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Black Lighthouse 黑色燈塔 Episode 6 Recap

He Xuebin revealed what he had done. He tore off his last fig leaf with his own hands. On the contrary, he felt extremely relaxed. He did everything. Together with Wang Hai, he kidnapped Ye Shu, killed the taxi driver, took a family portrait to confuse others, and married Ye Shu to Wang Haisha’s brother, pretending to be a lover. After Ye Shu contacted him, he asked Wang Hai to go to an appointment to kill the people, and Wang Hai’s lawyer was also paid for by him.

He was guilty of crimes and was eventually sentenced to death. He Xuebin showed a relieved smile when he heard the sentence. Wang Hai was also sentenced to life imprisonment. His parents and elder brother abducted women and would be held criminally responsible. Shuan Bao’s father finally surrendered to the Public Security Bureau after everything was over.

At the end of the case, Li Xuyao ​​wanted to invite Qiao Nuo to dinner to express his gratitude. Qiao Nuo just agreed. Li Xuyao ​​received a call from Fan Jiayi. Li Xuyao ​​hurried back and could only say sorry to Qiao Nuo.

Qiaoya suddenly received a call from Qiaoya, and asked Qiaoya to hold on. Before Qiaoya could ask anything, Qiaoya hung up the phone. Because her mother couldn’t contact Qiaoya, she killed Qiaoya’s house. Qiao Nuo hurriedly put on a wig to greet her mother. She hesitated and finally fooled her, but she knew that it would not last long.

Zhao Peng sent Qiao Nuo the new system, and Qiao Nuo replaced it with joy, and repeatedly took photos in the mirror. Lulu came to Qiao Nuo to show off in her new uniform. Qiao Nuo took the opportunity to talk to Lulu, only to learn that Qiao Ya’s boyfriend had beaten Qiao Ya. Qiao Nuo was very worried when he heard it.

Yang Boqing returned home, his wife sat on the sofa angrily, and his son Xiaoyi’s grades dropped again. Xiao Yi went home and went straight into the bedroom. Yang Boqing didn’t knock on the door and entered Xiaoyi’s room, which caused Xiaoyi’s dissatisfaction and was driven out by Xiaoyi. Yang Boqing faced his son but didn’t know what to say.

Wei Yutai received a ticket for violation. He bluffed the staff with his three-inch tongue, and the staff rushed to get his ticket back. Wei Yutai left contentedly.

Zhao Peng arranged for Qiao Nuo to go to the procuratorate to send the court notice, and told her that it was not Li Xuyao’s case and that she should not go to the wrong office. Qiao Nuo promised, but still couldn’t resist going to Li Xuyao. But now Li Xuyao ​​is looking for Qiao Nuo in the court, and the two missed it.

Qiao Nuo met the prosecutor Fan Jiayi in Li Xuyao’s office, who was to whom Qiao Nuo wanted to send the notice. Fan Jiayi picked up the court notice and signed her name on Qiao Nuo’s back.

Fan Jiayi went to the detention center to apply to see the client, but didn’t want to meet Wei Yutai. The two had known each other for a long time, but Fan Jiayi could not understand Wei Yutai’s style.

Qiao Nuo was very nervous for the first court record. Zhao Peng comforted her not to be afraid, because he would support Qiao Nuo behind him. Qiao Nuo felt a chill in his back.

The trial is about to begin, the prosecutor Fan Jiayi, and the defense lawyer Wei Yutai. The two had another fight. Qiao Nuo suppressed the tension and quieted them. She trembled and read the court discipline. Fortunately, there was nothing wrong with it.

After Yang Boqing announced the opening of the court and the identity verification procedures, Fan Jiayi read out the protest. The suspect, Ding Shan, was very nervous. He looked at Wei Yutai with a leisurely look and excitedly denied that he had raped.

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