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Jiu Liu Overlord 九流霸主 Episode 5 Recap

Long Aoyi grew up in a brothel, and dancing is hard to beat Long Aoyi. Long Aoyi danced. Li Zhao had a nosebleed. He was afraid of being seen by others. He covered his face with a fan. Li Qingliu was also fascinated by Long Aoyi’s dancing. At the end of the banquet, Long Ao gave a reward to the brothers of the Long Bamboo Gang. Li Qingliu and Yan Bin secretly watched that Long Ao gave a reward to the brothers of the Long Bamboo Gang, and couldn’t believe it. The Long Aoyi in front of him was the same person as the Long Aoyi at the previous banquet.

Lu Erye reported to Long Aoyi that the silkworm farmer had seen Dachun appear at the back door of the Silk Village. The fat black and thin monkey told Long Aoyi that Dachun had stolen the gold thread at the dock. Long Aoyi knew Seven Eyes. The purpose of this is to grab the Dragon Bamboo Gang’s territory, so that everyone can rest assured that she must return the Dragon Bamboo Gang’s innocence.

When Li Qingliu and Yan Bin appeared, the brothers of the Longzhu Gang recognized that Li Qingliu had returned Long Aoyi to prison. In order to avenge Long Aoyi, the brothers of the Longzhu Gang beat Li Qingliu and Yan Bin. Li Qingliu and Yan Bin beat each other to the ground. Lu Erye used the smoke to confuse Li Qingliu and Yan Bin. Li Qingliu and Yan Bin were caught by the Longzhu Gang. Long Aoyi asked Li to let him go. Qingliu and Yan Bin, Li Qingliu was so angry that Yan Bin put on the list to find the gold line, and the bounty was doubled.

When Long Ao heard that the bounty was doubled, he immediately took good wine and food to entertain Li Qingliu and Yan Bin. Li Qingliu felt that his chopsticks were dirty, so he wiped it with a handkerchief. The dishes on the table were picked up by Li Qingliu. Finally, he chose the dried fish and tasted it. The taste was not bad, and he took a few pieces of dried fish.

After Li Zhao learned that in Yincheng, whoever mastered the silk industry had the right to speak, he understood why Li Qingliu dared to openly refuse to distribute the public funds to large merchants at the banquet. In order to prevent Li Qingliu from going wild, he planned Public capital is linked to the qualifications of the leader. When Dachun died, Long Aoyi handed the entrance to Lu Erye in order to unite the Longzhu Gang. Long Aoyi suspected that there was a ghost in Silk Village, so he went to Silk Village to investigate. Li Qingliu did not say that the Silk Factory does not raise idlers, and let Long Aoyi enter the Silk Factory as a worker. Long Aoyi knew nothing, and Li Qingliu asked Long Aoyi to start with sweeping the floor.

Li Zhao checked the account book and found that there were big tax loopholes in Jiannan Road, but the accounts of the Yantie Mansion were not leaking. From this, it can be seen that the officials from Jiedu Shi to the entire Yantie Mansion had prepared for his visit. . In order to find out the loopholes in taxation, Li Zhao will participate in the large merchants of Yincheng who will participate in the banquet of the festival. Li Qingliu introduced Long Aoyi to the workers in the Silk Village and asked someone to change Long Aoyi’s work clothes. Li Zhao didn’t get any useful information from the big merchant’s account, but Wulin saw Du Mansion’s subordinates in the Maofang. Du Mansion subordinates were sneaky. Li Zhao wanted to see what the Du Mansion subordinates were doing, so he took Wu Lin to follow Du Mansion secretly .

Li Qingliu arranged Long Aoyi to the nurse’s side. Yan Bin said that Li Qingliu had changed, but Li Qingliu refused to admit that he had changed. He gave a big reasoning to prove that Long Aoyi had to live with the nurse. Qi Honghua gave Long Aoyi work clothes. Long Ao felt that the work clothes were too troublesome to wear, so he asked Qi Honghua to change her into a neater dress. Qi Honghua agreed. Li Zhao and Wulin followed the people from Du Mansion to a restaurant.

They pretended to eat in the restaurant. Wulin secretly inquired that the second floor of the restaurant was a gambling house. The restaurant brought together nine-ranked officials in Yincheng, which helped Li Zhao gather intelligence. Since Li Zhao and Yanbin are strangers, eating in a restaurant will attract people’s attention, so Li Zhao figured out a way to use gambling to collect information, so it would be difficult to attract people’s attention.

Long Ao asked Li Qingliu, who knows about the loss of the gold thread, Li Qingliu replied, except for him and Yanbin, Du Xiaoxian knew that the four chief executives excluded the chief financial officer Dongzi, among which Shuisheng and Qizheng knew the time and place, and Li Juner was magnificent. Long Aoyi planned to find the key to the wire box from Li Jun’er first. Long Aoyi saw the footprints in the warehouse and deliberately picked up Li Jun’er’s hand to take a look, distracting Li Jun’er, and got Li Jun’er’s footprints at the corner of the skirt.

By comparison, the footprints of the warehouse were exactly the same as those of Li Jun’er, which just verified Long Aoyi’s. guess. Li Zhao came to the second floor and recognized Deacon Bai, the deacon of the Salt Iron Mansion, who was able to gamble in the casino. Li Zhao suspected that Deacon Bai was greedy for money. The White Deacon gambled. In order to get to know the White Deacon, Li Zhao also gambled.

When Deacon White lost the money, he gave Li Zhao a few days of grace. Li Zhao pretended to be in urgent need of money, but Deacon White asked Li Zhao to give him another three days. He must raise money to return Li Zhao. Long Aoyi asked Li Qingliu to meet at the gate of the warehouse at night. Li Qingliu didn’t know the reason, and Long Aoyi expressed surprise to Li Qingliu. Xiaoqin was afraid that Long Aoyi would not have a bad time at Silk Village, so she secretly gave Long Aoyi meat.

Xiao Qin meets Yan Bin on the street, Yan Bin makes Xiao Qin angry, and Xiao Qin directly beats people without saying anything. Long Ao fell asleep as soon as he chatted with the nanny. When he was about to arrive, Long Aoyi rushed to the warehouse. Not long after, Li Qingliu also came. Li Qingliu took the warehouse key to open the door, and Long Aoyi and Li Qingliu entered the warehouse together.

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