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The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion 如意芳霏 Episode 12 Recap

Looking for the coachman to describe Xu Jin and Fu Rong’s arrival in a cave in the deserted suburbs, there were still sulphur powder and saltpetre chips scattered on the ground. It seems that the sulphur and saltpeter were transported here as expected.

Sitting in the carriage back to the capital, Fu Guan wanted to eat candied haws, Xu Jin got out of the carriage to buy them, just in time for Dong Fangli. Fu Guan originally watched Xu Jin buying candied haws through the window, but he withdrew when he saw Dong Fangli. The uncle who gave him the candies was Dong Fangli.

Dong Wen’s illness got better day by day. Xu Jin went to visit the mansion. When talking about counting the imperial treasury, Dong Fangli’s hand was stuck in the air. After leaving the mansion, Xu Jin ordered someone to release the news that the valley in the wild had been unintentionally discovered, to see who used it behind Dong Fangli.

Wu Baiqi has been more diligent in martial arts practice recently. He keeps his swords and guns all day long, almost crazy. Xu Jin gave him a wooden spear, and he should practice martial arts moderately. Now he is giving him a wooden spear. I hope he can be given a golden spear on the day of selection.

Xu Jia stared secretly for a few days, and saw Dong Fangli transporting the sulfur and saltpeter from the wild valley to a rice warehouse in Hongcun. Xu Jin ordered the soldiers to stand still and watch their next move.

In Ruyi Tower, Fu Rong was studying new patterns. Master Liu Ruyi came in, looked at the shallow scar on her forehead, and painted her with flowers. During the period, Fu Rong asked about Hongcun. Liu Ruyi said that he had never been to the Ruyi Building. About the bracelet, this is something Liu Ruyi made, unique in the world. Finally, he instructed Fu Rong not to get too close to the royal family of King An.

A heavy rain came suddenly, Xu Jin hid under the eaves in front of Ruyi Tower, Fu Rong served her ginger tea, and comforted Xu Jin with a few words. Xu Jin suddenly realized that something about Dong Fangli might Can be put to death and live. In a hurry to leave, Fu Rong gave him the umbrella. This was the umbrella Xu Jin quietly placed in front of the door. Now it has returned to its original owner.

Since Xu Jin left the umbrella at the door, so must the cool ointment and food. Xu Jin really has been watching her in obscurity and worrying about her.

In the morning, the king came to Fu Mansion to look for Fu Rong, and saw the flower tin in her forehead, and praised it for its beauty, not to mention the flaws in the jade. Seeing that she was in a good mood, I asked because Xu Jin might have thought of a solution to Dong Fangli’s affairs. Wang An only nodded, and met Fu Pinyan and his wife when he was out of the house. Fu Pinyan showed that Fu Rong and Wang An did not match. I hope An Wang understands.

The wife wondered why Fu Pinyan was anxious to reject King An’s kindness, but in fact, compared to the full-brows of the whole mansion, Fu Pinyan hoped that Fu Rong would be safe and happy. If he was involved in the royal family, he would have to fight without fighting, and there would be no peace.

Fu Rong and Fu Xuan chatted in the courtyard. One wants to be a good match for Xiaohouye Wu Baiqi, and one who is not a concubine will become Princess An. The two sisters tease each other and chase them in the entire mansion.

Xu Jin asked Dong Fangli to speak out about the sulphur and saltpetre, but Dong Fangli refused to say who was instructed behind him, and only said that he would deceive the person behind him. No matter what, Xu Jin didn’t have to tolerate it.

Wang An sent a letter to Cheng Wang, and Dong Fangli changed. At the Dong’s Mansion, King An came to visit and held Dong Wen and threatened Dong Fangli. He was pitiful for his great fame until the end he was so compelling to be controlled by others.

After the evaluation of the school lieutenant Jin Yi Wei Zhaowu, only eight people remained after the selection, and the last evaluation began. From mind to martial arts level after level of test, to the final level.

As long as you get the blueprint according to the clues, you will win. But at this time, an old man flew across the road. He was old and thin, and was beaten by a villain. The old man was begging for mercy and was busy protecting himself, but the perpetrator was young, strong and strong, behind him. Several soldiers who participated in the selection took the opportunity to take the lead. Wu Bai hesitated and couldn’t help but beat the brawny man with three punches and two legs.

When others shouted to get the drawing, the firework in the old man’s hand was set off. Xu Jin said that the smoke in the sky means that someone has won, and he has won. To be a soldier at war requires not only a mind and skill, but also a benevolent heart to be worthy of the title of Captain Zhaowu. The red golden gun was officially transferred from Xu Jin to Wu Baiqi’s hands.

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