made friends with Li Qingliu, and talked about signing the contract later.

As soon as Long Ao came to the Longzhu Gang, he punished himself three times and asked everyone to find Lu Erye if they had something to do. If they had to find her for something, just Xiaoqin would do it. Long Aoyi asked the brothers present to inform the other brothers that tomorrow the Chang table in the 12th district of the Long Bamboo Gang will be changed to a square table.

When Long Ao heard Qi Honghua say that the Silk Factory has an internal business, workers can deposit their excess wages in, and the interest returned is 30% of the principal. Long Ao wanted to make more money, so he took out all his belongings. Ao Yi, who is not a long-term worker at the Silk Factory, cannot save money, so he borrowed Qi Honghua to save money. Li Qingliu showed the box containing the gold thread to Long Ao. He suspected that someone had assigned the key privately, but Long Aoyi said there were other unlocking techniques.

Long Ao looked for Mr. Tan and asked Mr. Tan to study the lock of the gold box. Mr. Tan found that the lock had only been opened once, and Li Qingliu remembered that Li Juner had opened the lock. Elder Tan said that the lock could be opened by someone without a key. After taking out the goods, it returned to its original state. When Long Ao asked who knew this technique, Mr. Tan replied that this technique has never been spread to Lingnan. In the evening, Long Aoyi and Li Qingliu acted in a play.

Long Aoyi deliberately took his workers to eat barbecue in the Silk Village, pretending that Li Qingliu and Yan Bin didn’t know, let the workers relax their vigilance, and then dance with them. Li Qingliu and Yan Bin hid secretly behind the pillar. Yan Bin was very envious when he saw a man who was able to touch a woman’s hand in an upright manner. Long Aoyi and Li Qingliu found that Dongzi was not there, so they went to find Dongzi.

Dongzi did not return all night, Long Aoyi and Li Qingliu searched Dongzi’s room and suspected that the bed had a mechanism. In order to find out where the mechanism was, Long Aoyi and Li Qingliu were on Dongzi’s bed. They looked ambiguous and curious. Yan Bin, who was bewildered, saw it. Long Aoyi found a sign with the name of a black market in the agency. Li Qingliu heard that Long Aoyi said that the black market was warm in winter and cool in summer, and the gold thread wanted to be well preserved. It just needed a black market that was warm in winter and cool in summer, so Li Qingliu suspected that the gold thread was sent to the black market.

At night, Li Qingliu and Long Ao sneaked into the black market. Yan Bin on the other side was drinking while complaining to Xiaoqin that Li Qingliu and Long Ao would not take him when they went out. Yan Bin said that Long Ao seduce Li Qingliu, and Xiao Qin was fighting for Long Ao. Xiao Qin calmed down and asked Long Aoyi how to shed her hand on Li Qing. Yan Bin showed it to her. When she met Xiao Qin’s hand, Xiao Qin hurriedly retracted her hand in fright. Yan Bin was also frightened by her own behavior.

When Long Aoyi and Li Qingliu came to the black market, they heard Dongzi coming to pick up the goods, and quickly broke into the stock room. Dongzi pushed the box containing the pepper to Long Aoyi and Li Qingliu, and took the opportunity to escape. Long Aoyi and Li Qingliu fought back and forth to surround Dongzi. As soon as Long Ao rushed to Dongzi, Dongzi ran away, and Long Ao jumped off the roof and was caught by Li Qingliu. Dongzi was caught by the railing and fell off the roof.

When Li Qingliu and Long Aoyi came to Dongzi, Dongzi was already dead. Li Qingliu took the gold thread from Dongzi. Xiaoqin pulls the drunk Yanbin onto the street. Yanbin talks about Xiaoqin’s favorite story in a daze, and she holds Xiaoqin. Xiaoqin is frightened by Yanbin’s behavior today. Li Qingliu tossed and turned, couldn’t sleep, thinking of Long Aoyi in his mind.

The next day, Li Qingliu hit a sandbag. He had fainted long ago before he wanted to change it. But last night he hugged Long Aoyi, but he didn’t faint. He didn’t know the reason. Yan Bin gave Li Qingliu a towel. Li Qingliu told Yan Bin about holding Long Aoyi last night. Yan Bin speculated that Li Qingliu should like Long Aoyi.

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