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Jiu Liu Overlord 九流霸主 Episode 1 Recap

After the Tang Dynasty, the Anshi Rebellion, the political situation was turbulent and the vassals were segregated. Yincheng Yinguan Pass, located on Jiannan Road, was able to settle down. In addition, in the middle of Shu, the rich waters and the land, the climate is pleasant, Yincheng has become a silk trading holy land, but all parties The forces are entrenched, dragons and snakes are mixed, and the Wanhua Tower is divided into two cities in the north and the south.

Nancheng, where most gangsters from the market gather here, is a place of the lower ranks. The two major factions, the Bamboo Dragon Gang and the Snake Gang, have fought each other for many years, and it is difficult to distinguish between them. Therefore, the two gangs agreed to set up a gambling game in Wanhua Building on February 2 to re-divide the sphere of influence and settle the dispute.

On February 2nd of the year, Dragon Gang master Lu Erye called Fat Er and Hou’er to meet the Snake Gang. The Snake Gang master Qiyan laughed at the new Zhulong Gang master for not coming and ran away. Lu Erye is a new gang leader who makes people drunk. The new gang leader did not wake up, and the people of the Zhulong Gang carried the new gang leader to Wanhua Building.

Beicheng officials, celebrities, and wealthy merchants are all located here. It is a land of the top nine. Yincheng is famous for silk, and many merchants flock to it. Among them, the new Silk Road is the strongest, which controls the city’s economy. After shooting the kite, Li Qingliu, the owner of the New Silk Road, left in a sedan chair to participate in the New Silk Road’s gold thread exhibition. Yan Bin, the steward of the new Silk Road, follows Li Qingliu and meets Xiaoqin on the street.

The new leader walked in front of Li Qingliu. Because the new leader vomited, Xiaoqin stopped the sedan chair. After the new leader got off the sedan chair, Li Qingliu took the opportunity to get off the sedan chair to buy cakes. In this way, the new gang leader got into Li Qingliu’s sedan chair in a daze.

Li Qingliu got on the sedan chair and found the drunk new leader Long Aoyi lying in the sedan chair. Long Ao recognized Li Qingliu as Qiao’s third child and continued to drink with Li Qingliu. Li Qingliu kicked Long Ao off the sedan chair. Xiao Qin helped Long Aoyi into the sedan chair again. At the New Silk Road’s gold thread ready-to-wear exhibition, a man introduced the gold thread of the New Silk Road to everyone. After that, Du Xiaoxian, manager of the new Silk Road, showed everyone the ready-to-wear gold thread.

When Long Aoyi came to Wanhua Building, Qiyan saw that the new leader of the Bamboo Dragon Gang was a girl. He looked down on Long Aoyi and said that Long Aoyi was short. Long Aoyi directly kicked the stool in front of Qiyan and sat on the stool. The eyes dare not provoke Long Aoyi. Li Qingliu put on gold thread ready-to-wear clothes, which attracted the love of many girls.

At the beginning of the gambling round, Long Ao shook it casually, and the leopard took all and won the first round. In order to make things difficult for Long Aoyi, Qiyan changed the wine jar. As long as the dice fell out of the wine jar, no matter how big or small it was, it would lose. Long Ao shook the wine jar, Qiyan deliberately mixed Long Aoyi. Long Ao accidentally broke into the room and destroyed the gold thread garment.

Li Qingliu tied Long Aoyi to the shelf, and borrowed Long Aoyi to show everyone Chiyao. Foreign merchants bought three thousand ready-made clothes at once. The sixth prince Li Zhaopei entered the city with a sword. Li Qingliu untied Long Aoyi and helped Long Aoyi bandage his wounds. Long Aoyi thought that Li Qingliu was beginning to linger and cherish jade, but he did not want Li Qingliu to let Long Aoyi clean up the Persian carpet on the ground. Du Xiaoxian asked Li Qingliu why it was so noisy outside, and Li Qingliu explained. Long Ao was very angry when he heard that Li Qingliu and Du Xiaoxian looked down on the inferior people.

Long Ao lost the second game. In the last round, Long Aoyi was willing to bet on the dragon ball for the silkworm-raising people of the Yincheng family. If Seven Eyes lose, the five elements belong to Long Aoyi. Li Zhao heard the people talking about the gambling of the Bamboo Dragon Gang and the Snake Gang. He didn’t know why they kept talking, so he asked the palace guard Wulin. Wu Lin didn’t know it, so he took Li Zhao over to have a look.

Qiyan deliberately took four hundred taels to call. Long Ao couldn’t get the money. Li Qingliu knew that Qiyan was a greedy man, so he helped Long Ao with a hand, but the harvest was 55 points. Li Qingjiao and Long Aoyi exposed the fact that Seven Eyes set up private rooms, opened casinos and smokehouses, and secretly reselled the silkworm seeds to the market, making the people miserable. Long Aoyi used a broken bowl to bet on odds and doubles and finally won the game. Li Zhao found Long Aoyi interesting, so he asked Wu Lin to look up Long Aoyi.

Li Qingliu secretly took the gold and silver treasures, and Long Ao chased Li Qingliu, and the two of them accidentally dropped the wine cellar. Qiyan found out that the deed was fake, and was so angry that he made the brothers fight the bamboo dragon gang. Xiaoqin and Yan Bin joined forces to fight the snake gang, Qiyan came to the room to search for Li Qingliu and Long Aoyi, Li Qingliu and Long Aoyi escaped with the help of the owner of the wine cellar.

Jiannan Road Jiedu Du Changfeng welcomed Li Zhao to the Du Mansion. Li Zhao came to Yincheng as a salt and iron envoy to deal with the recent tax loopholes in Jiannan Road. Liu Qinglin and Long Ao grabbed the money they won, but Long Ao sold miserably, and Li Qingliu felt soft, so they gave the money to Long Aoyi.

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