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Jiu Liu Overlord 九流霸主 Episode 6 Recap

Long Aoyi asked Li Qingliu to look at the toe-down footprints. After reading it, Li Qingliu said that the gold thread was thrown at the pier, not in the warehouse. Long Aoyi said that there were ghosts in the silk factory. Li Qingliu said that he used 10,000 taels and asked Long Ao to come to the Silk House. The purpose was to let Long Ao help check Neigui. Long Aoyi leaned on the pillar and let Li Qingliu approach her. Li Qingliu didn’t dare to approach Long Aoyi. Long Ao one could tell Li Qingliu why the toes are down. The toes are down because of the love of men and women, and Li Juner There must be a lover, and often tryst in the warehouse, but I don’t know who the lover is.

The next day, Long Aoyi investigated and found that Shuisheng was Li Jun’er’s lover. Li Qingliu asked Long Ao to investigate Shuisheng, but Long Aoyi said that Qi Zheng had not done so yet. Li Juner has the warehouse key, and Shuisheng knows the delivery time, but the two of them don’t know where to drop the goods. Li Zhao followed Deacon Bai to Wanhua Road and found Deacon Bai’s nest. In the old nest, he saw the owner of Qingping Winery. Yan Bin secretly arrested the owner of Ching Ping Winery. Li Zhao interrogated the owner of Ching Ping Winery.

The owner of Ching Ping Winery did not dare to offend the prince. He was so scared that Deacon Bai relied on power to get a card. Deacon Bai lost the gambling money and asked every merchant for it. Thousand taels of loans. After Li Zhao got the evidence that Deacon Bai had contacted with the merchants, when he was about to catch Deacon Bai, the county magistrate brought the troops to arrest him. It was out of Li Zhao’s expectation, and Li Zhao suspected that someone had whispered.

Li Zhao asked Sister Feng to find out about Long Aoyi’s whereabouts. Sister Feng told Li Zhao that Long Aoyi was on the New Silk Road. The chicken raised by Long Aoyi broke into the textile pavilion, making it messy inside. Fortunately, Li Qingliu came to stop the prank. Li Qingliu found that Qi Honghua’s fabric was unqualified and reprimanded Qi Honghua, and then showed Qi Honghua how to weave better cloth.

In order to make Qi Honghua happy, Long Aoyi made up the embroidered pig’s head on the unqualified piece. Li Zhao convened the major merchants to express that the masters said that in the past few years, the leaders of each line have taken the lead and have made a lot of contributions to the court. He made an exception and took turns sitting in the estate. For the merchants who accepted the capital of the public company in the coming year, he was qualified as the leader. Prioritize. Li Qingliu raised an objection, and other merchants did not dare to offend Li Zhao. Li Zhao rejected Li Qingliu’s objection.

When Long Ao heard Yanbin say about the capital of the public property, he didn’t know what it meant. Yanbin explained that the capital of the public property was loaned by the court to the merchant as a shareholding. After the merchant made money, he divided some of the merchant’s profits. Yan Bin didn’t understand why the other workers were frowning. Yan Bin said that this was a method used by the court to control the merchants.

Once the money was accepted, the merchants could not control many things. Merchants that used to cooperate with New Silk Road no longer provide goods to New Silk Road, and brocades are completely out of stock. If we continue to develop at this speed, New Silk Road will not only lose money, but also run out of inventory two weeks later. Li Qingliu frowned on this matter, and Long Aoyi suggested that Li Qingliu look for customers. Li Qingliu asked Long Aoyi to make use of his connections to help contact the raw material suppliers of Jiangnan floral yarn and cotton, and to find out the price. Li Qingliu decided to help Li Qingliu in order to prevent the workers from starving.

Long Ao took the survey results to Li Qingliu to see. Li Qingliu asked Yan Bin to make a list according to the price provided by the merchants, and invited all the fish princes to participate in the New Silk Road Horse Fair on the day of the weak crown ceremony. Xiaoqin took advantage of the darkness to give Long Aoyi food. Li Zhao learned that Li Qingliu was recruiting raw materials from Jiangnan. On the day of the prince’s weak crown ceremony, he opened a horse club and decided to watch the changes first and see what Li Qingliu is doing.

The Jockey Club was very lively that day, and Long Aoyi secretly stared at Shuisheng, worried that Shuisheng took the opportunity to make an accident. The Jockey Club is in progress, and Du Xiaoxian signs contracts with every merchant who comes. Shui Sheng found out that Long Aoyi was standing by his side, and Long Aoyi pretended to watch the horse in order to prevent Shui Sheng from tracking. The groom knew that Long Aoyi was against Du Xiaoxian and deliberately picked a big horse for Long Ao to ride. Long Aoyi rode on the horse under the force of Shuisheng and the groom.

The horse was frightened and Long Ao fell off the horse. The merchant thought it was a show performed by Long Aoyi for them. Several merchants refused to sign. Among them was Shen Yiguan, and Li Qingliu personally met Shen Yiguan. As soon as Shui Sheng helped the injured Long Ao sat down, Long Ao confided in Shui Sheng’s affair with Li Jun’er. He also said that the gold thread was lost, and the suspicion of Shui Sheng was the greatest. Shui Sheng admitted that he had cheated on Li Jun’er, but he did not steal the gold thread.

Shen always knew about the fact that Jiedu made Li Qingliu isolated, so he did not dare to offend the government, and he did not want to sign a contract with Li Qingliu. Li Qingliu heard that Shen has always been good at gambling, so he asked people to arrange gambling. Shen Yiguan and Li Qingliu bet copper coins into the water. He and Li Qingliu choose one side each, stand upright into the water, and fall to the bottom of the water. Whichever side is facing, wins. Li Qingliu does not know how to gamble, Long Aoyi bet for Li Qingliu.

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