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Black Lighthouse 黑色燈塔 Episode 7 Recap

Ding Bin denied that he had raped Wang Yanan. Fan Jiayi showed Ding Shan’s confession. Wei Yutai saw the trick and produced an appraisal report, which identified Ding Shan as having mild depression. The confession was signed without capacity. Use as evidence. Fan Jiayi produced the second evidence of a semen test report on a BMW. Wei Yutai argued that Ding Shan and Wang Yanan were in a relationship, and it was your wish to have sex, and rape cannot be determined. It has nothing to do with rape. Wei Yutai applied for witness Zhang Mingqi from the Human Resources Department of Burjos Investment Company to testify in court, proving that Ding Shan and Wang Yanan have an ambiguous relationship. Ding Shan advocated that it was Ding Shan’s birthday on the day of the crime. Wang Yanan called him to celebrate his birthday and seduce him. He did not hold back for a while and had sex with Wang Yanan. Who knows, Wang Yanan turned his face and didn’t recognize anyone and bit back Said Ding Bin raped her. Fan Jiayi showed a photo showing that Wang Yanan had a lot of streaks on his body.

Wei Yutai again submitted evidence for surveillance and asked why he chose the surveillance location and why he didn’t take the physical evidence. Wei Yutai’s impassioned statement gave Ding Shan courage, and also angered Fan Jiayi, wishing to destroy him directly. Fan Jiayi and Wei Yutai have always been tit-for-tat. For Fan Jiayi’s case, Wei Yutai is very likely to attend. Even if Wei Yutai makes the most of his money, he will do legal aid in the case of Fan Jiayi. Yang Boqing asked Qiao Nuo his views on the case and made a few points.

Fan Jiayi returned to the procuratorate and complained to Li Xuyao ​​about Wei Yutai. Li Xuyao ​​suggested Fan Jiayi go to Qiao Nuo. Fan Jiayi used Li Xuyao’s cell phone to lie about eating together, and tricked Qiao Nuo out. Fan Jiayi took Qiao Nuo to the hospital to see Wang Yanan. Qiao Nuo asked about the incident and some doubts. Fan Jiayi also looked at her with admiration. Wang Yanan talked about the situation of the case. Wang Yanan said exactly the opposite of Ding Shan. Fan Jiayi talked about the witness Zhang Mingqi, and Wang Yanan claimed to have a feast with him.

As soon as Fan Jiayi and Qiao Nuo were about to leave the hospital, they ran into Wei Yutai who had come to see Wang Yanan. Fan Jiayi rolled her eyes and drove Wei Yutai away because Wang Yanan was sleeping.

Qiao Nuo talked to Fan Jiayi about the case, and learned that Li Xuyao ​​recommended Fan Jiayi to come to him. Qiao Nuo was delighted. Qiao Nuo and Fan Jiayi dressed up and went to the Bourgeois Investment Company to investigate. As a prosecutor, Fan Jiayi met with Guo Shenliang, Chairman and CEO of Bourges Investment Co., Ltd. Guo Shenliang said another version. He claimed that Wang Yanan was interesting to him and often harassed him. Fan Jiayi hopes that he can testify in court. Guo Shenliang proposed to invite Fan Jiayi to dinner. Fan Jiayi smiled and answered that everything is possible.

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