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Jiu Liu Overlord 九流霸主 Episode 4 Recap

Sister Feng heard from the outside that Longzhu had taken the gold thread and asked Erye Lu for help. Erye Lu was busy watching Dachun’s mother. Sister Feng was very anxious when she had no time. Du Xiaoxian received a reply from the Persian merchant, and the other party was unwilling to postpone the delivery, and Du Xiaoxian was too anxious. Long Aoyi saw the fat black and thin monkeys being locked in, and asked the reason. The jailer refused to let the fat black and thin monkeys talk to Long Aoyi.

The jailer opened the cell and let Long Ao go. When Long Ao saw the jailer’s clothes and hats untidy, he stumbled and stumbled, making him strange. Long Ao didn’t move. The jailer forced Long Ao to leave. Li Qingliu stopped the jailer. The jailer showed his arm. When Long Ao saw the graphic on his arm, he knew that the jailer was a member of the snake gang. Snake stick’s human identity was revealed and wanted to kill Long Aoyi, but didn’t want to be stopped by Li Qingliu.

Long Aoyi took the opportunity to rescue Fat Black and Thin Monkey, Fatty Black told Long Aoyi that Dachun was dead. Snake Gang’s men chased Long Aoyi, and Li Qingliu rushed to help. Long Aoyi fainted when he saw the sword lying beside him. Li Qingliu killed a member of the snake gang and was also injured. When Long Ao woke up, he saw that Li Qingliu was injured to save her, so he tore a piece of cloth from his body and bandaged the wound for Li Qingliu.

When Long Ao asked about the cause of Dachun’s death, Hei Fat said that Dachun was hanged, and Dachun had a letter on his body saying that Long Aoyi had Dachun stole the gold thread. The skinny monkey knew that Dachun was filial and would not die for no reason, and he did not leave money for his mother, so that Long Aoyi would avenge Dachun.

Yan Bin managed the relationship between the parties and rescued Li Qingliu. Li Qingliu let Yan Bin put on the list. The New Silk Road offered a reward of 10,000 to find the gold thread. Long Aoyi asked Yan Bin not to post it. She will reveal the list now. Li Qingliu asked the magistrate to let Long Aoyi go. The magistrate wanted to take advantage, so he followed Li Qingliu’s will and let Long Aoyi go.

Du Changfeng hosted a banquet in the mansion to celebrate Li Zhaokang’s desire, and found someone to invite Li Qingliu to the banquet. Li Qingliu received the news and went back to the new Silk Road to wash up before going to the banquet. Li Zhao went to the New Silk Road to investigate and pointed out where all parties on the New Silk Road failed. When Li Qingliu arrived at the New Silk Road, he greeted Li Zhao, and Long Aoyi came. Long Aoyi greeted Li Zhao and sat aside, watching Li Qingliu talk with Li Zhao.

Li Zhao came to the new Silk Road to look for the Red Cloud Light Ring. The production of the Red Cloud Light Ring was complicated and difficult to make. Li Qingliu couldn’t do it, so he said that Li Zhao came to the wrong place. Li Zhao deliberately made things difficult for Li Qingliu and bought a tunic. Li Qingliu accepted the challenge.

After Li Qingliu took Li Zhao and Long Ao to the front hall first, he returned to the room to fetch Peacock Luo. Li Qingliu presented the Peacock Luo. Li Zhao saw that the fabric was good and asked Li Qingliu to make it in the size of Long Aoyi. Long Ao was wearing a tunic made by Li Qingliu, but the tunic was broken instead. After Li Qingliu blindfolded his eyes, he helped Long Aoyi put on his clothes first and then patched the holes.

Long Aoyi saw Li Zhao wearing a tunic, and Li Zhao was fascinated by Long Aoyi in front of him. Li Zhao liked the dress on Long Aoyi, and asked Long Aoyi if he liked it. Long Aoyi liked it but couldn’t afford it. Li Zhao gave the dress to Long Aoyi. Long Aoyi didn’t want to owe favor. Li Zhao gave Long Aoyi a magnolia hairpin and a tunic, pretending to be unfamiliar with Du Mansion, and Du Mansion hosted a banquet and invited Long Aoyi to go with him.

When Long Ao saw Li Zhao’s pity, he agreed to Li Zhao. Long Aoyi and Li Zhao, Li Qingliu took a carriage to Du Mansion, Li Qingliu sat between Long Aoyi and Li Zhao, Li Zhao wanted to talk to Long Aoyi, Li Qingliu deliberately stopped Li Zhao. When Long Ao accidentally bumped his head, Li Zhao gave Long Ao a cushion. Before the cushion was in Long Ao’s hands, he was snatched by Li Qingliu.

Du Changfeng greeted Li Zhao and Li Qingliu in front of the mansion. As soon as Long Ao got out of the carriage, Du Changfeng thought that Long Aoyi was a young lady, but he didn’t want to dress up such a beautiful person in front of him, it turned out to be the famous Long Ao. One, the new leader of the Longzhu Gang. Du Changfeng made people watch Long Aoyi closely. At the beginning of the banquet, Du Changfeng and Li Zhao were polite, and Long Aoyi focused on eating the food in front of him.

Long Ao sat without sitting posture, eating without eating, and was publicly scolded by the housekeeper of Du Mansion. Some people wanted to blast Long Ao out, but Li Zhao asked him to pass the fish in front of him. When Long Ao saw that Li Qingliu hadn’t moved the meat on the table, she wanted to eat it, stealing the meat while Li Qingliu didn’t pay attention, but didn’t want to be beaten by Li Qingliu. As soon as Long Ao saw that he had been discovered, he didn’t surreptitiously rob Li Qingliu.

Du Changfeng noticed that the atmosphere between Li Zhao and Li Qingliu was not right, so people called Du Xiaoxian out. Long Aoyi quarreled with the person who looked down on her, and said that he couldn’t do it. Long Ao stood up with anger, stepped on the corner of the skirt, and one accidentally fell into Li Qingliu’s arms, not only scared Li Qingliu and Long Aoyi but also Li Zhao and Du Xiaoxian. Du Xiaoxian liked Li Qingliu, but he didn’t dare to say it, so he could only bury it in his heart.

Today, seeing Long Aoyi fell in Li Qingliu’s arms, he was very angry. Du Xiaoxian guessed that Long Aoyi could not dance, so he deliberately made things difficult for Long Aoyi, letting Long Aoyi dance for everyone to see the top nine in the room, looked down on Long Aoyi, Li Zhao wanted to fight for Long Aoyi, and learned of his mother. Sending people over, she didn’t dare to let her mother know that she was tempted by Long Ao, so she could only sit on the stage and watch Long Aoyi being bullied.

Everyone threw their jewels to Long Ao Yi, let Long Ao dance a song, and after Long Ao gave himself silver in a rage, he came to the crowd.

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