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Jiu Liu Overlord 九流霸主 Episode 2 Recap

Yan Bin reported to Li Qingliu and searched around, but they did not find Long Aoyi. Li Qingliu remembered the scene of Long Aoyi cheating money. If he hadn’t been close to a woman, he would be dizzy and sick, and Long Aoyi couldn’t get the money. Snatch. The few entrances of the snake gang harvesting silkworm eggs were taken by the leader of the bamboo dragon gang Lu Erye. Seven eyes were so angry that his subordinates snatched it back. Li Zhao learned the identity of Long Aoyi and Li Qingliu from Wulin. Long Aoyichang lives in Wuyun Pavilion, which is also the legendary land of smoke and willows, and Li Zhao’s favorite place to go.

Li Qingliu took the gold thread and found that the gold thread was fake. Without gold thread, clothes cannot be made, and they cannot be delivered according to the time specified by the customer. Du Xiaoxian asked Li Qingliu if he wanted to report to an official, but Li Qingliu refused to report to an official. Li Qingliu speculated that the gold thread was lost at the dock, so Du Xiaoxian immediately contacted the Persian merchant to delay the delivery date as much as possible.

Li Qingliu found the person who stole the gold thread and left a piece of it. After his observation, he suspected that he was a low-level person. Li Qingliu took broken steps to find the store. The store said that the head of Wuyun Pavilion had bought this kind of fabric. Li Qingbo didn’t listen to it. He thought that the store was talking about the top brand. He went to Wuyun Pavilion and asked Yan Bin to investigate the place where the illicit goods were sold. Li Qingliu couldn’t save his face and entered Wuyun Pavilion from the front entrance, so he had to sneak into Wuyun Pavilion, but didn’t want to see Long Aoyi who was taking a bath.

Afraid of being seen by Long Ao, Li Qingliu quickly slipped away. Yan Bin asked Xiao Qin about the dirty goods and where to trade. Xiao Qin was very angry after hearing this. Yan Bin praised Xiaoqin for her good looks, but Xiaoqin said that Yanbin was no different from the men visiting the brothel. Before leaving, she kicked Yanbin.

Li Qingliu looked at the sign hanging in the brothel and thought of the house where Long Aoyi took a bath. With the top sign, he went to the room where Long Aoyi took a shower, and was afraid that Long Aoyi didn’t take a good bath. Just when Li Qingliu was hesitant, Sister Feng came. Sister Feng knew that Li Qingliu was the richest man in Yincheng, so she called out all the girls in Wuyun Pavilion. Li Qingliu was dissatisfied with the girl Feng Sister called, and asked Feng Sister to call Long Ao. Sister Feng disagreed, and Li Qingliu took money to bribe Sister Feng. Seeing the money opened, Sister Feng offered Long Aoyi.

When Long Ao came to Li Qingliu, Li Qingliu asked Long Ao to exchange the stolen gold thread for him. Long Ao didn’t believe it. Sister Feng heard the noise in the room and asked the girls to come out to help Long Aoyi. Li Qingliu stood on the table and said that Long Aoyi was a female thief. Sister Feng said that she had just seen Li Qingliu coming out of Long Ao’s room. Long Ao took out the token Li Qingliu had thrown in the room and scolded Li Qingliu as perverted. Du Changfeng asked his daughter Du Xiaoxian to help him receive Li Zhao, and Du Xiaoxian agreed. Yan Bin told Li Qingliu that the lower-rate black market specializes in unclean goods. Li Qingliu suspected that the gold thread would appear in the black market and planned to check it out.

Du Changfeng took Du Xiaoxian to accompany Li Zhao for dinner. Li Zhao asked why the after-tax income of Yincheng decreased year after year, and Du Changfeng explained. Afterwards, Du Xiaoxian took Li Zhao around Yincheng. Li Zhao wanted to find Long Aoyi, so he dismissed Du Xiaocan. When Long Aoyi went to the black market to auction new items, he saw Li Qingliu and didn’t want to deal with Li Qingliu. Xiaoqin left with Long Ao, and Li Qingliu stopped Long Aoyi.

Li Qingliu asked Long Aoyi how the auction would go. Long Ao didn’t say anything. Li Qingliu gave Long Ao a tongue depressor. When Long Ao saw that the dragon’s tongue depressor was valuable, he pretended to take it to Li Qingliu and took the tongue depressor. Throw away Li Qingliu and Yan Bin with Xiaoqin. Li Qingliu left one hand in advance and came to the black market through the tongue depressor in Long Ao’s hand.

When Long Ao saw Li Qingliu coming to the auction, he picked up his tongue depressor and took a look, only to realize that he was being manipulated by Li Qingliu. Yan Bin inquired that the last auction item was a gold thread. If he wanted to get it back, Li Qingliu would rather spend money to buy the gold thread than startling the snake. When Long Ao saw the snake gang coming, he quickly hid. When Li Zhao saw Long Ao hiding from the snake gang, he helped Long Ao one by one. Long Aoyi and Li Zhao introduced themselves to each other. Wulin asked Pepper, and immediately reported to Li Zhao. After hearing this, Li Zhao followed Wulin to leave.

When the last auction item was the gold thread, Li Qingliu and Long Aoyi both wanted the gold thread, so they called for the price. Long Aoyi was not as rich as Li Qingliu, so he deliberately told the story of Li Qingliu entering the brothel, but Li Qingliu didn’t. Enraged by Long Aoyi, Long Aoyi’s bid price reached one thousand tael, Li Qingliu bought it for five thousand tael, Long Aoyi had no money, so he could only increase the money little by little, Li Qingliu increased the price to ten thousand tael, Long Aoyi Really can’t get the money, and finally the gold thread goes to Li Qingliu’s hands. Li Qingliu’s investigation found that Long Aoyi had something to do with Shattered Step. After learning that Long Aoyi had deliberately opposed him, he asked Yan Bin to report to him.

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